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How Digital Giving Can Transform Church Giving

digital giving can transform

The co-existence of church and digital giving has become increasingly evident. Over the past decade, the landscape of how we contribute to our ministries has undergone a complete transformation. The prevalence of debit and credit cards has led to a shift away from the traditional use of cash or checks. The emergence of technologies like Apple Pay has taken this evolution even further, rendering physical cards optional for many transactions.

When combined with the growing ubiquity of smartphones in people’s lives, a novel era of direct person-to-funds interaction emerges. Embracing digital giving within your church unlocks fresh avenues for contributions. It also fosters a culture of consistent giving. This innovative approach accommodates modern preferences. In addition, it also nurtures a seamless and dynamic relationship between individuals and their contributions.

Opportunity for Digital Giving

During a recent visit, my mother-in-law expressed astonishment at the seemingly sparse contributions collected in our offering plates during Sunday morning service. She mused, “How do you manage to cover your church expenses with so few people giving?”

Later that day, she voiced her concern about the meager contributions. Her sentiments might have been difficult to contest if I weren’t aware of the true reality of the ministry funds. The intriguing aspect was that we had just successfully concluded a remarkably swift $6.5 million building campaign over a mere three-month period.

In my capacity as an usher, I understand the intricacies of our church’s collection process. Rather than passing the plate down each row, we pause momentarily and assess the row. There, we wait for any subtle indication that someone wishes to make a contribution.

This practice isn’t meant to invoke guilt for giving; it’s a pragmatic approach. The truth is, many of our congregants have already given – and they did so online.

Overcoming Objections

A recurring concern I frequently encounter regarding digital giving is its perceived impact on the spiritual essence of the act. The act of giving is often intertwined with the notions of generosity and steadfast commitment. It requires individuals to remember their checkbooks or make a special trip to the ATM for cash before Sunday service.

To these objections, I wholeheartedly resonate with a resounding “Amen.” In the current landscape of a fast-paced economy and the general hustle and bustle of life, going through these steps does indeed entail a significant sacrifice. However, let us consider the alternative perspective. What about the young couple venturing into your church for the first time, eager to contribute, but without the means to provide cash or a check?

Or what of the dedicated church member who habitually places their check in the offering plate on the first Sunday of the month, only to find themselves unable to spontaneously support a missionary’s cause on the third Sunday? At this juncture, these well-intentioned individuals face an insurmountable barrier to their generosity. This barrier stems from the absence of tools to facilitate their donations.

In these instances, the potential for giving is thwarted due to a lack of accessible mechanisms. This prompts us to consider the greater purpose of digital giving. It’s about enabling, not eclipsing, the spiritual significance of generosity.

Consistency in Digital Giving

A close friend once reached out to me to inquire whether I intended to participate in a softball tournament. I’ll admit, I was caught in a state of hesitation, perhaps subconsciously waiting to see if a more appealing opportunity emerged. Following a brief period of avoiding a direct response, my friend finally cut to the chase and shared a valuable insight. He expressed, “If you don’t schedule it, there will always be something else that can take its place.” This principle extends to our financial matters as well.

Remove the Barriers

Irrespective of one’s individual theology concerning giving, it’s my belief that the church should earnestly contemplate the elimination of any hindrances that might obstruct what could otherwise become a deeply personal act of worship. The days of cash and checks are fading away akin to the era of the Walkman and VCR.

Yet, beyond this evolution, embracing digital giving affords your congregation the opportunity to establish automated donations on a monthly basis. In essence, it empowers them to automate what holds significance. Just as they instinctively decline an invitation to an event scheduled for Sunday at 11 a.m. due to their commitment to attend church, digital giving permits them to allocate a specific time and place for their financial contributions as well.

Give the Lord What is His

As the month progresses, there is an array of potential destinations for our funds. Establishing a system of recurring online giving, where contributions are automatically debited on designated days, offers an avenue for immense spirituality in giving. By adopting this approach, donors are effectively expressing:

“These funds belong to the Lord, and I am proactively ensuring their arrival at my church.”

Ultimately, like many aspects of life, the act of giving is rooted in matters of the heart. Online giving merely serves as a conduit, facilitating the translation of the conviction that tugs at the hearts of givers into tangible action, irrespective of their location.

Make Your Church a Success Today

While an abundance of digital giving advice exists, its potency remains untapped without a well-defined giving strategy. This is precisely the expertise we offer at DonorWerx. Embark on a transformative journey by scheduling a Discovery Call with us today. Through this consultation, we’ll unveil a comprehensive strategy tailored to your unique needs, propelling your church’s giving potential to new heights.

Our proven methods hold the promise of elevating your contributions by an impressive margin of 10% or more within a mere six-month span. It’s more than guidance; it’s a partnership in amplifying the impact of your mission. Take the first step today, and let us empower you to navigate the realm of digital giving with confidence and remarkable success. Schedule a Discovery Call.

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