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Giving Resources That Churches Always Overlook

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When contemplating ministry funding, it’s common to immediately think of affluent donors as the solution. Often, this overlooks the potential of transitioning occasional givers into consistent contributors. This notion, akin to a catchphrase for local service providers, bypasses a valuable giving resource within your ministry.

Interestingly, this mindset was evidenced in the words of an executive pastor aiming to finance a new church ministry. The scenario revolved around “Jim.” Jim was an elderly member hailing from one of the state’s wealthiest families. Remarkably, despite the congregation’s substantial weekly attendance of over 1,500 individuals, sustaining the church’s mission remained challenging.

In a scenario echoing countless others, the executive pastor resorted to familiar tactics. He’d simply reach out to Jim, hoping to secure further contributions. Yet, the tale of Jim serves as a reminder that unlocking consistent contributions from existing members is just as invaluable — if not more so — than solely relying on affluent benefactors.

Your Untapped Giving Resource

Every congregation includes individuals of means who generously support the church’s mission due to their strong belief in its work. These affluent members contribute based on their faith in the mission’s value and purpose. However, the quest for increased giving doesn’t necessitate the pursuit of more individuals akin to “Jim.” Rather, the untapped potential for elevated contributions lies within your existing church community.

Remarkably, many people within your congregation are willing to contribute more than they currently do. Surprisingly, most individuals express dissatisfaction with the extent and frequency of their giving when prompted. Consider this: the average churchgoer attends less than twice per month, leading to irregular contributions during periods of absence.

The true goal is fostering consistent giving—a seamless method for individuals to contribute regularly, irrespective of their weekly attendance. Your focus should be on unlocking the latent potential within your existing community, ensuring that a simple and accessible avenue for regular giving is available to all, regardless of their weekly engagement.

By doing so, you can tap into the often-overlooked reservoir of consistent contributions, which is vital for sustaining and enhancing your church’s mission.

Recurring Giving is the Key to Giving Growth

Online giving offers significant value by enabling individuals to establish automated recurring donations. This way, their contributions remain unaffected by their presence in the church pews. Consider this exercise: determine the frequency of average individual donations and then contemplate the substantial impact of consistent giving on your church’s finances.

Surprisingly, you may uncover that the resources required to effectively fulfill your mission already reside within your congregation. The need to seek support from “Jim” might become unnecessary when you guide your members towards habitual giving through recurring donations.

At DonorWerx, we specialize in assisting churches with precisely this transformation. Our experience has empowered numerous pastors and leaders to shift their communities from sporadic contributors to consistent supporters. Our approach not only offers the necessary technology but also provides a comprehensive framework for rallying your congregation behind the financial backing of your church’s mission and vision.

With our expertise, you can harness the potential that lies within your congregation and achieve sustained growth and impact.

How to Get Started

At DonorWerx, we understand the intricate balance between digital giving technology and donor engagement. We’re here to support your church in creating a giving culture that not only embraces modern solutions but also nurtures meaningful connections with your congregation. Our expertise extends beyond providing the right tools; we offer a comprehensive approach that empowers you to lead your members towards consistent and impactful giving.

Let us guide you in harnessing the full potential of online donations while fostering a deeper sense of involvement and purpose among your church community. Sit down for a 30-minute phone call with our giving experts today to embark on a journey of enhanced giving and greater impact. Schedule a Discovery Call now to get started.

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