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The Purposeful Donor and the Decisive Donor

the decisive donor

The Purposeful Donor and the Decisive Donor

In this article on donor personality types, we look at Enneagram Ones and Fours, who both share something deep: the desire to bring good and beauty to the world. In this series on fundraising and donor growth, we are referring to them as the Purposeful Donor and the Decisive Donor.

Their highly idealistic personalities make them constantly strive to get things right—in their work, family, and community. Pastors who have both One and Four Types must teach them to work together, build solid relationships as a foundation for growth, and not undermine other personalities who may not be as centered.

Note: Have your donors and managers complete this personality test (always make it optional!) to find out their Donor personality Type.

Now, let’s recap the traits of these unique people who have the potential to give your church their full, unwavering support.

Type One: The Purposeful Donor personality Type

People with this personality, the first of the nine, are known to be rational and principled, and to seek the truth. They get involved deeply with humanitarian or mission projects—they don’t just talk about it. This is because their desire for justice and equality is a motivating factor in everything they do. Here are some ways you might recognize the Purposeful Donors within your church fellowship:

Most Notable Traits:

  • Self-controlled
  • Perfectionist
  • Always looking for reform
  • Constantly improving their surroundings
  • Advocates for change
  • Humanitarian
  • Known for always showing up

Type Four: The Decisive Donor personality Type

On the Enneagram chart, Type Fours are known as Creative personalities. Sensitive and expressive, they carve out their own identity and rarely follow the crowd. Though they desire relationships, they don’t depend on them to thrive. They are okay being on their own, as there will always be something to create, fix, or learn. Their attitude of not needing others for fulfillment may make them seem distant and reserved, especially in group settings. Here are some other notable traits you might recognize in your Type Four Donors:

Most Notable Traits:

  • Romantic
  • Creative
  • Firm
  • Critical
  • Moody
  • Passionate
  • Curious
  • Information-hungry
  • Decision-makers
  • Leaders
  • Strong
  • Decisive

More Tips for Pastors

As you can see, both of the above types bring solid values to your church and community. They both have the ability to feel intensely for an outreach project or fundraiser. Ones can provide valuable feedback for your church managers and volunteers, while Fours bring the creativity, spontaneity, and inspiration needed to get the job done.

When communicating with your donors, give the Decisive Donors room to create. Give them permission to express, explore, and bring that unique part of themselves into the church. Help them realize their dreams by organizing outreach programs where they get to be creative. You may have to think out of the box for this one, but some creative fundraisers that come to mind are:

  • Art auctions
  • Dinner galas
  • Promoting local cultural events

Anything that will encourage them to bring more beauty into the world and inspire to give more in this way.

Both types will benefit from the use of technology to manage to their donations. The Purposeful Donors see modern fundraising strategies as vital for growth. Fours, or Decisive Donors, will be excited to use the digital options, as it introduces them to more creative avenues.

How Leaders Can Motivate the Purposeful Donor and the Decisive Donor

Ones and Fours are both idealistic personalities, and they do best when supported by church leaders who encourage meaningful, positive conversations. They also look up to pastors who don’t just preach but also get to work and establish clear goals.

Keep in mind the following when planning your Bible studies and outreach programs. The following lists help you know what motivates these types, so you can guide their strengths and passions.

Purposeful Donors are motivated by…

  • The chance to fight for issues of social justice
  • Opportunities to help those less fortunate
  • Pastors who work on finding the right solutions to problems
  • Pursuing their own personal growth

Decisive Donors are motivated by…

  • Opportunities to build connections and relationships with others
  • Those who give them space to reconnect with themselves
  • A chance to express their emotions through creative art forms
  • Spiritual leaders who accept them for who they are

The above details show us how Type Ones, Purposeful Donors, can be more practical and systematic, while Fours, Decisive Donors, are more emotional and expressive. This emotion often guides their decision-making, even on financial matters.

How DonorWerx Can Help

Pastors must help both Donor  personality Types work toward their idealistic goals while balancing out emotions and giving them a positive space to thrive. At DonorWerx, we have made-for-you templates to guide your donors on this unique journey.

If you would like to upgrade your giving strategy, or just learn more about what makes donors give to the church and how to appeal to them, contact us today.

Email Teaser:

In this article on Donor Personalities, we highlight the Purposeful Donor and the Decisive Donor. You will appreciate the balance that the Ones, or Purposeful Donors, bring to the church. They are usually grounded and examine all decisions before going ahead with them, and they can help fill in any logical gaps in your outreach programs. Meanwhile, Type Fours, or Decisive Donors, bring an extra boost of inspiration and creativity. Find out how to appeal to both types in this new blog article.

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