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Easytithe: Overview, Pricing and Features and More

pricing and features

Easytithe: Overview, Pricing and Features and More

As online giving continues to dominate the way churches accept tithes nationwide, we take a look at one of the leading online giving platforms: Easytithe.

You might be considering moving your congregation’s operations to online giving methods. The only way to boost giving among your members is by making it easy, especially for those who aren’t used to new technology. As we move further into the year, it becomes clear that anyone who wants to thrive must adapt to new digital standards.

Easytithe is an online option with its own standout set of features, and they aim to help churches meet those digital standards. They make fundraising and tithing accessible to any church. If their pricing and features work for you, it could be a good choice. If not, there are other options.

Streamlined Ways for Donors to Give on Easytithe

Donors need things as simple and streamlined as possible. Easytithe is one of those methods that is straightforward and makes all their options clear. They offer four avenues: Website giving, Text Messaging Giving, In-App Mobile Giving, and On-Site Kiosks for donors. This is important because people love the comfort of multiple options for donating. If they feel like you can connect with them at any time and anywhere, your relationship is stronger.

Easytithe Offers One Central System

Perhaps a deciding factor in people who are looking at EasyTithe is the ease of management. This app takes out the complicated and time-consuming frustrations of other payment or donation platforms.

Easytithe uses just one central system to access invoices, manage funding and bills. The control panel is quite intuitive and easy even for those who aren’t familiar with the latest technology.

Social Giving

Want a captive audience? Then you need to connect with people where they are already: on their smartphones. Easytithe makes giving donations easy, because users simply connect through Facebook.

With a single click, they can upload their donations, and have the option to show that they support your church or outreach program. People like to give to successful causes, and when they see their friends invested in your work, they are more likely to give, too.

So, when choosing a method for your online donors, social giving and linking to a Facebook Page with a single click, button, or landing page is essential.

Customized Forms

Another great feature that Easytithe offers users is Customized Forms. There are forms for every type of activity, templates for people, including giving forms and prayer request forms.

These forms, when added to a church’s website, do everything a manager might need to do: collect information and payments, track donations, and monitor where funding is going. This also provides essential data regarding transactions and user behavior.

Data Protection

Of course, as with any online platform, users will want to guide their online security and ensure complete financial protection. You must make security and compliance top priority. Easytithe is a leader in online giving, because they have set high standards for security, and can be trusted. Unless people trust you, they won’t give or donate. If your organization proves trustworthy, only then can you expect return donors and returning gifts.

Easy Plans

Easytithes’ plans depend on a church’s needs and budget. From free plan transactions, to just $10 a month, to $49 for larger churches. It is made to suit both small fellowships, and grand organizations.

DonorWerx Advantages over Easytithe

Now that you’ve seen some of the features that make Easytithe a standout option for churches, let’s look at the basics of DonorWerx’s online donation system.

This is a digital tool created to enable consistent, recurring givers, and free you focus on taking care of spiritual matters.

It’s a way to increase giving by 39%, while making it easier than ever for donors to support your work.

Through our software, donors are able to invest in your church, and feel a part of the mission and accomplishments.

By using the SecureGive mobile app, donors can choose to make one-time donations, or commit to recurring giving plans. Plus, just like other financial apps, they can instantly track their donation history.

Mobile giving streamlines your fundraising strategies, and saves time management for church admins and members. It puts the control of outreach projects in your hand, while making the bigger picture clear for donors. This helps create authentic transparency for all the projects you fund-raise for.

How does it work?

DonorWerx gives you ways to acquire new donors, retain current sponsors donors, and confidently boost relationships with all potential donors. It is a way to find people who believe in your mission and want to fuel your church’s passions.

Instead of begging for donations, this inspires people to give to your cause, and leaves them a lot of choice. They never feel pressured, judged, or expected.

More Features & Benefits: Online Education and Virtual Coaching

At DonorWerx, we train church leaders on how to build relationships with their members and donors. Through training sessions and coaching calls, we equip you with modern tools necessary for your outreach.

Check out our 24/7 education portal with videos, audio, and communication campaigns. Find out how to increase your reach, church attendance, and motivate givers. Offer your leaders personalized coaching from those who have had a lot of success with handling donors in a time of uncertainty.

Accelerate Your Church’s Mission; Meet Your Goals Today

Using digital giving software to upgrade your strategy will only ensure you more success in the future. People are moving more and more away from old-fashioned ways of operation, and our current circumstances are forcing everyone to look at how technology can improve their lives.

If you are looking into several different methods of online giving or financial apps to track church growth, this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to scale and enter this new era of online giving.

The secret that many have discovered is as old as our Christian faith: that there is nothing better than the personal touch when it comes to finding, feeding, and nourishing your donors. If you can find a way to combine both personal interaction with technology, your flock will grow. As a pastor and church leader, you’ll have the ability to navigate your church through these deep waters, and help them find a place of comfort, peace and faith.

Contact us for a personalized coaching call and more information about our online giving options.

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