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Your Church’s Giving Kiosk Needs a Makeover

kiosk needs a makeover

Your Church’s Giving Kiosk Needs a Makeover – Here’s How

You’ve set up your church’s giving kiosk and you’ve seen how some people seem to prefer cashless giving. So how do you optimize your giving page and make the process seamless for people? Here are six tips to revamp your giving kiosk so that your community will have a convenient and accessible way to give before or after church service. 

Keep Things Simple

The whole point of creating a giving kiosk is to make it easier for people to give. When giving is complicated and time-consuming, people tend to abandon the transaction a few steps into the process. 

To keep things simple, make every effort to reduce the number of steps it takes to complete the transaction. In fact, try to keep it down to three steps or less. This way, people who are always on the go won’t get frustrated. Additionally, it helps to have clear instructions on the page on how to give.

Another way to make it even more frictionless for the giver is to suggest set amounts. People won’t have to key in the amount themselves, making it a breeze for them. You could also make the process uniform regardless of which type of card they use. Different processes for varying card types could be confusing, especially for regular givers.

Don’t Forget Your Church Brand

With so many online scams and security issues to make people wary these days, establishing trust is imperative when setting up your church’s giving kiosk. Seeing elements in your giving page and the tablet enclosure that people automatically associate with your church evokes in them the same emotions they feel when they give the traditional way. There will be no doubt in their mind that they’re giving to the same organization and working toward the same cause.

Plus, being consistent with your church branding gives your kiosk a professional look. To incorporate your church brand on your kiosk, make sure the page has your church’s logo and mission statement and uses the same color scheme as your other materials or web pages.

Know the Givers

Getting to know your givers allows you to have a peek at what motivates them to give. That’s why it’s best to integrate the kiosk with donor management software that allows you to track the donors’ names and their history of giving, amount, and which method they usually use to give to the church.

Data like this will give you valuable insights into your congregants. When you have this information, it’ll be easier to decide which amounts to give as recommendations on the giving page. This will also make it easier for you to create campaigns that are targeted to a specific group of givers.

And most importantly, when you have your donor’s information at the snap of a finger, keeping them abreast of the church’s initiatives will be so much easier. They’ll know where their money went, and this will foster trust so that they’ll be willing to give regularly.

Have a List of Church Initiatives

If your church is raising funds for several initiatives, it’s best to itemize those on the giving page instead of lumping it all together as “Offering.” Some congregants may feel strongly about a specific initiative and be more inclined to give more for that cause.

For instance, some people may be more motivated to give if they know it goes to a program that will benefit youth. Or they may give above and beyond their tithes if they see that you’re raising funds for a building. 

In addition, it also helps to have a real-time tracker on each initiative. Not only will this keep them updated with the fundraising campaign, but this transparency will also boost trust and encourage continued support from them.

Create a Recurring Donation Option

Some church members are already committed to giving their tithes every month. Make it as easy as you can for them to follow through by providing an automated giving option for them. Also, when a member gets a gentle prodding from the Holy Spirit during the service, they can conveniently set up a monthly gift, making it easy for them to give regularly.

Choose the Perfect Spot

You’ll want the kiosk to attract attention from congregants, so place them in an area where there’s a lot of foot traffic. Or better still, if your church is large enough, it may make sense to put more than one kiosk in different parts of the building. Just make sure to consistently place the kiosk there to avoid confusion.

Having the giving kiosk in a highly visible area will not just make it easy for givers, it will also influence other people to give when they see other people giving as well.

Ready for a Giving Kiosk Makeover?

If you want a great combination of online coaching and giving software to give your church’s kiosk the makeover it needs, Donorwerx is just what you need. This online giving specialist will guide you every step of the way to transform the financial health of your church.

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