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10 Best Christian Pick-Up Lines

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10 Best Christian Pick-Up Lines

The term ‘Christian pick-up lines’ might sound like an oxymoron to some, but even Christians need a way to break the ice to connect with that special someone. If you’ve got a crush on someone, turn it into a real-life bond with the perfect line.

Great Christian Pick-Up Lines for Dating

1. “I love everything about the way God made you.”

God really knows how to make amazing people. When you like or love someone, you have to love everything about the way God made them – that includes seeing the perfection and the flaws and appreciating both. While this seems like a cheesy line about thinking someone is beautiful, what this line really says is that you’re someone who can grow to appreciate everything about a person and you are willing to work through difficult times.

2. “I didn’t know angels flew so low!”

Calling someone an angel is quite a compliment. This one is a better version of the silly line “Did it hurt…when you fell from heaven?” That one is fine, but it insinuates that someone is a fallen angel, which is not a compliment to some Christians. Saying “I didn’t know angels flew so low!” is a similar statement, but shows that you recognize their commitment to religion and god.

3. “God must have been showing off when he made you.”

When you like someone, everything about them seems amazing. You might think god was even showing off by making someone who seems so perfect for you! This pick-up line is a sweet classic that will make anyone blush.

4. “I can’t perform miracles, and I only have enough fish and bread for two people…but that’s enough for a date!”

We can all strive to be more like Jesus, but ultimately, none of us are going to perform the same miracles that he did. This pick-up line is a silly way to speak about humbleness. It says, “I may not have much, but I really want to go out with you!”

5. “I think the paths God made for each of us are converging.”

If you believe that God sets everyone’s purpose on this earth, then this pick-up line is for you. You may see a strong crush on someone as a sign from God that this person is for you. This is a powerful Christian pick-up line for that special someone you’ve been eyeing.

6. Short and Sweet Christian Pick-Up Line: “Is this pew taken?”

Many churches don’t have pews anymore. They are creaky and uncomfortable, for the most part. However, it’s still a great church joke. It is best used when you’re approaching your crush before or after a church service. If it works, you can sit together for the whole service!

7. “Let’s worship together!”

What better way to start a loving relationship than in church. This is less of a pick-up line and more of a call to friendship and to spend time together. It lets the person know you’re interested in them and gives you space to see what develops naturally.

8. “Let’s be accountability partners.”

Being your crush’s accountability partner is a great way to get to know them better in service to the lord. As for accountability partners, you will both work on something you hope to improve in your life and keep each other on task. It could be something related to your personal life or to your worship or bible study habits. Improving yourselves together is a wonderful way to go from a crush to a relationship.

9. “Let’s volunteer together!”

Volunteering at a soup kitchen, at church, or at the library is another amazing way to spend time with your crush. You will get to know them and see how you work together as a team. It’s another way to let them know you want to get to know them better and see what develops without putting too much pressure on the situation.

10. The Christian Pick-Up Line Stolen from Bars: “So, do you pray here often?”

When you see a new cutie at your church, you may wonder if they are completely new or if you’ve simply never seen them before. This pick-up line is a play on a common one used at bars. At church, you can use it to let someone know you want to go out on a date or pray together more frequently!

How to Deliver Christian Pick-Up Lines Respectfully

When you are trying to use a pick-up line to ask someone out, make sure to do it with respect. You never want to make someone feel uncomfortable, especially if they are in your church community. If someone says no, take that at face value and just try to be their friend instead of asking them out multiple times.

When delivering a pick-up line, wait for a good moment. Don’t interrupt your crush if they are having a conversation with someone else. Perhaps wait until after a church service or a break in a class. Once you deliver the line, your crush will probably laugh, and then you can start having a normal conversation in which you plan a time to hang out. If they aren’t appreciative of your pick-up line, just move on. There will be other crushes to try them on later!

These Christian Pick-Up Lines are for Guys and Girls

Many people believe that only guys can deliver a good pick-up line. However, these days women can also take the lead in contacting their romantic hopefuls. Just like men, it’s important for women to be respectful in delivery and make sure to not give someone unwanted attention.

People of both genders need to make sure that their crush and flirtation maintains an appropriate level of interaction for their age and beliefs. Many Christians do not want to do much more than holding hands or smooching before marriage.

Some families prefer parental supervision of flirtation and dating to keep teens and young adults on the right path. Keep all of this in mind when you make your move with one of these sweet pick-up lines. Hopefully, using one of them will put you on the path to a healthy and loving Christian relationship!

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