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How to Grow Your Church in a Digital Age

How to Grow Your Church in a Digital Age

Why Do Churches Struggle to Grow?

Churches have been struggling to grow because they have been failing to reach a new generation. The average age of a churchgoer is 57 years old, and the average age of a pastor is 55 years old. Churches are not reaching younger generations with their outreach programs because they often lack an understanding of the problem, don’t know how to reach out and feel like they are not qualified or skilled enough to do it. A lot of churches may struggle financially as well. In the past few decades, many churches have seen a decrease in attendance at services and donations from people who used to attend them regularly. The number of churches that were closed in the last decade was over 1,000, and this number has been growing exponentially every year due to declining attendance.

grow your church in a digital age


The 3 Major Reasons Your Church Needs a Digital Outreach Strategy

It’s not enough to have a website or social media account. If you’re serious about your church, it’s time to step up the game and invest in digital outreach. There are three common misconceptions that are preventing churches from taking advantage of this opportunity for church growth. These are that people only want to engage with churches through traditional means, that it is too expensive for churches to invest in digital outreach and that it will take too long for any digital efforts to bear fruit. But these reasons are not valid. An online church is easier for people who live far away or who have busy schedules. They can log on at their convenience and worship together without having to be physically present. It also provides an opportunity for those who may be new believers or those who would otherwise never set foot inside. The following are three major reasons churches need a successful digital outreach strategy:

  1. Churches need an online presence in order to stay relevant in today’s world
  2. The internet provides an opportunity for churches all over the world to connect with each other
  3. Online engagement can help church growth

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Top 4 Ways Churches Can Start A Digital Outreach Strategy Today:

A lot of churches are struggling with how to get more people in their pews. And while many are looking for ways to do so, they can do so by thinking about their digital strategy. The need for churches to have a digital strategy goes well beyond just social media followers. It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page anymore if you want your church’s message heard. Here are four ways churches can start building or updating their digital outreach strategy today:

  1. Be Clear on What You Want
  2. Build Your Most Important Relationships
  3. Tell Your Story Clearly
  4. Make Sure You’re Everywhere

What’s the Best Platform for a Church to Use?

You want to be sure that the platform you choose is reliable, cost effective, and easy to use. That’s why it’s important to look for a website builder that has all three features. The best platform for a church should take into consideration the needs of the church members and pastor. This way, they can make sure that they are getting what they need from it. Church leaders are always looking for the best ways to grow their church. One way is by having a website that tells their story, shares their mission, and shows off all the outstanding things they do.

This list of the best websites for churches will help you find one that’s perfect for you.

  1. Wix
  2. WordPress
  3. Squarespace


Churches must know the need to grow their congregation in a digital age. It is a time for churches to invest in marketing and advertising campaigns to reach people across all mediums. From creating a website to becoming a thought leader, there is no limit to what you can do. The best way to grow your church in a digital age is by being open and authentic on social media. Your social media presence should be more about you and less about the content of your sermons. And if it is successful, you will see your congregation grow each week! Ultimately, church growth comes down to:

  1. Considering the importance of digital outreach
  2. Keeping up to date with advancements in technology
  3. Evaluating your current social media strategy
  4. Engaging in influencer marketing


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