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7 Modern Alternatives to the Church Offering Plate

modern alternatives

The tradition of collecting “tithes and offerings” has long been intertwined with worship. However, only in the 19th century did the practice of using a church offering plate become widespread.

This shift occurred when the American government ceased its support for churches in the 1830s. Consequently, the collection of offerings gradually became an integral part of each service. In fact, many individuals now expect it alongside prayer, singing, and preaching.

However, the traditional method of passing the church offering plate has limitations. For instance, it can only accept physical assets, such as cash. It also fails to address the desires of many followers for greater transparency, simplicity, convenience, and privacy in their giving. Moreover, negative perceptions surrounding the church offering plate persist due to various stories in the media.

With the emergence of mobile technology and online donations, it is logical for churches to embrace digital giving. This shift would make individuals more comfortable with contributing their financial support and expand the reach of the offering plate.

Sadly, many churches miss out on significant contributions each year. That’s because they fail to meet their donors where they are. Online giving statistics reveal that 54% of donors prefer giving online using credit or debit cards. In fact, a full 25% complete their donations on mobile devices.

Therefore, if you are considering diversifying your methods of collecting donations, here are seven alternative approaches to explore. With these, you can go beyond the traditional church offering plate.

1. Paypal

As one of the leading online and mobile payment platforms, PayPal facilitates quick and effortless money transfers between parties. Leveraging the platform, individuals can donate conveniently from their phones, computers, and even in-person. Such donations can go directly to your PayPal account.

Moreover, this platform allows members to easily track their contributions, while enabling you to maintain an accurate record of the collected funds. PayPal’s support extends to churches through their Giving Fund, offering tax receipts and positioning it as one of the most favorable alternatives to the traditional church offering plate.

To accept donations, churches need to establish a nonprofit PayPal account. Fortunately, PayPal offers discounted fee rates for registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Currently, the rates stand at 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction, eliminating the need for monthly fees.

2. Website Donations

Visit the Red Cross website and experience the convenience of making a donation within seconds. The organization’s user-friendly approach ensures a straightforward, transparent, and speedy process.

To maximize your church’s giving potential, it is essential to implement a similar online giving platform on your church’s website. According to DonorWerx data, doing so can boost recurring giving by a remarkable 39%.

This increase in donations translates to more financial resources for various church needs. This includes services, activities, mission work, community service initiatives, infrastructure upgrades, and other vital endeavors.

3. Venmo

Venmo, a stylish payment application designed for peer-to-peer transfers and merchant purchases, adds a touch of enjoyment to the act of giving money. As a subsidiary of PayPal, Venmo holds immense popularity among millennials, making it a potential catalyst for engaging support from individuals belonging to that generation who wish to contribute to the church’s mission.

Setting up a Venmo account is a hassle-free and cost-free process. However, it is important to be mindful of the bank transfer limits imposed by Venmo. You’ll also need to maintain diligent tracking of contributions for accurate tax reporting purposes.

4. Text to Give

Undoubtedly, you are aware of the prevalence of text-to-give services, particularly in aiding relief efforts during natural disasters. Numerous tools are available for integration with your church’s bank account or giving platform.

One notable example is the SecureGive platform developed by DonorWerx. This platform offers a free app accessible on various app stores. Through the SecureGive App, church members can easily locate your ministry and make donations with just a simple click.

This streamlined giving process enhances the efficiency of contributions at your church, providing a private and seamless avenue for collecting the necessary funds to support your ministry.

5. Giving Kiosks

If you seek a physical yet digital alternative to the traditional church offering plate, consider implementing giving kiosks at your ministry. Compared to the traditional plate, a kiosk offers several advantages. It is less awkward, provides enhanced security, feels less imposing, and allows your volunteers to focus on more meaningful activities.

Introducing a giving kiosk on-site can also lead to increased contributions. According to research conducted by DonorWerx, the average gift amount when using a church donation kiosk is 24% higher compared to mobile donations. Evidently, major donors appreciate the tangible nature of a kiosk and the sense of control it offers, which sets it apart from a traditional giving plate.

6. Online Fundraising Platforms

You’re probably familiar with how GoFundMe has been utilized to raise funds for personal causes. These platforms provide access to a broad audience and facilitate micro-giving on a significant scale. This results in remarkable success for those who effectively manage their campaigns.

When exploring alternatives to traditional church offering plates, consider dedicated online fundraising platforms designed for donation campaigns and nonprofit organizations. DonorWerx is a great option that can help you do everything from establishing online giving to helping donors set up recurring giving.

7. Church Donation Management Software

Amidst the abundance of alternatives to traditional church offering plates, concerns may arise about the potential disconnection and complexity of the giving process. Fortunately, church donation management platforms exist to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize contributions.

DonorWerx offers an innovative church giving software solution. With our comprehensive church management software, you can:

  • Expand your donation channels to include online, mobile app, text, and giving kiosk options (also known as an “ATM for Jesus”).
  • Effortlessly manage and track donations by creating donation categories, coordinating giving campaigns across multiple campuses, and generating quarterly giving reports.
  • Enhance donor engagement and increase giving potential by developing custom church branding on donation pages (research indicates a 42% higher likelihood of giving when the page aligns with the church’s look/brand).
  • Achieve your church’s financial goals and surpass funding needs with the comprehensive features and capabilities offered by our church giving software.

The Church Offering Plate Is Dated, So Optimize Giving!

By incorporating digital tools such as donation apps and giving kiosks, you can promote giving and simplify the donation process within your church. This approach, when combined with the traditional church offering plate, ensures that your church provides diverse avenues for everyone to contribute according to their preferences.

This comprehensive approach significantly increases the likelihood of maximizing funding for your church. Now, the crucial question remains: Are you taking every possible step to meet your church’s funding needs?

Take the next step and Schedule a Discovery Call with DonorWerx today to explore how our services can elevate your ministry to new heights!

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