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Choosing the Right Church Giving Kiosk

choose the right church giving kiosk

In this rapidly changing world, it is crucial to explore new and innovative methods of promoting and accepting donations. As our lives increasingly go digital, we must adapt accordingly. Using church giving kiosks in ministries is an effective way to encourage donations in this evolving era.

Donation kiosks offer congregants a convenient and modern way to contribute. Widely utilized in non-profit organizations worldwide, these mobile giving stations cater to individuals who prefer not to carry cash.While a giving kiosk can be as simple as a table with a collection jar, the current landscape necessitates a system that processes digital, cashless payments. This is where church tithing software excels.

With society transitioning toward a cashless paradigm, ministries face a significant challenge. The traditional collection plate is losing its appeal, and many congregants may lack the technical expertise to donate online regularly. A church giving kiosk presents a practical solution to this relatively new predicament. However, selecting the right system for your fundraising strategy requires careful consideration of several relevant factors.

Customization Features of the Kiosk

Congregants desire a sense of personal connection when making donations, rather than feeling like they are contributing to an impersonal corporate entity. A generic giving kiosk lacks the personal touch that establishes this connection. Without branding elements that link the kiosk to the institution, many individuals may hesitate to make a donation.

However, by customizing your giving kiosk with your church’s logo, color scheme, and messages, you can foster a sense of confidence and trust. A donation kiosk that effectively connects congregants to the cause evokes a subconscious positive response. It is crucial for people to feel assured that their contributions will be utilized appropriately, and customization plays a key role in instilling that confidence.

Just How Versatile Is It?

Offering diverse donation options is a cornerstone of modern giving initiatives. The availability of multiple channels to contribute increases the likelihood of donations. Considering this, opt for a giving kiosk that incorporates a card reader or is compatible with third-party devices. It’s important to note that fewer individuals carry cash nowadays.

Ideally, select a system that can be easily adjusted to various situations. For instance, a setup suitable for a church service might not be as effective during a fundraising event. The ability to swiftly and effortlessly adapt your kiosk to different scenarios and events is essential.

The Mobility of Church Giving Kiosks

To ensure versatility, a giving kiosk must be mobile. A stationary kiosk cannot easily adapt to different event needs and becomes unnoticed if left in the same spot for long periods. When selecting a spot for your services, choose a location that catches the attention of congregants entering and exiting the ministry.

What happens when you require the kiosk for a charity dinner dance or fundraising auction? It’s important to choose a lightweight and easily transportable kiosk. With the right church tithing software, a standard tablet computer can serve as a highly portable giving kiosk.

Data Reporting Capabilities

Digital donations provide valuable data that can enhance your church’s giving strategies and increase income. Modern giving kiosk solutions offer robust reporting features, allowing you to measure various metrics such as donation size, time, location, and donor age. By customizing the registration process, you can gather the specific metrics needed to optimize your ministry’s income.

Additionally, church tithing software can be integrated with other systems like CRM, streamlining data management. Many ministries are utilizing kiosks to collect contact details, enabling them to communicate important updates and fundraising activities through email, text, phone, and traditional mail. Harvesting this information proves invaluable for engaging congregants and supporting church initiatives.


With the right technology, giving becomes an enjoyable experience. Introducing interactivity into the giving process reassures donors that their contributions are meaningful.

Interactivity can be incorporated in various ways. For instance, using fun sounds to signify a completed digital payment or presenting a recorded “thank you” message through audio or video can encourage donors to give more frequently.

While the absence of the traditional collection plate may diminish the giving experience, integrating interactivity in a digital environment helps to recreate some of that connection.

Usability of Church Giving Kiosks

Simplicity and speed are paramount in the donation process. Any confusion or delay can deter potential donors. The more streamlined the process, the higher the likelihood of receiving donations.

To ensure good usability, the donation process should be concise and consistent. Once donors are familiar with the process, future donations should be quick and hassle-free. An effective church tithing software employs a self-explanatory donation process.

While tutorials can be helpful, they may cause frustration and delays. The best giving kiosks offer contactless payment options, allowing donors to effortlessly “dip” their credit card, mimicking the act of placing their hand into a donation jar or plate. Users simply enter the donation amount and make their contribution by “dipping” their card.

Is Security Prioritized?

Ensuring the security of online payments and personal information is crucial in alleviating concerns and building trust among donors. Providing a solid guarantee of safety is essential.

When selecting a kiosk provider, prioritize those that offer PCI compliance. This ensures the implementation of encryption and “tokenization” systems that safeguard personal information from theft or misuse. When searching for church tithing software, thorough research is advised. Utilize the internet to compare different software providers based on the aforementioned criteria.

Consider opting for a comprehensive solution like DonorWerx, an online giving resource that offers secure donation software, guidance, and coaching to make kiosk giving easier and more trustworthy than ever before. Schedule a Discovery Call today to learn more.

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