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3 Considerations About Church Online Giving Provider Prices

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3 Considerations About Church Online Giving Provider Prices

In the world of non-profit donations, having an online giving system in place is crucial to maximizing giving. It’s like putting wheels on a car; you can get places without them, but you’re severely limiting yourself. So, unless you want to be running around like the Flintstones, it’s best to find a giving solution that works best for you.

The answer isn’t quite so simple though. There are a plethora of online giving solutions to choose from, many with cutting edge solutions for your donors. Your best bet is to go with a solution that specializes in your field. They will have created software with your organization’s needs in mind to help you overcome your specific challenges. Once you’ve targeted the different platforms you want in place for your giving, the natural next step is to compare prices.

pricing structures

Pricing Structures for Church Online Giving Providers

There are essentially two pricing structures online giving companies use to ensure they maximize customers while still keeping the lights on.

1. Low to No Monthly fee. High per transaction fee
2. $30-$300 monthly fee. Low per transaction fee

Here are 3 reasons DonorWerx uses pricing structure 2 and why that’s a good thing for your organization:

1. Growth

At some point in your organization’s lifetime, you will probably do some sort of fundraising or capital campaign in which the amount of income is highly concentrated in the space of a few days, weeks, or months. You may even do this on a regular basis depending on how your organization works.

When you use a pricing structure that charges low per transaction fees, you capitalize on those campaigns. You’re essentially getting more bang for your buck out of your monthly subscription fee. On the other hand, you won’t be so excited with your $0 monthly fee when you’re paying 3% of every transaction to a merchant processor. You could think of it this way: because you paid a subscription fee at the beginning of the month, all the donations you receive are worth more to your organization throughout the month.

The pricing structure of DonorWerx reflects the mentality that every organization wants to grow. That’s why we’ve set our pricing up in a way that allows you to do so uninhibited.

2. Fundraising

As someone who has sat at people’s dining room tables and asked them to donate their money to a specific cause or event, I know the effect fees can have on their mentality. Telling someone that 3% + 0.30 of their donation is going to be taken in fees is not the way to get them excited about giving. They want their money to be used to the maximum just as much as you do.

With our pricing structure, you can confidently approach donors and instill in them the confidence that their money is going to the cause they want it to. Your monthly subscription then becomes an expense well worth the investment for your organization to provide convenient, innovative ways for people to give once they are bought in. In this way, you give people the confidence that their money is being used well and the convenience of giving when they are ready.

3. Budgeting

This ties in to point #1. Your budget can fluctuate heavily based on your giving for each month.  In order for your finance team to effectively plan for the future with income and spending, knowing what your fees will be is key. With a fee structure that is a moving target, that can be difficult.  Instead, the DonorWerx pricing structure gives you a clear picture of what to expect each month when budgeting for your digital giving.

Improve Your Online Giving Today

Excelling at church online giving is a necessity for today’s ministries. Schedule a Discovery Call with the experts at DonorWerx today, and we’ll show you how to succeed in this area.

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