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Diagnosing the Health of Your Church Giving


Diagnosing the Health of Your Church Giving

The ministry has seen some tough times over the past few years. Giving has gone down, and this impedes our ability to do work. Diagnosing the health of your church giving can help you know where you stand. More importantly, though, it can help you know how to improve.

Would You Trust a Doctor Like This?

Imagine sitting in an exam room waiting for the doctor to see you. You’ve never visited this doctor before, and you haven’t told her anything about your symptoms. All you’ve done is fill out the insurance information and tell the nurse, “My left foot hurts.”

Now imagine the doctor walks in, and, without asking you a single question or examining any part of your body, proclaims, “You have diabetes, and we need to amputate your left foot.” You’d wonder about that doctor’s competence, right?

A good doctor never prescribes a treatment without first diagnosing your symptoms.

And I feel the same way about prescribing a solution for your church’s giving problems. Without a full diagnosis, I can’t know what to prescribe.

  • Do you need new giving software?
  • Is an overhaul of your communication process necessary?
  • Do you need to revise your staffing methods?
  • Should working on yourself be a priority?

All, some, or none of these might be part of the problem. But without a proper diagnosis, I can’t know the proper cure.

proper diagnosis

How to Get a Proper Diagnosis of Your Church Giving Health

There are two ways to properly diagnose the health of your church’s giving.

The first is to take the short quiz below.

Over the last 12 years I’ve diagnosed over 2,300 churches and non-profit organizations. I’ve condensed my years of experience down to 20 simple yes/no questions that penetrate to the heart of almost any church’s giving issues.

Most of these questions don’t appear to be directly related to giving. But, from the outside, your heart doesn’t seem to be directly related to your foot. And your brain doesn’t seem to be directly related to your fingers. But we know that the body is connected. One part, especially the brain or heart, can have a profound impact on all the other parts.

The same is true of your church body: everything is connected.

So, please answer the following yes/no questions as best you can. When you’re done, I’ll tell you about the second way to get the full diagnosis you need.

Church Health Quiz

Place a check mark next to each statement that is true most of the time….


  • You have consistent, meaningful quiet time with God solely focused on the growth of my personal relationship with Him. (Sermon preparation doesn’t count!)
  • Most nights of the week, you get adequate sleep (six to eight hours).
  • You get at least 30 minutes of exercise three to five times a week.
  • There is someone in your life who is consistently asking you tough, personal questions. This must be someone you can be honest and open with.
  • You have personal goals or dreams that are not related to my work or volunteers.


  • There is a “point person” in place that represents each department/environment in our church.
  • Each department/environment in our church has a reputation for having a great staff and/or volunteer culture.
  • There are effective systems in place for recruiting volunteers.
  • You have effective systems in place for training volunteers.
  • There are effective systems in place for developing and appreciating volunteers.
  • We have enough staff and volunteers to safely manage the children, students, and adults at every given service opportunity.
  • We have consistent volunteers with our children and students at every given service opportunity.


  • There is a clear and inspiring vision for the church as a whole.
  • The ministry of the church doesn’t begin and end solely within its walls.
  • Tradition is valued, but relevance is a priority.
  • Finances are accessible, clear, and up-to-date.
  • Our bills are paid on time.
  • Our member giving more than covers our monthly expenses and adequately funds our mission.
  • Online, recurring tithing is emphasized and encouraged.
  • The body of the church is alive – thriving, growing, and multiplying.
church health

Find Your Score

Tally up your check marks, and find your health score below:

0-8 checks: Code Red. Critical. If this were a doctor/patient situation, I’d be having a very serious talk with you and your spouse. I’d be telling you to get your living will in order just in case. I’d be telling you about the need for thorough and intensive treatment immediately.

With a score in this range, it would be irresponsible for me to say that your “disease” can be cured. All I could say is that immediate action must be taken. (See the next page to find out what to do next.)

9-13 checks: Code Yellow. Warning. If I were your doctor, I’d be concerned. I’d be saying things like, “You’re not in the high-risk group yet, but you’re borderline. We really need to keep an eye on this.” I’d be writing out prescriptions for medications, and referring you to specialists.

With a score in this range, your “disease” is certainly curable. But if you fail to address your symptoms and change your habits, it will get worse. (See the next page to find out what to do next.)

14-20 checks: Code Green. Healthy. If I were your doctor, I’d be telling you to keep doing what you’re doing. Everything looks good. There are one or two minor issues that you should keep an eye on, but there’s no need for medications or further testing.

With a score in this range, you do not have any “disease.” Check back with me in a year unless new issues pop up in the meantime.

The Potential Your Church Could Achieve

If giving to your church has declined or stagnated, then perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at your methods. For example, do you offer online giving options? Nearly half of all church giving is done with a credit or debit card, and at least 60 percent of churchgoers are willing to donate digitally.

“The DonorWERX framework has increased our giving by 20 percent every year for the last six years.” – Kevin Lloyd, Executive Pastor,

Can DonorWERX do the same for your church? Let’s find out….

Your Next Step

Get Your Full Diagnosis and Healthy Church Action Plan

To help you improve your church health, increase your giving, and achieve your mission, DonorWERX has developed a 30-minute strategy session that we conduct over the phone with you and top staff/team members.

What we accomplish in this fast-paced, zero-nonsense session is:

  • Review the results of your Church Health Quiz;
  • Identify problems in your current giving strategy;
  • Assess your church’s alignment with the new era of giving;
  • Determine how much you could raise giving in the next 12 months; and,
  • Outline a plan for achieving your giving goal.

The DonorWERX Discovery Call is conducted by me, Stu Baker, president of DonorWERX. I’ll share at least three personalized strategies that can increase your giving by at least 10 percent in the next 180 days.

We assure you this consultation is not a thinly disguised sales presentation. It will consist of the best intelligence I can supply in a 30-minute time span.

There is no charge for the call, but you must redeem this offer in the next 14 days. Please go to to secure learn more or Schedule a Discovery Call today.

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