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Your Church Accounting Software Needs a Giving Solution

Churches differ significantly from businesses, bearing a unique responsibility. These places of worship are driven by a mission and rely on donations to support their endeavors. While business accounting software might seem suitable for non-profits, it falls short for ministries.

Regular business software overlooks the vital role of fundraising and lacks features crucial for church activities like managing thrift shops or international missions. Ministry leaders must carefully select appropriate accounting software since donor funds are a sacred trust. A dedicated tool to optimize fundraising is ideal.

We’re here to assist in finding the right program. We’ll explore distinctive church accounting aspects, emphasize essential fundraising software, and assess suitable accounting programs. With this information, you can choose appropriate financial tools for your church.

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Why Should You Use Accounting Software?

While ministries prioritize community over profits, monitoring cash flow remains essential. Each church activity signifies a commitment to the community. Without meticulous accounting, crafting long-term plans — whether spanning five or ten years — or even an annual budget becomes challenging. This limitation results in ineffective programs as leaders cannot execute actions extending beyond immediate objectives.

Furthermore, a church is a recognized legal entity and might need to present its financial records to authorities periodically. Ultimately, donors contribute funds in good faith. Thorough accounting practices assure congregants that their finances are utilized judiciously.

Dealing With the IRS

Nonprofit entities such as churches and religious institutions have no obligation to submit income tax returns, which might give the impression that they are completely exempt from IRS concerns.

However, despite ministries being excused from even filing annual information returns, maintaining documented records is advisable. This approach ensures that if their tax-exempt status is ever challenged, church leaders have documentation to provide as evidence.

Managing Church Assets

Similar to any entity, churches also need to manage their operational expenses. They have financial responsibilities related to their essential functions and unique initiatives. Certain ministries might possess valuable assets or be bound by long-term financial obligations.

By diligently managing their financial records, churches can maintain a positive financial standing. Being aware of their financial resources can facilitate obtaining funding for renovations or maintenance projects.

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How to Choose the Right Church Accounting Software

In numerous aspects, the accounting requisites of a church resemble those of a business. It’s crucial to be cognizant of financial obligations and resources. Equally important is having a strategic blueprint to sustain your mission and support those involved.

Moreover, we should place special emphasis on contributions. The comprehensive budget and donor management are interconnected. Without donations, essential expenses like utilities can’t be covered — although some ministries rely solely on goodwill for funding.

Appropriate technology can enhance the church’s capacity to receive donations. Certain providers, such as DonorWerx, offer not only comprehensive software but also guidance on fundraising management. The combination of a full-suite software program and educational resources aids in budget management and fostering engagement within the giving community.

Giving Software: DonorWerx

What is DonorWerx?

Our objective is to assist your church in effectively monitoring donations and enhancing avenues for giving. At DonorWerx, we aim to aid you in fostering community engagement. We believe in streamlining this process through contemporary digital tools, enabling ministry leaders to concentrate on their mission rather than fundraising strategies.

DonorWerx presents multiple avenues to enhance your fundraising endeavors. Our software facilitates seamless payment receipt through various channels, including online, text messages, smartphone apps, and on-site kiosks. However, what sets us apart is our coaching program. Collaboratively, we work towards refining your fundraising approaches, all while upholding your ethical standards.

Traditional church accounting software doesn’t prioritize fundraising, often treating donations as just one aspect among many. The significance of donor management cannot be overstated, rendering such software insufficient. Church leaders may find value in integrating DonorWerx alongside a program from the selections below.


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Church Accounting Software: Aplos

What is Aplos?

Designed for churches and non-profit organizations, the Aplos Accounting program presents the concept of “True Fund Accounting.” As per the company’s description, this system allows you to effortlessly monitor designated funds, like missions or building funds, as a means to showcase your responsible management of contributions to your members.

For churches, showcasing robust stewardship is of paramount importance, as this form of data tracking and reporting enhances donor confidence.

The software encompasses payroll functionalities, and it seamlessly incorporates tracking for housing allowances and tax remittances through its integrated Gusto system. It’s worth noting that Aplos offers various data tracking programs, some of which might involve a notable learning curve.

Aplos Customer Reviews

Based on reviews from G2Crowd, the majority of users express satisfaction with the Aplos software. Nonetheless, certain users have noted the presence of multiple glitches within the system. These issues stem from the developers’ practice of introducing new features without necessarily addressing existing bugs. Several users have encountered difficulties related to bank reconciliation, alongside challenges when attempting to export reports.

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Church Accounting Software: Church Windows Software

What is Church Windows Software?

Church Windows Software is particularly well-suited for entry-level accountants and bookkeepers. It offers a fundamental approach to accounting, making it a great fit for smaller organizations. With Church Windows, you can leverage various valuable tools.

For instance, the software facilitates expense and tax payment tracking. It enables you to compare budgets with previous years and monitor ongoing balances. Notably, Church Windows prides itself on offering “remarkably adaptable reporting.”

While this software can indeed track donations, it’s worth noting that this capability is integrated within the broader accounting functions and has certain limitations.

Church Windows Customer Reviews

Certain features can prove overly intricate for users. G2Crowd reviews highlight certain advantages, such as affordability and donation tracking. However, the software might fall short in terms of user-friendliness. Although the company provides customer support, the product may not possess the intuitive simplicity that many church leaders typically desire in an accounting program.

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Church Accounting Software: FlockBase Church Software

What is FlockBase?

Positioned as “user-friendly church software,” the FlockBase Church Accounting Software system strives to assist newcomers in deciphering legal terminologies. It streamlines the process of tracking finances, aiming to eliminate the complexity often associated with church accounting, particularly in terms of “fund accounting.”

The primary objective is to streamline the monitoring of day-to-day expenses. FlockBase offers the capability to generate reports for both external documents and internal purposes. Presently tailored for small ministries, it holds the potential for expanded functionality in the future. This platform serves as church accounting software meticulously designed to meet the distinct demands of your financial tracking requirements.

FlockBase Customer Reviews

There are sparse reviews of the software system on The sole reviewer mentions that the product is user-friendly but finds its appearance and interface to be subpar. For church leaders seeking a straightforward accounting solution that can complement an advanced donation system like DonorWerx, FlockBase could be a suitable option.

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Church Accounting Software: FellowshipOne

What is FellowshipOne?

The primary focus of the FellowshipOne church accounting software system lies in integration to facilitate comprehensive financial tracking. The website highlights, “Collaborating with a financial software solution tailored for churches empowers your church leadership to align ministry objectives with data and financial insights.”

This church accounting software focuses on fostering your ministry’s growth. It achieves this by ensuring a firm financial foundation, and minimizing uncertainties that arise from incomplete accounting. FellowshipOne strives to unify the essential elements of your nonprofit organization. Their true fund accounting caters to non-profit entities. They offer customer support programs and the option to engage with software specialists.

Should you consider FellowshipOne, engaging with a specialist can help you evaluate your requirements and identify the most suitable plan.

FellowshipOne Customer Reviews

FellowshipOne maintains an average customer rating on The primary advantage highlighted by most users is the capacity to consolidate all information within a single platform. However, certain users express that the software falls short of expected advancement considering the prevailing market standards.

Additionally, there are instances where changes made within the program might require up to 24 hours to become effective, as noted by some users.

Church Accounting Software: CDM+

What is CDM+?

CDM+ church accounting software offers flexibility, with the option to choose between a cloud-based version or a desktop version. This software facilitates online and mobile donations, along with robust capabilities for fund accounting, contributions, and donations management. Particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized churches, CDM+ serves as a versatile solution for their financial needs.

CDM+ Customer Reviews

According to G2Crowd reviewers, the product is recognized for its simplicity, yet certain users raise concerns about its value in relation to the cost. Its potential for growth could be constrained, potentially requiring users to seek new software as their congregation expands. While some users might be able to tailor the software to their requirements, it could lack extensive scalability in terms of functionality.

Pair DonorWerx With Your New Church Accounting Software

Before committing to any church accounting software system, it’s prudent to outline your ministry’s specific requirements. Depending on factors such as congregation size, asset quantity, and local and international program plans, you might seek a streamlined or more comprehensive accounting program. Likely at the forefront of this list is fundraising. While nobody wants to divert focus from the mission, fundraising remains pivotal for your church’s growth.

With DonorWerx, you can retain your focus where it truly matters: on the mission. For optimal results, consider pairing any accounting program with the comprehensive DonorWerx donor platform. This combination offers users access to cutting-edge giving technology, automated communication via email and letter support, along with personalized coaching.

This approach empowers church leaders to concentrate on their core mission while a fortified donation program nurtures itself, contributing to a secure financial foundation for the ministry. Visit our website today to Schedule a Discovery Call at your convenience. A giving specialist can guide you through the process, providing advice and assistance to navigate the tools most advantageous for your church’s specific requirements.


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