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7 Tips to Improve Your Church Platform

7 Tips to Improve Your Online Church Platform

The church needs to reach out to people and meet them where they are. And that’s why cultivating an excellent online presence in this day and age is akin to making sure the worship hall is in tiptop condition and ready to welcome God’s people. People congregate in the digital space and the obligation is on the leaders to make sure people feel welcomed there as well. Here are ways to do just that.

It’s All About the People

about the people

Whether you’re preparing a message for the online service or crafting a post for your social media accounts, it’s vital to keep the person on the other end of the monitor in mind. 

When you’re preaching in front of a camera, it helps to visualize the people that are tuning in to the service online. When you’re writing a post, think of the person you’re writing for. It’s easy to be open and authentic when you see people instead of a camera or a monitor before you. And authenticity resonates big time. 

The More, the Merrier 

Post your online service into multiple channels. The call has always been about going to all the world to preach the gospel to all creation. On the worldwide web, you’ll have better chances of reaching as many as you can if you distribute your online service to multiple platforms. 

The internet is an amazing place to connect with people that’s outside your usual sphere of influence. And it doesn’t even take much effort, as you’ll be posting the same content across many platforms. This is an open door that most churches wouldn’t venture through. 

Don’t Neglect the Audio

Mixing the sounds to get the audio right on an onsite service is hard enough. Doing it for an online service is even more so. People will tune in using a variety of hardware output devices so you’ll never know how the sounds will play out on their end. 

While this is not totally under your control, you can still make some improvements by listening to your church’s video using high- and low-end speakers and headphones, as well as audio output from laptops.

Meet the Flock Where They Are

as a ministry

Each person who’s tuning in to your worship service has their own unique story and passions. Often, they hang out on different online platforms. That’s why it’s vital to get to know your audience and where they spend most of their time online, and then craft messages on those different platforms using a language that resonates with them.

At DonorWerx, we help you craft a communication plan that’s tailor-fit to different audiences. This will not just build engagement, but excellent communication also happens to be the bedrock of great relationships.

Create a Consistent Schedule

Save for extreme situations, most churches — if not all have always held Sunday worship services. Even if the pastor is not up to delivering a message. Even if the weather is contrary. Even when there are last-minute glitches. Church services must go on.

You must adopt the same mindset in your online platform. Whether it’s a live or recorded video, a blog post, or a social media post, consistency will build credibility and foster engagement with your audience. And soon, people will get used to the schedule as well.

Think of It as a Ministry 

consistent schedule

Just as the church is composed of different people with unique gifts and functions, so it is with a ministry. Ministry is a team effort. Your online presence is a ministry. Building, improving, and maintaining it will require a team.

It’s wise to cast the vision to your staff and leaders about growing the online presence of your church. Once they’re on board with the mission, DonorWerx consultants can help take stock of your team’s gifts and talents. So you can delegate tasks that are suitable for their skill set and make them accountable for it. This way, you can consistently produce content to build your online platform.

Provide a Way for Members to Give and Get Involved Online

Even if you can’t gather or meet your flock the way you used to, create a space online where people can still actively volunteer or interact with leaders or other members of the church. Humans still crave connection and social interaction. At a time when social isolation has become the norm, making people feel they belong in a community and they are part of a mission is powerful.

Thus, provide an avenue for your church members to volunteer their time or money even from the comfort of their home. You can encourage leaders to continue engaging with new people who have been attending your online worship service. Or continuously equip them so they can carry on with bible studies or small group meetings online. 

Additionally, enable online giving. Jesus said that where our treasure is, our heart will be there as well. Thus, provide people with a safe and easy way to invest their treasure (their heart, really) into the ministry. 

How DonorWerx Can Help

If you want to grow your church’s online platform, it’s best to partner with DonorWerx. We know what it takes to achieve your mission from a strategic and financial standpoint. We’ll help get you there by helping you craft the right strategy and providing online giving software. Get in on a 30-minute discovery call with us today.

Email teaser:

Amid the darkness, the Church is called to arise and be a light. And there’s not a more fitting time to step up to that call than now. 

But how do you do that when most people are telecommuting and refraining from group gatherings?

We break down the things you can do to be relevant and shine your light during this uncertain time. You’ll soon see—the field is ready for harvest. 

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