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The Christian Values That Every Wise Church Leader Has

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Good leadership stems from personal qualities rooted in Christian values. If you strive to live by these values, you already have the foundational characteristics to become a wise leader. It’s important to note that you don’t have to be perfect in your spiritual discipline or feel wise all the time. In fact, recognizing your shortcomings and striving to improve is a crucial aspect of living like Christ and good leadership.

Some habits of leadership that embody these values include humility, compassion, forgiveness, honesty, and integrity. You’ll find these traits deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus. They can help guide leaders in making ethical and moral decisions. By embracing these values, leaders can foster a culture of trust, respect and teamwork. This ultimately leads to a more prosperous and fulfilling ministry.

Being Honest

Genuine honesty, both with oneself and before God, is an essential value for all Christian believers. It requires the ability to assess oneself objectively and recognize areas for improvement. Similarly, as a leader, it’s crucial to display authenticity and communicate truthfully. Honesty is widely regarded as the most critical leadership value by CEO Magazine, citing research indicating that only 20% of people trust business leaders to speak truthfully. This lack of trust is seen as a “crisis in leadership.” Therefore, your honest approach as a leader who embodies Christian values will help build trust among your congregants.

Listening Compassionately

Active listening is a crucial aspect of both wise leadership and Christian values. Before you can put compassion into action, you must take the time to listen to people’s stories and understand their needs. As a church leader, you are familiar with individuals approaching you for counseling, and this same skill of listening is vital for effective leadership. According to Harvard Business Review, listening is an “overlooked leadership tool” that fosters safety and provides more room to tackle daily tasks. By listening to the perspectives and opinions of others, you’ll have a broader understanding of multiple viewpoints, enabling you to make informed strategic decisions.


“The aim of the great leader is not to get people to think more highly of the leader. It’s to get people to think more highly of themselves.” This quote, from business coach Bob Moawad, has a connection to authentic Christian values. Many Bible verses guide us to put the needs and interests of others before our own. By setting aside our own pride and not becoming infatuated with our status, we can grow in our power as a leader.

Unshakeable Faith

Having faith is crucial for the success of any organization, just as it is for our personal spiritual lives. As a church leader, faith in God is a given. However, it’s important to extend that faith beyond just God and have faith in yourself, your mission and your community. This mindset aligns with Christian values that emphasize faith, hope, and love. When leaders believe in those who follow them and provide those individuals with opportunities for growth and learning, they may be amazed at the potential achievements.


In Proverbs 12:27, the Bible tells us, “Diligence is man’s precious possession.” Following the path of Christianity requires constant diligence and effort. The same applies to leadership — leaders must work hard and put in extra hours. CEOs, for example, work an average of 62.5 hours per week according to research. As a leader, being prepared to work harder than anyone on your team and to set an example of conscientiousness is crucial.

Allow Christian Values to Guide the Way

Demonstrating Christ’s example is an excellent opportunity for ministry leaders to showcase the immense power of Christian values. By relying on His virtues, you can establish trust among your church community and effectively accomplish practical and financial objectives.

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