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Is Your Church responsible for Growing the Value of Its Donations?

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Is Your Church responsible for Growing the Value of Its Donations?

When planning to grow church donations, how do you go about fundraising? Start by asking yourself which of the following feelings overcome you when making a donor plan.

  • Thinking about communicating with your donors leaves you feeling uncomfortable or even reluctant
  • Your assumption is that it’s not your responsibility to fundraise
  • You wish you had a handbook on how to get more done during outreach fundraisers
  • Other churches thriving makes you wonder what they are doing differently

Even though you as pastors must focus on the spiritual needs of your church members and donors, you still have to sometimes talk about money. You need to know how to raise support so that your missions can function.

Excellent communication skills with your members and donors are one way to grow the value of the donations. Plus, there are other practical steps to take, which we will cover below.

In the end, yes—it is the responsibility of the church to grow its own value. No amount of praying or “trusting God to provide” will take the place of efficient work and a focused fundraising plan.

Ways to Grow Donation Value

As a nonprofit organization or church, you will meet constant challenges with fundraising. You will wonder how to get your donors to give more, what the right approach should be to asking, and which strategies to pursue.

Let’s cover some effective ways to grow the value of your church donations and boost revenue. The particular steps you need to take on your donor journey include:

1. Digital and mobile optimization

Make sure your church website is easy to view on any mobile device. When you build a website, this is called “optimization.” Making it easy to read from a mobile phone also means thinking about easy, clear fonts, spacing, and simple navigation tools.

Your landing pages should include a call to action which takes donors directly to your Donation portal. Make sure your donation button is clearly seen without having to scroll endlessly to reach it.

2. Consistent church branding

To establish trust with your donors, your church branding must be consistent. It should also offer them value. Remember, people may commit to your church because of how the association with you makes them feel: more alive, happier, peaceful, or purposeful.

Make sure that your donors are always comfortable giving to your church by focusing on a strong representation and secure systems for donations.

3. Better Storytelling

Sharing the stories and testimonies of your work takes thoughtful writing and planning. Always document the testimonials of volunteers or those involved with your outreach programs.

Arrange your content on the website so that it looks appealing. Perhaps you could hire a social media manager or content writer to do storytelling for your blog and website. Each story should then end with a call-to-action that links to your donation page.

4. Multiple Options for Donors to Give

Not all donors are in the same stage on their journey. Some prefer to give with traditional tithes at church. Others want to anonymously send banking checks. Still, others would rather help with digital or mobile banking gifts. Do what is easiest for the donor, and offer multiple gift options on your website.

But remember to make it easy for yourself by using digital tools at your disposal. For example, PayPal has easy buttons you can set up to link directly to your website. Other ways to add value on your website for gifts are:

  • Offering your donors recurring donation options
  • Adding an e-commerce store to sell church merchandise
  • Making an opt-in paid or donation-based subscription for members who want greater value and more content from the church

5. Visuals as Value

What type of visuals will bring value to your church outreach and fundraising? Studies show that more people will click on a social media link when it is a video clip. The year 2020 paved the way for more video engagements in 2021. With most folks confined to their homes, many turned to their phones for entertainment. A Hubspot research team found that 86% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool…because it works! Videos are changing the way people interact and engage with your church.

How DonorWerx Can Help

Ultimately, your church is responsible for growing the value of its donations. No one else can do it for you. You can encourage people to give, but it is up to you how to implement your fundraising strategies.

DonorWerx focuses on giving you practical solutions for growing your donors and meeting your church fundraising goals. Contact us for an introductory call and find out how to grow church donations today.

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