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10 Ways the Charismatic Church Movement Is Growing

charismatic churches are growing

It is difficult to deny the growth of Charismatic Churches in recent years. As the Catholic Church’s influence continues to decline, these new and emerging ministries have quickly risen to represent nearly a quarter of all Christians in just a quarter of a century. While it may not be necessary for your church to adopt all their practices, there are valuable lessons to be learned from these innovative newcomers.

1. Internet Embraced Among Charismatic Churches

It’s important to realize that when a person is considering visiting your church for the first time, their initial impression is not at the front door, but rather on your website. They’ve likely looked at your layout, content, and social media presence, and have already formed an opinion of your church. In today’s digital age, that first impression is crucial and it’s happening online.

Charismatic churches recognize this and prioritize their online presence by creating engaging content and keeping everything up to date. Their websites are modern and user-friendly, providing all the necessary information at your fingertips. They understand that having an effective online presence is key to attracting new visitors.

2. People Want More, and Want It Sooner

Charismatic Churches are adapting to the needs of people who want to learn about church before visiting. Many have already searched for answers to their questions online and are now seeking to experience it in person.

As a result, visitors are looking for a more immersive experience right from the start. They are more eager to participate and become part of the community quickly. While there may still be those who prefer to observe from a distance, the transition towards becoming an active member is accelerated.

3. Transformation Is the Focus of Charismatic Churches

The accessibility of information is ubiquitous, and Google has made it easy for us to find answers to almost anything. However, the abundance of information can be overwhelming and often not the solution to our problems. Instead, people are seeking genuine experiences with God. This can lead to personal transformation and a deeper relationship with Him.

4. Audiences Are Given the Chance to Transcend

In today’s world, church attendees seek an authentic encounter, a sense of profound connection, and a genuine community to belong to. Charismatic churches recognize and respond to these desires by providing a captivating experience with the Lord.

They appeal to the heart, prioritize meaningful relationships, and offer something more significant than oneself. As a result, people crave the power of God, and they are drawn to these types of churches.

5. Charismatic Churches Go Beyond the Internet

Refusing people access to your teachings online may not be conducive to attracting new followers to your church. It may only serve to maintain the existing flock you have. Instead, the current trend is to offer as much as possible online, including sermons. However, the goal is to entice people to want more and attend the physical services.

Thriving ministries are not withholding access to their online content. Instead, they are providing a glimpse of their in-person services and fostering connections through dynamic sermons that offer more value than just a download.

6. The Pastors Preach With Passion

People are yearning for passion in their worship experience. While some churches may impress with their polished presentation, it doesn’t always strike the emotional chord that people are seeking.

What hinders reaching out to more people is not the quality of the sound equipment or the creativity of the lighting. Rather, it’s the passion behind the worship that matters most. Nowadays, people value the connection they feel when worshiping with others.

It’s the depth of the experience that inspires them to join in. While it’s good to have some flashy elements, it’s the fervor and authenticity that truly connects with people.

7. Everything Remains in Balance

Achieving balance is crucial for a successful church. To effectively reach and maintain the attention of people, sermons should emphasize a balance between emotion and logic. Focusing solely on emotion may provide powerful experiences, but without the solid foundation of logic, it may be difficult for people to develop a deeper understanding.

On the other hand, too much emphasis on teaching can lead to information overload and a lack of unique experiences that can only be had by attending in-person services. This is a challenge faced by institutions like the Catholic Church.

8. They Remember Who They Have to Reach

These churches dedicate themselves to welcoming new members with open arms. They do not prioritize the inclusion of their current members at the expense of excluding anyone new. Instead, they make every aspect of their experience welcoming to anyone interested in interacting with the Lord.

9. They’re Similar to Variety Shows

As the church experience evolves and diversifies, so does the range of activities offered on Sundays. The churches that are thriving are those that provide their members with more than just a few songs and a sermon.

These churches strive to create a sense of community and belonging during their services, aiming to quickly move past anonymity. The services connect with people on an emotional level, with greater consideration given to engaging attendees on different levels.

These churches encourage individual prayer, and ministries have made more space in services to accommodate it. By focusing on nurturing the spirit in various ways, charismatic churches are drawing in a growing number of people.

10. Charismatic Churches Are Different Without Being Weird

These churches find a harmony between the emotional impact of preaching and the rationality of teaching. However, it’s important to avoid crossing the line from being familiar and boring to being eccentric and odd. Ministries need to maintain this balance to avoid pushing the envelope too far.

Skillful preachers are able to strike this balance, allowing people to actively engage and absorb the essential wisdom without becoming too extreme. They understand that being weird is not necessary to be heard. While long-time members may be more forgiving, newcomers may be less tolerant. Keeping everything under control ensures a welcoming environment for all.


While charismatic churches are certainly appealing to the masses, it’s important to remember that your ministry doesn’t have to fall in line. There’s a place for everyone in this world. However, recognizing what makes these ministries so successful is a great way to improve your own church.

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