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Best Online Giving Platforms for Churches

online giving platforms for churches

Best Online Giving Platforms for Churches

Best Online Giving Platforms for Churches donations are the backbone of any church, but if you’re still relying on cash in the offering plate, you’re missing out on major potential. While many churches still manage to get a few dollars in the offering plate during each session, it’s a simple fact that most Americans just don’t carry cash anymore. That makes in-person gifting a challenge.

As a result, most churches are turning to online giving, but with so many platforms out there, how do you know which one will meet your ministry’s needs? In this list, we’ll look at some of the best online giving platforms for churches to help you make an informed decision.

#8 Mogiv

If your church is looking for a simple, no-fuss solution to get your online giving up-and-running as fast as possible, Mogiv is worth trying. The only fees you’ll pay are transaction fees. The service is otherwise free to use. Mogiv works on web browsers and mobile devices and even supports text-based giving.

For churches looking to dip their toe in the water to see what online giving is all about, Mogiv is a great starting point. However, churches looking to speed ahead and avoid setup at a later date will find that they outgrow Mogiv quickly.

#7 PayPal

If you’re considering Mogiv because of its simplicity (and free pricing), you might also consider PayPal. If you need a platform that’s just going to get you started, adding a PayPal donation link is a quick-fix for “in the meantime” before you select a tailored donation platform.

While PayPal won’t be able to offer your church a lot of customizability, unless you have a developer around to help you code a custom form, it will allow you to Get started with no monthly fees and relatively low transaction fees. Those transaction fees vary by volume, but they can be more favorable than some of the other platforms on the list.

Of course, with PayPal (or an alternative like Stripe), you’re sacrificing branded and immersive donation forms along with other features, like text-based giving. So, these solutions should also be seen as temporary ones until you can choose between a platform like one of the following and get your church up-and-running with dedicated online giving software.

#6 EasyTithe

With basic customization options to help match your donation pages to your brand, EasyTithe is one of the more popular options thanks to being so user-friendly. The platform also offers a number of giving options, including online, text-based, recurring, and kiosk giving.

You won’t pay startup fees, but the transaction fees are higher than other platforms on the list. If you accept a credit card donation, for example, you’ll pay 3% plus $0.39 for every transaction. If you typically get multiple smaller donations, just the fixed transaction fee of $0.39 can end up eating away at your profits very quickly.


With a free app and text-based giving, strives to make church donations simple for your congregants to participate in. The platform is well-liked for its customer service and tools, along with the low fees that allow your church to put more donations into its pocket. Plus, this platform charges no setup or subscription fees, making it one of the most affordable solutions.

Of course, there are fees involved. When you accept a debit or credit card donation, you’ll pay 2.9% and $0.30 for every transaction. Donations from ACH or bank accounts have a 1% and $0.30 per transaction fee. However, allows you to give donors the option to “cover the fee,” allowing them to add the amount to their donation so your church doesn’t have to pay it.

#4 Kindrid

Some of the world’s largest churches rely on Kindrid, making it one of the more robust solutions. The roots of the platform are text-based giving, but they have since expanded to include a number of options under the brand

You won’t pay any startup fees with Kindrid, but you will pay a monthly subscription fee starting at $45/month. This makes it one of the more costly options on the list, as you’ll also pay fees for every transaction. When you accept a debit or credit card donation, you’ll pay 2.5%. Donations from ACH or bank accounts have a 0.5% fee.

If you collect a high enough volume of donations, the monthly fee will end up costing less than the amount you’d pay in per-transaction fees with other platforms, but you’ll need to run the numbers before buying in.

#3 RebelGive

If you think monthly subscription fees or transaction fees will quickly eat away at the donations you get, RebelGive might offer the right pricing model. They are the only platform on the list to have a fixed pricing model where you’ll pay a single monthly fee of either $79 (if you pay annually) or $99 (if you pay monthly).

While RebelGive itself won’t charge any fees for the transactions you process, credit card companies will still charge a small 1.9% fee, but your donors will cover it entirely as it will be added to their donation amount. This makes RebelGive the ideal solution for churches looking to save on fees without paying a variable subscription rate every month.

#2 PushPay

One of the most well-known donation collection platforms on the internet, PushPay allows you to accept a number of payment methods, including checks. You can also integrate PushPay with your church’s website and create a mobile app that’s exclusive to your ministry. PushPay offers text-based giving, too.

Most users of PushPay enjoy its mobile-first approach, which makes it an ideal solution for churches that are targeting younger congregants. However, they are one of the more expensive options and, in order to know how much you’d pay, you’ll have to reach out for a quote. Some users share monthly fees of around $199 in addition to transaction fees.

#1 DonorWERX

  • Take control of your donors’ experience
  • Better manage your first-time and recurring donors
  • Use engaging follow-up strategies to increase recurring donations
  • Quantify impact and encourage donors with statements and reports

More than an online donation software, Donorwerx is a full-fledged system complete with a communications strategy that will enable you to engage donors and keep them coming back to support your efforts.

The donor-centric framework that powers the platform will help you address your church’s “leaky bucket,” ultimately convincing more people to donate and getting them to donate on a routine basis.

If that sounds like what your church needs, just give us 30 minutes of your time. In a short phone call, we’ll give you three personalized strategies your church can implement to see at least 10% more donations over the next six months. Schedule your Discovery Call today. 

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