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9 Ways Nonprofits Increase Giving — As Can Your Church

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I’ve got some bad news and some good news. First, the bad news. Here’s the scenario: Church giving has decreased—a concerning trend. However, there’s a bright side—donations to nonprofit organizations are on the rise. The reason for optimism — even if you’re not in a nonprofit? This trend provides a learning opportunity. If nonprofits increase giving, so can churches.

By analyzing the strategies of successful nonprofits, you can adopt similar approaches to enhance giving within your ministry. Therefore, the question arises: What strategies do these successful nonprofits employ? Fortunately, there’s been extensive research into this area. Here’s what you need to know about how nonprofits increase giving — and how these strategies can translate to increased donations and tithes in your ministry.

1. Casting a Clear Vision That Motivates Giving

They skillfully craft and communicate a vision that resonates deeply, igniting an unwavering spirit of generosity among their members. This journey commences with the illumination of a profound “why,” serving as the cornerstone of their connection with donors. By infusing stories and testimonials into their narrative fabric, they tap into the heartstrings, evoking emotions that linger and inspire action.

These anecdotes serve as powerful vehicles, transporting their messages from mere rhetoric to heartfelt connection. Through relatable real-life experiences, they bridge the gap between abstract notions and tangible impact, instilling a profound sense of purpose within their audience. The art of storytelling transforms their vision into a palpable reality, nurturing a community driven by shared goals and a collective passion for making a difference.

2. A Focus on Proven Website Giving Page Designs

Their approach involves exclusively deploying tried-and-true designs for constructing their website’s giving pages. Meticulous efforts are dedicated to rigorously testing various elements to discern effective strategies. These thriving nonprofits invest substantial time and energy in meticulously evaluating what garners positive results on their websites.

Through diligent experimentation, they explore diverse facets, from headlines to verbiage, and even graphical elements. This meticulous trial-and-error process empowers them to identify the elements that resonate most profoundly with their website visitors.

By methodically deciphering the components that elicit optimal engagement and response, these successful nonprofits craft an online presence that compels action and fosters meaningful connections with their audience.

3. They Provide Scripted and Structured “Giving Talks”

They employ well-organized and premeditated “giving talks.” When addressing their audience during gatherings, fundraising events, or even through communication channels like phone calls and emails, they refrain from impromptu discourse and presumptions about their audience’s willingness to contribute.

Instead, they dedicate considerable effort to crafting a compelling giving message. This message is thoughtfully constructed, ensuring it exudes strength, clarity, and significance. Through meticulous preparation, they seize the opportunity to communicate their cause effectively.

In doing so, they engage their audience with a message that resonates deeply and underscores the importance of their contributions.

4. Simplified Giving Technology

They steer clear of perplexing their donors with complex giving technology. These accomplished nonprofits prioritize simplicity in the giving process through technology. They recognize that not everyone possesses advanced technological proficiency or prior experience with online giving.

Consequently, they approach their technology-driven giving methods with an accessible and user-friendly approach, ensuring that donors of varying technological comfort levels can effortlessly contribute without encountering obstacles.

5. Ensure Donors Know All Giving Options

They ensure that their donors are well-informed about ALL available giving options. Thriving nonprofits hold the principle that no donor should be overlooked or presumed to be aware of every conceivable giving avenue. Their primary focus lies in streamlining the process of generosity, prioritizing convenience for their contributors.

Regular and consistent communication plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, as they ensure that their donors are consistently updated and reminded of the various ways they can contribute their financial support.

6. Careful Audits of Card Fees and Merchant Accounts

They conduct meticulous reviews of their merchant accounts and credit card fees to eliminate any unnecessary expenses. Diligent attention is dedicated to scrutinizing their financial records, receipts, and invoices. Recognizing the paramount importance of maximizing funds for their mission, they leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of financial efficiency. By meticulously managing these operational costs, they ensure every precious penny is channeled towards advancing their cause, avoiding wasteful expenditures on avoidable fees.

7. Proven Strategies to Transition Periodic Givers

They implement established strategies to transform occasional contributors into steadfast, regular supporters. Recognizing the individuality of each person’s giving journey, they embrace the notion that people are at varying stages.

With a deliberate approach, they formulate a comprehensive plan and strategy designed to guide individuals along their respective giving paths. While not presuming that everyone can be a major donor, they hold the belief that incremental progress is achievable.

By fostering a culture of incremental growth, they instill the expectation that people can advance step by step, leading to an overall elevation in their contributions. Above all, this gives organizations an improved chance for success.

8. Nonprofits Increase Giving by Understanding Gratitude!

They express gratitude in ways that amplify giving. The culmination of a transaction isn’t the conclusion; rather, it’s the commencement of further efforts to convey heartfelt appreciation for the donor’s generosity. These nonprofits recognize that amidst countless alternatives, the donor selected their cause.

Hence, they dedicate themselves to ensuring that this choice doesn’t go unnoticed. By ensuring the donor feels genuinely valued and cherished, they create an environment where gratitude resonates and inspires continued support.

9. They Understand Key Metrics

They leverage financial metrics such as Return on Investment (ROI) to assess their giving strategies. Thriving nonprofits consistently analyze the effectiveness of their giving approaches, ensuring that they yield a meaningful return on investment (ROI).

Nonprofits Increase Giving, But Now It’s Your Turn

So, there you have it — nine valuable insights to glean from nonprofits on enhancing your giving endeavors. Which of these strategies resonates with you, sparking your enthusiasm to take action first?

Our DonorWerx Framework encompasses all these facets and beyond, providing comprehensive guidance on elevating your giving initiatives and transforming sporadic contributors into steadfast supporters. We understand how nonprofits increase giving, and we know how to translate these approaches to work for the ministry.

Reach out to us today to schedule a strategic session, where we can collaboratively chart a course to amplify your giving efforts. Our system is so effective that we can confidently predict a 10% increase in giving in only six months.

What do you have to lose? Schedule a Discovery Call with one of our giving experts today.


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