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You Likely Have More Money in Your Church Than You Know

than you realize

While contemplating money in a church context might not incite excitement, it’s an undeniable fact that a mission can’t be realized without adequate funding. The pivotal role money plays extends beyond just keeping the lights on or compensating staff; it’s what empowers the church to execute global missionary efforts that spread the Gospel.

Interestingly, nearly every pastor I’ve engaged with has voiced the desire for a congregation blessed with “generous millionaires.” The rationale often goes, “They possess financial resources and a willingness to contribute; having more of them would be advantageous.” However, this perspective requires a recalibration.

The reality is, the pursuit shouldn’t solely focus on acquiring more generous millionaires. The core of the matter is quite different, and perhaps contrary to popular belief.

Your Current Givers are the Key to Growth

Guiding your current givers towards increased and regular contributions is pivotal to amplifying the financial resources essential for fulfilling your church’s divinely ordained mission. This endeavor, however, should never be mistaken for coercing or guilting individuals into giving. Instead, it’s about facilitating a seamless pathway for them to contribute consistently.

But how do you effectively navigate this transition towards recurring giving? We’ve identified three effective approaches:

  • Cast Vision Frequently: Paint a vivid and compelling picture of your church’s realized vision. People are drawn to a captivating depiction of a brighter future, so share this vision consistently. Continuously communicate it—reiterate it even when you think you’ve shared it enough. Remember, visions have a tendency to dissipate over time, so you’ll tire of articulating it long before your congregation tires of hearing about it.
  • Provide Clear Next Steps: Foster the expansion of individuals’ giving capacity by encouraging them to give more frequently. Present a clear trajectory within the giving process. In this case, the aim is to inspire regular online contributions. Offer explicit guidance on what actions you want them to take, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the process.
  • Engage Occasional Givers: Examine your records to identify those who contribute less than once a month. If this group comprises a significant number, reach out to them via brief emails detailing how to establish recurring online giving. Many individuals desire to contribute more but encounter barriers like forgetting their checkbooks or postponing contributions. By facilitating online recurring giving, you ease this process for them.

Transforming people’s giving habits necessitates patience and a sustained effort—change doesn’t transpire overnight. However, through unwavering clarity and consistent communication, you’ll pave the way for your congregation to embrace these shifts and follow suit in due course.

What About the Potential for New Members?

Your current congregants are often an untapped resource for money in the church. However, it’s important to remember that bringing in new funding is vital. This comes down to attracting new members. So, how can you accomplish this? Fortunately, this power is also readily available within your ministry. By taking the funding you currently have and doing good work, you’ll appeal to a wider audience.

Utilizing church funding to drive positive initiatives within the community holds the potential to attract new members in a compelling way. When a ministry actively engages in meaningful outreach projects, such as supporting local schools, offering assistance to vulnerable populations, or participating in environmental conservation efforts, it showcases its commitment to making a tangible impact beyond its walls.

This visible dedication resonates with individuals seeking a community that aligns with their values and actively contributes to the betterment of society. As word spreads about these impactful endeavors, the church gains a reputation as a force for good, drawing the interest of those who share its altruistic vision. By utilizing funding to enact positive change, churches can organically attract new members who are eager to join a congregation that genuinely lives out its mission in the world.

So, How Do You Access This Money in Church?

Of course, all these endeavors are easier said than done. After all, if gaining access to more money in church was this simple, everyone would already be doing it. What you need is modern giving technology combined with a focus on donor engagement. Fortunately, the giving experts at DonorWerx can assist in both these areas.

To expedite the transformation of occasional givers into committed contributors, reach out to us today to schedule a no-obligation strategy session. Through this session, we’ll assess your existing giving approach and provide actionable steps for an immediate shift.

Whether you’re uncomfortable discussing money in church or not, our expertise can assist you in bolstering your giving efforts and achieving increased contributions. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and propel your church’s giving to new heights. Schedule a Discovery Call with us today.

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