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3 Digital Giving “Don’ts” That Can Derail Your Ministry

digital giving in your church

Digital giving is no longer a novel concept within the church community. Rather, it has become a commonplace practice. Countless ministries have embraced this approach, and various companies offer solutions in this realm. The consensus is clear: the days of writing checks and carrying physical cash are reminiscent of outdated technologies like VHS tapes and corded phones.

However, even though these traditional methods have waned in popularity, achieving a 50% online giving participation rate among congregants is often considered a significant achievement for many churches. So, what happens when individuals no longer carry cash but haven’t transitioned to online giving? The answer is apparent: their contributions dwindle. Unless they happen to possess spare cash at the moment the collection plate is passed around, their donations are minimal.

Unfortunately, for most people, these spontaneous funds are meager. Pastor Jarod Adkins leads a church where approximately 60% of its financial support comes from digital giving. That’s a significant advancement beyond what we see from other ministries. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that the prevailing trend isn’t exceptionally encouraging either.

Pastor Adkins has pinpointed a couple of strategies his church has employed to encourage greater enthusiasm for digital giving among their congregation, leading to discernible positive changes.

Don’t Assume Members Will Automatically Accept Digital Giving

Achieving that impressive 60% mark in online giving wasn’t a spontaneous outcome; rather, it emerged through deliberate efforts on the part of their staff. Pastor Adkins elaborates, “During the initial months, our main focus was on training people.”

Naturally, a portion of congregants readily embrace digital giving due to their deep commitment to the church and appreciation for the convenience it offers. However, others might harbor reservations and uncertainties. Addressing concerns about security, receipt issuance, and other queries is vital in encouraging broader adoption of online giving. Effective communication of the advantages associated with this method is pivotal.

Enhanced clarity in communication leads to an increase in the number of individuals opting for online giving. As this trend gains momentum, the overall contributions from tithes and offerings also witness a notable upswing. In essence, a transparent and informative approach paves the way for amplified engagement in digital giving, consequently fortifying the financial foundation of the church.

Don’t Create Sunday-Only Limits

Pastor Adkins emphasized that grasping a key concept regarding digital giving played a pivotal role in recognizing its significance and its far-reaching effects. It’s not just about visitors; even their regular members engaged more frequently and generously when the option extends beyond Sundays.

The typical one to one-and-a-half-hour Sunday service becomes the sole opportunity for cash or check contributions. However, the dynamics shift with digital giving. A noticeable pattern emerges, especially when individuals experience blessings at work or receive unexpected bonuses. We often observe additional offerings coming in on Fridays.

This mode of giving empowers people to express their generosity throughout the entire week. The provision of accessible and pertinent avenues for individuals to connect and invest in the church can yield surprising outcomes. This inclusive approach fosters a more consistent and enriched contribution culture, transcending the traditional confines of the Sunday service.

Don’t Forget Generosity Goes Beyond the Church

As a church, our mandate extends to both nurturing our internal community and serving the broader city where we reside, work, and engage. Pastor Adkins underscores that digital giving empowers them to respond spontaneously and with greater generosity. He recounts a poignant anecdote about the remarkable surge of contributions earmarked for Hurricane Matthew relief. The church staff swiftly communicated this opportunity, creating a designated category within their online portal.

In this manner, digital giving equips the church to respond promptly and effectively during critical moments of community need. Naturally, the terrain isn’t always uncomplicated. This underscores the importance of a well-defined giving strategy. Get in touch with the experts at DonorWerx today to explore how our assistance can quickly increase giving in your ministry.

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