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What Is Church Online Giving and How Does it Help?

church online giving

As each year passes, fewer individuals carry cash in their pockets, while approximately 95% of Americans are actively using cellphones. These two facts alone present a compelling case for embracing online giving. The trend of online donations has been steadily growing, with a remarkable 23% increase in 2017 alone. It is evident that your church stands to gain significant advantages by embracing this preferred and modern method of gifting.

Admittedly, for many churches, the idea of online giving may seem unfamiliar, impersonal, and even intimidating. However, if you find yourself facing these hesitations, the following information might just change your perspective.

The Rise of Online Giving

In the previous year, millions of people worldwide chose to make their donations online. In fact, there was a substantial 12.1% growth in online giving over the past year. This trend continues to rise consistently, as more organizations recognize the value of embracing virtual gifting.

If your church has not yet adopted this approach, you are not alone, as many ministries share similar hesitations. Questions often arise concerning the response from people, the ease of implementation, and the willingness of the congregation to use online giving.

Fortunately, answers to these common queries are readily available and not hard to come by.

If You Commit, They’ll Commit

When considering the response to online giving, there is no doubt that your congregation will warmly embrace it. Over half of donors worldwide prefer to give online with a credit or debit card. The primary reasons behind this preference are the speed and convenience it offers compared to “traditional” methods of gifting.

With fewer people carrying cash nowadays, using credit or debit cards for donations proves much faster than going to an ATM or making in-person contributions. Moreover, online giving provides the flexibility for people to contribute outside of church premises, thereby expanding the window of opportunity beyond just one specific day of the week for most congregants.

It allows individuals to make donations at any time, making the process more convenient and accessible.

Greater Accessibility

The enhanced accessibility of online giving is a significant factor driving its adoption among most congregations. As your ministry becomes acquainted with the chosen online giving platform, you’ll discover numerous ways to connect with your church-goers and garner their support. With online giving in place, you can embark on entirely new fundraising campaigns.

For instance, if your youth group is raising funds for their upcoming mission trip, you can now collect donations on your website, through social media channels, and even via text-to-give campaigns.

This newfound capability opens doors for many members who may not regularly bring cash donations for sermons or make recurring donations through traditional mail. Online giving offers a more convenient way for those interested in supporting more frequently but face barriers due to a lack of flexibility.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these compelling benefits of online giving.

You Can Engage Nearly Every Generation

Online giving is not just favored by the youngest members of your congregation. Nearly every generation has embraced technology, especially mobile phones, and is already familiar with the concept of online giving. Many regularly participate in online giving campaigns themselves.

Around 84% of Millennials donate to charity, particularly responding well to social media and text messages. Gen Z closely follows, with email campaigns driving almost one-third of their online giving, and almost 60% are inspired by social media content.

Surprisingly, Baby Boomers also utilize online giving, with a preference for answering calls and checking emails. They are also active on social media and use text messaging. Approximately 3/4 of Baby Boomers donate to charity, and 24% have been prompted to give online donations due to direct mail they received.

Even the Greatest Generation, representing nearly 12% of the U.S. population, continues to be strong contributors. While they lean towards physical donations, they also respond to calls and use email for giving.

It’s Intuitive, Simple, and Flexible

Online giving extends beyond just the virtual realm. There are various avenues to bring online donations to your church. One popular solution is giving kiosks, seamlessly blending the accessibility of credit card donations with the personalized touch of a physical act. These kiosks can integrate with your giving software and be placed within your church, facilitating easy in-person gifting.

Additionally, your congregation can use the same software at home, enabling donations not only through your website but also via text-to-give campaigns or a mobile app. This flexibility makes it a versatile addition to your church’s infrastructure, encouraging adoption among your congregation. Regardless of their tech-savviness, people will find it easy to navigate through today’s intuitive gifting interfaces.

Adds a Measure of Simplicity and Security

Online gifting significantly increases the number of virtual donations without pressuring church-goers to abandon physical donations. This boost in online donations, especially with recurring contributions, enhances the overall flow of funds and simplifies financial management, ensuring greater security.

With physical money and checks, donations pass through multiple hands, risking loss or damage. In contrast, online gifting streamlines the process, benefiting both the congregation and the church staff. Bookkeeping becomes more manageable through automated reports from the online gifting program.

Moreover, online donations provide a more transparent financial outlook. Recurring online donations offer insights into future contributions, aiding church planning for expansions and crucial outreach campaigns, supporting continued growth and success.

How to Adopt Church Online Giving

Online giving should not be viewed as a substitute for cash, checks, or mailed donations. Instead, it offers a fresh option for those who prefer digital methods. By introducing online giving, you remove barriers for individuals who find cash or check contributions inconvenient, whether in person or via mail. As this preference aligns with the majority of congregations today, embracing online giving can swiftly boost donation numbers. Moreover, it facilitates the setup of recurring donations for those who wish to contribute regularly.


Certainly, the implementation process is a significant concern for most churches. Opting for a straightforward yet efficient solution holds several advantages. Firstly, it guarantees that your ministry’s staff can effortlessly set up and navigate the features of your online giving platform. Secondly, it ensures that congregants will encounter a user-friendly interface, making their interaction enjoyable and easy to use.


Branding and customization are crucial considerations to maintain a sense of connection. To ensure widespread adoption, choose a platform that allows complete interface customization, matching your church’s website design. This personalization ensures a personalized feel in every interaction with the system.

Considering these factors, you might be searching for the ideal solution. Now is the opportune time to explore what DonorWerx offers your ministry. Below, we’ll delve into the details of the DonorWerx platform and how it can help your ministry move forward and enhance connections with today’s church-goers.

Utilize Coaching to Empower Your Church

DonorWerx is thrilled to offer churches free, comprehensive instruction on how to continually increase donations. This knowledge empowers organizations like yours, providing the methods to excite your congregation and ignite their passion for giving.

Through nine concise video modules, your church will gain invaluable insights at no cost. We even provide ready-to-use templates for swift implementation and growth. All ministries are welcome to join this free series, regardless of whether you choose to implement DonorWerx for your church. Discover more here.

At DonorWerx, we prioritize empowering your ministry. That’s why we furnish up-to-date information, tips, and tactics to boost congregation involvement and support. Education remains vital throughout the process, even for churches already using DonorWerx software.

By choosing DonorWerx, you gain not just powerful online giving software but also personalized mentoring to enhance your ministry’s financial health. Our giving technology and expertise ensure increased one-time donations and automated recurring gifts.

Use Proven Technology to Make Church Online Giving Successful

For your church’s online giving software to be effective and beneficial, it must be convenient, easy, and intuitive. Our SecureGive Software embodies all these qualities and more. It offers three simple ways for your congregation to give, eliminating confusion or hassle.

Firstly, they can donate through your website, which is fully compatible with the latest operating systems and displays seamlessly across various devices like computers, tablets, or mobile phones. This ensures essential responsiveness and flexibility.

Secondly, they can donate via their mobile phones using our secure text-to-give software. By texting the desired amount to a short, memorable number, donations can be received in seconds, with all information collected through a secure form with bank-level security.

Thirdly, donations can be made through a kiosk, bridging the gap between quick forms of payment and the need for in-person connection. Our software covers every prevalent form of online gifting, reaching the largest number of people in your church in an accessible and familiar manner.

Schedule a Free Discovery Call Today

To establish a meaningful connection and understand each church’s unique needs, we prioritize one-on-one interactions with DonorWerx technology. We encourage you to schedule a discovery call with our team, a 30-minute conversation during which we’ll address all your queries and gain insight into your church’s current financial requirements and gifting approach.

Our confidence in our technology and coaching is unwavering, to the extent that we offer a guarantee. Your church will experience a minimum 10% increase in online giving within the next six months. A brief conversation with us will help identify any roadblocks in your current approach and assess your alignment with today’s era of giving.

We’ll provide three actionable steps to immediately boost your donations – all in one phone call. Book your free conversation here.

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