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DonorWERX & Crypto

donorwerx and crypto

DonorWerx and Crypto: A New Type of Donation

At DonorWerx, we encourage churches to do all they can to research the new, perhaps non-traditional, ways of doing things. This could be anything from new apps for your church outreach to new outreach strategies or new partnerships.

One new opportunity that many donors are considering for donations is cryptocurrency. Did you know that many nonprofits, and even churches, allow people to give by using this new type of donation?

DonorWERX & Crypto fact, they have been doing so for a few years now. Only recently, it has caught on with smaller groups and churches that want an easier way for their donors to give.

Unfortunately, it is our tendency is to be skeptical about new ideas and strategies. For example, when nonprofits began accepting donations online with credit cards years ago, they feared for their online security, whether their donors would trust this new method, and how they might handle all the transactions.

DonorWERX & Crypto looking at how many financial platforms for donation transactions there are online now, it’s clear how mindsets have changed.

Another example is social media. Folks who were previously unwilling to submit personal data on the internet suddenly became active on social sites. Crowdfunding sites are now a trusted way to raise money quickly and reach a larger number of people.

We always advise the pastors and leaders who ask for our advice to try what works best for their congregation or church needs.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work?

Here is a quick (and very basic) explanation of how cryptocurrency and donations work:

Typically, a cryptocurrency donation is made when a donor sends crypto or digital coins to your organization. The cryptocurrency then resides in your digital wallet, and you can either save it there or choose to exchange it for traditional or “fiat” money.

DonorWERX & Crypto wealth of crypto funds depends on the current value of that coin. Something to keep in mind is that this is volatile—the value is always changing.

Allow Crypto Donors to Give to You

Cryptocurrency has allowed for new wealth and new donors to invest in church communities. However, many of those investors who would like to give to charities cannot because those churches don’t have a way to accept crypto. The reasons for this are varied, and we believe some nonprofits miss out because:

  • Cryptocurrency is a relatively new concept that they are still skeptical about and do not trust.
  • They don’t understand how cryptocurrency works.
  • They don’t know where to access the right information for learning about crypto.
  • They don’t have a digital wallet to store their donations in crypto.

At DonorWerx, we have made it possible for churches to receive crypto through our easy and accessible online platform.

We have seen that as technology advances, churches must find easier, faster, and more efficient ways to appeal to donors. They must also make it easier for people to give.

Some may donate in cash, others in check, and still others will give to the church in crypto. So when planning your fundraising activities, you need to consider all these factors.

For more ideas on outreach and getting support for your church missions, read our other blog post on best fundraiser ideas.

Try Cryptocurrency as an Option for Giving

An easy way to allow people to give you donations in crypto is to offer this on your website donation page.

(See this blog post on church tithing software for your church.)

DonorWERX & Crypto recommendations are based on the lessons we have learned from working with and counseling other churches that have used digital coin transactions for donors.

Do all you can to educate yourself more about new technology and digital solutions. Remember the churches and charity organizations that make the effort to learn and understand the crypto community will be the ones that thrive in the future.

Cryptocurrency is not something to get involved in without understanding it. This would be a case of a lack of wisdom in your dealings with sponsors and financial transactions. 

How DonorWerx Can Help

As with any new ideas, we know churches experience uncertainty during the initial transition from traditional donations to digital or crypto ones. At DonorWerx, we are here to help guide you through the learning curve, so you do not get lost on the journey.

Through our ready-made tools and resources, we help you streamline your giving process, so that you can grow and transform. Call us today and start training your pastors and leaders for success.

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