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Best Text-to-Give Platforms

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Best Text-to-Give Platforms

If your ministry is like most others, you took a hit in 2020. This may have left you scrambling to find alternative sources of revenue, and by now, you’ve started looking for the best text-to-give platforms. There are plenty of them out there, so choosing one may seem overwhelming. After all, your decision could affect your church’s financial standing for years.

If you’re still on the fence about the technology, check out our guide on the benefits of text-to-give. Once you’re ready to make the leap, though, don’t spend countless hours reviewing dozens of options. The following text-to-give platforms all stand out in the industry, and each offers unique advantages. Find the best option for your ministry and go for it!

In this guide, we’ll distinguish between nonprofit and ministry-focused text donation services.

Nonprofit Text-to-Give Platforms

While they never built nonprofit platforms with churches in mind, this doesn’t negate their potential as a great ministry tool. We would always recommend choosing a vendor that understands the unique needs of churches, but it’s important to not confine yourself either. Take a moment to review these nonprofit options and see if they’re right for you.


One of the most well-known apps offering text donation services is also one of the most impressive when it comes to features. Snowball allows users to donate via text message, but it also offers event fundraising and online donation tools. They’re touted as an “all-in-one solution,” and it’s hard to argue with that fact. They offer a ton of features helpful for churches.

When looking at their website, though, it appears that they’re more of a text-to-donate rather than a text-to-give platform. The distinction is that the latter allows donations with a single text. The images on Snowball’s website show that clicking a link is necessary to contribute. This isn’t a significant issue – especially since members can set up recurring donations.

One issue you might run into involves the “free” version of the software. It comes with a few basic tools, but it might surprise you to learn that “free” isn’t free. They apply a fee to every transaction, and this fee is more than double what some credit card companies charge. If you understand the costs going in, though, Snowball is still a powerful tool for your church.

Give Lively

When it comes to text-to-give platforms that focus solely on text donations, Give Lively stands out most in our minds. While some folks will point towards Txt2Give as a potentially better solution, Give Lively has a few major benefits. One in particular may stand out to you: it’s free. Even though this vendor’s marketing mainly targets nonprofits, many churches enjoy the features it offers.

Of course, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds up for this resource. The app’s integration with third-party platforms leaves much to desire. And when considering the lack of features outside the text-to-give platform, you’ll likely end up needing several tools to complete tasks that other tools integrate. Its benefits outweigh its flaws for many, though, so it deserves a spot on this list.

Ministry Text-to-Give Platforms

There are numerous similarities between churches and nonprofits, but they are still very different creatures. This is why many ministry leaders opt to use giving tools created especially for houses of worship. There’s no denying the usefulness of nonprofit resources in an environment where text tithing has become a multi-billion dollar industry. If you want a vendor that understands the needs of the ministry, though, the following options are likely best.


One of the largest text-to-give platforms caters directly to churches: easyTithe. This tool offers added features – such as kiosk giving, online donations, and a mobile app – and they even promise a stellar donor management system. The app also provides reporting tools so you can see if your efforts to increase donations are going well.

Many of the chief complaints about easyTithe relate to the processing fees. Like the Snowball app, you could end up paying transactional costs that dwarf credit card fees. This is in addition to what you’re already paying for the service. Complaints online also center on a perceived lack of customer support, but it’s important to note that many users have had only positive things to say.


When it comes to text-to-give platforms that cater specifically to churches, DonorWerx might just be your best bet. That’s because it uses SecureGive software – which pastors actually created – to handle all donation and tithing needs. Like easyTithe, it offers a full donor management system on top of kiosk giving, online donations, and mobile apps.

Where this platform really stands out is its one-on-one coaching. You’re not simply handed a powerful donor management system and text-to-give tools then sent out to fend for yourself. Users have access to professionals who will help guide them through a multi-step framework that increases overall giving and offers simple tools for congregants.

DonorWerx users also have access to in-depth guides, video tutorials, white papers, and other resources to help church leaders better understand giving. This is the only way you can really learn how the mind of a donor works.

Find a Text-to-Give Platform Today

Offering the ability to tithe via text provides benefits for both your congregants and your ministry. While there are plenty of great vendors that provide this service, we believe the SecureGive app through DonorWerx is the best option for churches in the modern age. You need technological tools – including a text-to-give platform – backed up with proven frameworks that increase donor engagement and giving.

Schedule a Discovery Call with our giving experts today, and you’ll receive free personalized tips to help your church increase giving by 10 percent in just six months.

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