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How to Remotely Empower Your Congregation

empower your congregation

How to Remotely Empower Your Congregation

The recent pandemic has caused great disruptions in society. Citizens are required to adhere to social-distancing as a means of reducing the viral spread. As such, your members will find themselves affected during this time of separation. The strength of the church is rooted in the unity of its believers. Thus, it is vital to remotely empower your congregation amidst the crisis. 

Church leaders must continue to keep their members engaged and motivated during virtual sessions. Messages should be delivered with brevity,

Choose An Online Platform to Empower Your Congregation

Virtual sessions should be free from disruptions and distractions. Observe a cyber service with the same solemnity, discipline, and respect as that for a live event. Church leaders should select a platform that is highly intuitive for members of all ages, regardless of their IT skills.

Facebook Live

Facebook is a popular or option for church leaders to spread their message. Leaders can go live by clicking on the “go live” option on their accounts. For instance, you can broadcast the live stream to individual members, or share it via a Facebook Group.

The right approach might even enable you to convert Facebook likes into donations


Zoom is a video conference platform that has risen in popularity in recent times. The free version accepts up to 100 attendees and enables users to communicate through text and audio. Zoom also enables church leaders to record sessions for members who missed the live event.


Traditional emails are easy to use and ideal for supplementing a session with personal study guide lessons. However, church leaders may consider posting the materials on chat platforms like Slack for a more dynamic experience.

Set the Guidelines for your Session

It is important to introduce the guidelines of your virtual session at the start of your event. This ensures that each member is provided with the most fulfilling experience. Provide an outline of your session and inform attendees when it is their turn to speak. Come up with a speaker list to ensure that only one person is speaking each time.

In the event that there are time constraints, be sure to provide members with alternate communication channels, such as private messaging platforms or email.

Begin with an Empowering Message

empowering message

An empathetic opener seizes the attention of your members right from the beginning. This will strengthen the solidarity of your congregation regardless of their location. Begin by addressing the current situation and expressing concern over the seriousness of the situation while holding onto the faith that things will improve soon.

Remind your members that the church has always been a gathering point for believers. Let your group know that no place is beyond reach when it comes down to sharing the good word. Above all, this crucial first step will guide the rest of the session along the right track.

Maintain A Strong Donorship Program

tips to persuade

The generosity of donors greatly affects the congregation. Proceeds from a donorship program go to the maintenance of the church, funding of community activities, and other key areas that sustain a fellowship. 

Unfortunately, members are likely to be less willing in contributing via remote arrangements. Donors may lack the usual sense of belonging. This makes sense because they have no physical connection to the establishment. Even worse, they find themselves disconnected from the rest of the congregation. Therefore, marketing has a major impact on the donor journey

Thus, it is necessary for church leaders to remind members about the essential nature of donations. More importantly, leaders should offer an intuitive platform that encourages donors to do their part for the church.

DonorWerx – The Revolutionary Donor Management Software

What donors think and how they feel about your congregation will dictate how they act. Churches may receive less funding by simply failing to understand their donors. 

DonorWerx is a revolutionary platform that helps church leaders gain valuable insight into the behavior trends of their donors. As a result, church leaders can better plan innovative virtual ideas to attract funding from donors

The specialized software evaluates seven key steps in the donor journey, which determine the likelihood of a successful contribution. These are awareness, interest, consideration, evaluation, decision, discipline, investment.

DonorWerx utilizes a donor-centric framework, which optimizes campaign strategies and donor experiences in your church projects. Many modern churches have already integrated donor-centric structures into their practices. Therefore, it’s time to find out how you can empower your congregation and grow your church starting today.

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