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How to Livestream Church Services


How to Livestream Church Services

Recent events have forced some big changes in church services. Even those congregations who avoided tech in the past have embraced online worship options, including broadcasting their services. If you haven’t already, it may be time to learn how to livestream church services.

The practice is so widespread that it promises to continue for all churches, no matter their size. Livestreaming is now an established way to communicate with members, so you need to establish an effective process for reaching your congregation online. That way, you can foster a sense of community, tend to the members’ spiritual growth, and allow them to donate to the church online. To Get started , consider taking the following steps:

Choose a Platform

Many churches are live streaming through YouTube, Facebook, and even Zoom. But these are just a few of dozens of platforms you can use. Many churches have chosen to use Facebook because it’s free and many church members already know how to use it. You can easily set up a video feed using basic equipment, such as a smartphone, and broadcast.

The free services have drawbacks. For instance, Facebook Live often lags, especially for those without a strong internet signal or who have outdated computer devices.

You may want to invest in a paid service that will be more reliable. DaCast, Livestream, and many other platforms offer tiered service levels that allow you to purchase more powerful data plans. Some start at around $20 per month, but the prices range to $1000 or more.

Livestream Church Services with the Right Equipment

Investing in live streaming equipment doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. If your church has a bigger budget, consider investing in higher quality mics, video cameras, or video editing software to make your service streams even more polished and professional. However, the fanciest equipment isn’t necessary to get the job done.

Although you can livestream church services using your phone, it will compromise the quality of your efforts. At the very least, use a PC or laptop with enough juice to send a clear video stream. Eight GB or over is recommended, but you can use 4 GB in a pinch. Anything less means technical problems for your broadcast.

The next step up requires buying a camera that can provide a clearer feed. You don’t need to get fancy – a basic webcam will help the quality of your live stream. If your church has the budget for it, you can invest in other equipment like mics and advanced software that will make your efforts look more professional.

Assess Your Internet Connection

The biggest potential issue you may run into is a weak or chopping internet connection. To ensure a smooth transition, you will need enough upload power to prevent problems. The best solution is a dedicated connection through Ethernet. That means no other device is using the network.

If you do not have that option, you can use your Wi-Fi network, a shared network or a 4G connection. Your live stream will be less secure and your connection may fail fairly often, but you will reach some members.

Experts recommend checking your upload speed before you begin so you can select the appropriate stream quality. An easy way to find your upload number is to go to and hit “go.” You’ll see your upload speed and will be able to determine if it is adequate for your purposes. You can check the chart on live streaming to see how your upload speed will affect the quality of your stream.

Enlist Help

When necessary, one person can live stream a worship service. You really can deliver one with a smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection. Problems will arise, however, and your live stream quality will be poor. Things will go more smoothly if you have a small tech crew of your own there to help prevent glitches, troubleshoot problems, run an extra camera, etc. Your broadcast does not have to be basic. It can feature various camera angles, props, video clips and more. As you grow comfortable with the concept, you will want to make your efforts more appealing and complex. You undoubtedly have some congregation members who have some technical ability and others who are willing to learn. And you can always reach out to the professionals at DonorWERX for coaching, consultations and software. They will help you evaluate your options and deliver the best online product that you can. If you need help in other areas, they can advise you on those as well.

Ask the DonorWERX Team

The experienced team at DonorWERX knows how to fundraise around your live streaming efforts. Online donation strategies are an integral part of any church in this internet age, but they are essential when you are live streaming your worship services. Your congregation needs easy options to deliver their regular and special donations.

DonorWERX can find solutions to your fundraising issues, and they provide expert online consultations, the latest software, and advanced coaching services. If you need help with any aspect of your online presence, ask the professionals at DonorWERX for help.

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