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10 Top Church Websites in 2021

top church websites

10 Top Church Websites in 2021

Churches today are at a crossroads between continuing tradition and embracing a new way of worship. Perhaps your church looks up to and other majorly successful faith organizations. Turning their websites into completely virtual campuses obviously helped. Or, maybe your church is just dipping its toe in the water. Learning to navigate the digital platforms and what they mean for your ministry can prove difficult.

In any case, looking for inspiration from the top-performing church websites will help you understand what congregants are looking for. You’ll also learn what they have come to expect. Following in the footsteps of these church websites will help you create a consistent, powerful, and unique experience. This will appeal to everyone who comes in contact with your church online.

#1 Elevation Church

Right on the homepage of Elevation Church, visitors are greeted with an autoplay video of the latest sermon and links to view the other sermons from past services. Below that is the offer to “tailor your experience” with buttons asking if you’re new, returning, or part of the campus community.

A sidebar links you straight to the places where visitors can become involved. This puts an emphasis on taking quick action and joining the community right then and there. Elevation Church easily outperforms others on this list thanks to its strong, action-oriented design through and through.

#2 Bay Area Christian Church

Running on WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), BACC features a clean design that welcomes visitors with a light and airy feel. The call to action in the header encourages the visitor to “Find a Service,” and further down the page, there are plenty of opportunities for engagement.

With six different locations in the Bay Area, BACC does an excellent job at organizing all the events and activities that are happening at the different locations.

#3 Grace

Designed with Squarespace, Grace has a powerful mission to take a Christian approach to responding to and preventing abuse. The homepage leads visitors directly to the “Our Mission” section, where they can learn more about what Grace is doing to prevent abuse and help victims heal.

Through the words of God, Grace seeks to restore, heal, and grow communities that have experienced abuse, especially relating to the church. The website puts their mission front and center and offers great clarity as to what they do.

#4 One Church

Bright and welcoming, the One Church website repeatedly tops the list of the best church websites around. Right there in the header, the simple messaging of “Our House Is Your House” helps to instill the culture of One Church. Below the fold, two calls to action direct you to either in-person services or online church.

Scroll further and you can see the latest messaging from One Church, which is the perfect way for the church to show off their latest content. Following that is a listing of their locations, upcoming events, and links to other parts of the One Church community.

#5 Mosaic Church

Mosaic is a colorful, vibrant church with a major focus on kids and youth. The messaging “See What We Believe” on the homepage piques the interest of visitors and leads them straight to more information about the church and its mission. The website does an excellent job introducing visitors to Mosaic and the people behind it, and in creating a welcoming vibe to encourage participation.

The church also features gospel stories, which include videos and blog posts that showcase their community members living Godly lives. These impactful stories showcase everything from adoptions church members are proud to celebrate to families that discovered God through Mosaic.

#6 Knox

Based in Toronto, Knox has been around for more than 200 years. The messaging on the light, clean website is front and center: Knox is a “church in downtown Toronto that is following Jesus, loving the city and serving the world.” They live-stream services every Sunday, and visitors will know that just by glancing at the header of the homepage.

On the site, you’ll find links to view past services and to learn more about the church and the people behind it. In addition to a sermon archive, Knox maintains a SoundCloud playlist with all of their teachings in one easy place. You can also sign up to get a weekly reminder about the service.

#7 River Family Church

“Wherever the river goes, it brings life.” That’s the messaging River Family Church features in their header, and it’s just one of many powerful statements showcased on the website. The overall design is bright and cheery, with content introducing the pastors, inviting visitors to join them for Sunday service, and links to stay connected with the church.

#8 Centralia Community Church

When it comes to simple, straightforward homepages, Centralia is an excellent example. A similar template would be a great launching-off point for a church that’s just starting out. It’s a great way to achieve a one-page design.

The Centralia website does have more than one page, though. Of course, they’ve taken a very minimal and efficient approach to the homepage. This was accomplished by putting the most important information right there, with minimal scrolling required. The first thing you see are the links to get resources or learn more about the church, followed by the service times and address.

#9 Apostolic Church

Apostolic Church does an excellent job at keeping their website relevant by routinely changing the header based on the upcoming events. One week they might advertise “Small Groups.” Another week they may advertise the upcoming mission trip or other activities the church has planned. This timely content helps to engage visitors and encourage them to become involved with what’s coming up next.

The colorful homepage is clean and neat. It also offers a quick welcome message below the fold that links out to more information about the church and its mission. Below that, you’ll find links to watch the sermons live or attend via Facebook.

#10 HTB Church

A top bar asks visitors if they’re interested in trying church online while the header links to “Watch Sunday Service” or read the “Sunday Services Update.” HTB’s website is clean and upscale, but it also showcases a church that has adapted impressively to changing times.

Below the fold, there’s a powerful call to action to sign up for Alpha. Visitors can get answers to their big questions here. Below that is another prompt to “Get Involved” and help the community. Multiple CTAs help HTB target visitors in various stages of the engagement framework. This allows them to capture as many leads and potential attendees as possible.

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