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Years After Harvey, J.J. Watt Continues to Make a Difference

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Braving The Storm

Hurricane Harvey was one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent years, overwhelming Texas with $200 billion in damages. The storm took 88 lives and, while the news has long moved on since 2017, people are continuing to pick up the pieces.
Some lost everything and many have struggled to get back on their feet. But, the silver lining of such dark clouds is that heroes always emerge to prove that we are resilient, capable, and brave. J.J. Watt, a famous defensive for the Houston Texans, was one of the brightest lights in the aftermath of Harvey. J.J. took it upon himself to raise $200,000 for relief—but he ended up raising over $41 million. Here’s what he’s accomplished with all those donations.
As you read through this story, let it be a reminder of how important charity is in today’s world. If you need help talking about giving at your church, DonorWerx can give you the tools you need to take the next steps. Learn how today!

The Tragedies of Hurricane Harvey

When major natural disasters strike, it’s humbling and inspiring to see communities and sometimes entire nations come together to support recovery efforts. Hurricane Harvey was a good example of humanity acting as one, marking one of the most costly and deadly hurricanes in the history of the United States. An estimated 88 people lost their lives in the storm and countless more lost their homes, their pets, and all of their worldly belongings.
With over $200 billion in damages resulting from the storm, many people felt the need to lend a helping hand in the aftermath of Harvey. Perhaps one of the biggest responses of all was driven by J.J. Watt, who set out to raise $200 grand and rapidly surpassed his goal. He used his platform for good, garnering support from around the world and ultimately raising $41 million—pledging that every single cent would go straight to helping Houston families and businesses.
J.J. Watt set a record with his campaign, which was the largest crowdsourced fundraiser in the history of the world and earned him the Walter Payton Man of the Year award from the NFL. But, J.J. wasn’t out for accolades. He brought attention to himself only to bring attention to the cause.
The news soon moved on from the tragedy, but J.J. has remained dedicated to updating everyone on how the donations went to work in Houston to restore the lives of residents.
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Putting $41 Million To Work for Houston

The $41 million in donations that the J.J. Watt Foundation received helped area organizations distribute more than 26,000,000 meals to residents in the weeks to follow Harvey, giving them a glimmer of hope that the help they desperately needed was on its way.
J.J. also sought to help area organizations recover, ultimately donating to rebuild 420 child care centers so that children could find a safe haven as their parents looked to put the pieces back together and restart their careers. He also funded after-school programs, touching the lives of more than 16,000 children.
Many in need of health services for their physical or mental wellbeing were also lent a helping hand by J.J., with the foundation providing much-needed services to more than 6,500 individuals in the Houston area. Medical care was distributed to more than 10,000 patients in the aftermath.
The money went on to help Houston area volunteers clean up and rebuild more than 600 homes, restoring roofs over the heads of families who may have otherwise been forced to the streets as shelters began to lose media attention and funding.
The moral of the story? Sometimes good deeds can go a long way. The small gesture that we begin with can oftentimes be amplified into something so much greater than ourselves and that’s why it’s awe-inspiring to see communities come together. As a group, we can achieve so much more. That’s why you must inspire your congregation to act with kindness—and DonorWerx can help. Begin your journey today with a free consultation.

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How Donorwerx Can Help

When J.J. Watts decided that he wanted to make a difference, he set a humble goal of $200,000 and supporters came in droves. With a timely cause, genuine concern, and big platform, he was able to raise an astonishing $41 million for Hurricane Harvey victims. What if your church could amplify its efforts like that?
DonorWerx offers invaluable resources and tools to help churches talk about charity, giving comfortably, and supporting generosity in their community. Ready to learn more? Get started today!

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