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A Single Sunday Giving Sermon Can Change Everything

changed everything

If you’re anything like most pastors, your preferred sermon likely doesn’t revolve around giving. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Pastor Jason Mitchem resonates with this sentiment. In fact, he strategically designated giving sermons for weekday occasions, targeting the dedicated core of his congregation. With a smaller turnout, he minimized the risk of discouraging newcomers from engaging with his church.

He acknowledges that this approach is common, driven by the prevalent association of churches with television preachers who incessantly solicit funds and flaunt opulent lifestyles. This linkage creates an air of uncertainty regarding the destination of one’s contributions. Yet, Pastor Mitchem asserts that avoiding the topic altogether isn’t the solution either.

Instead, he underscores that the key lies in the manner of presentation – the approach taken to address the subject makes all the difference.

The Giving Sermon That Changed Everything

Mitchem opted for an unconventional approach: he chose to deliver a sermon on giving during a Sunday morning service. Interestingly, the day he selected for this giving-focused sermon coincided with their most highly attended service of the entire year.

When questioned about whether nerves played a role, his candid response is an affirmative “yes.” Despite the apprehension, he recognized it was a challenge he was destined to tackle, and the outcome exceeded his expectations. The response from the congregation turned out to be not only encouraging but overwhelmingly positive.

Pastor Mitchem remembers that sermon to this day. At this point, you’re likely wondering about specifics. However, it’s important to realize that there is no single answer for how to conduct this service. It all comes down to your church and the people within it.

While doing things exactly like Pastor Mitchem isn’t advisable — unless your ministries and their people are exactly the same — you can easily utilize the blueprint he used. In doing so, you’ll create a giving sermon that resonates with your people in the same way Mitchem’s service resonated with his.

How Can the Sermon Increase Giving?

A Sunday sermon holds significant potential to catalyze increased giving within a church community. When skillfully incorporated into the worship experience, a sermon on giving can serve as a transformative catalyst. By thoughtfully weaving the importance of generosity and stewardship into the fabric of the message, pastors can inspire a profound sense of purpose and commitment among congregants.

A well-crafted sermon has the power to address any lingering misconceptions or uncertainties about giving, dispelling the notion that contributions might be mismanaged or lead to excessive opulence. Instead, it can elucidate the church’s financial transparency, detailing how funds are channeled toward meaningful initiatives and community impact.

Furthermore, the combination of a compelling sermon and an opportune service attendance, such as a high-attendance Sunday, can amplify the impact. Congregants who might not have previously engaged with the concept of giving are more likely to be present, receptive, and open to internalizing the message. The pastor’s personal conviction and authenticity in conveying the message can resonate deeply, underscoring the call to generosity as an integral aspect of faith.

A thoughtfully delivered sermon also offers practical insights, suggesting various ways to give and highlighting the diverse impact of each contribution. This bridges the gap between the abstract idea of giving and its tangible, transformative outcomes.

How Can You Build the Best Giving Sermon?

When crafting a giving sermon, it all comes down to messaging. It’s important for you to know how to talk to your congregants. However, it’s also essential to realize that the best way to communicate with individuals could differ based on demographics. Clearly, this reality becomes more important away from the sanctuary. After all, it’s much easier to personalize messages to individuals in an email than a sermon.

However, you can still create a powerful giving sermon by drafting a message that resonates with your people. Doing this comes down to donor engagement, and that’s something that DonorWerx excels in. As Pastor Mitchem discovered, the manner in which you communicate your vision to your congregation often holds utmost significance. However, the most valuable lesson he gleaned was the importance of embracing the task of discussing finances without fear.

Let us help you do that. Schedule a Discovery Call with one of our giving experts today. In just 30 minutes, we’ll show you how to increase giving in your ministry by a minimum of 10% in only six months.

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