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5 Best Online Giving Companies For Large Churches

companies for large churches

5 Best Online Giving Companies For Large Churches

Given that online giving grew more than 12% in the past year alone, most large organizations have already jumped onto the virtual donations train. However, whether you find yourself needing to catch up with your first digital giving solution or constrained by an existing solution that isn’t offering you the results you want, the research process can be time-consuming.

Here’s a look at the give best online giving companies for large churches like yours to help you compare features, pricing, and scalability so you can choose the right long-term solution for your growing organization.

#5 E-Zekiel – Online Giving Platform with Extras

  • No free trial
  • Fees start at $10/month
  • Users praise integration capabilities, but complain about a confusing interface

E-Zekiel recently partnered with ShareFaith to offer church websites, mobile apps, graphics, live streaming, and a donation collection platform. If you’re after their giving software, they promise no setup fees with a $10/month “security” fee. You’ll also pay 3% +$0.39 of every transaction to cover the cost of the service.

When it comes to functionality, ShareFaith markets a seamless integration for your existing mobile app, website, or on your social media channels with the use of a QR code, donate button, or link. ShareFaith also offers mobile text-to-give campaigns. Additionally, they have management and monitoring tools to help you keep track of the donations you collect.

As far as the reviews go, some users note that it has a confusing interface and some tasks and forms can be hard to manage because of that. Others said they ultimately canceled and ShareFaith refused to give them a prorated refund for the unused period of their subscription.

#4 Blackbaud – General Online Giving Solutions

  • No free trial
  • Fees start at $99/month
  • Users like having the ability to include multiple forms of giving, but say the interface is complicated

Blackbaud is a major company with over 1,000 employees. With that in mind, they are able to offer a large array of software, not just for nonprofits, but for countless sectors that go beyond fundraising. One solution they offer is known as eTapestry, which is a cloud-based donor management software made to fit growing nonprofits.

With the promise of being affordable, eTapestry strives to streamline the administrative process with integrated communication tools and multi-device compatibility. They currently service over 6,000 nonprofits with fees starting at $99 per month. There is a free trial available as well.

Unfortunately, users complain that it can be difficult to use. One stated: “I rarely write bad reviews but this product made my job miserable. Even as a nonprofit with limited funds, I chose to use another product just because I couldn’t get eTapestry to do what I needed.” Another said, “I am not a fan of eTapestry by any means. The support is lacking and their help guides are very confusing and complicated to use.”

Regardless, many praise its robustness and the ability to accept donations and communicate in a variety of ways.

#3 FellowshipOne – Affordable Online Giving

  • Starting at $10/month
  • Add text giving for $5/month
  • Add kiosk giving for $19/month (plus hardware)

FellowshipOne offers a number of giving solutions including web, text, mobile, and kiosk giving. There’s no limit to the number of campaigns you can run and they even offer multi-site/multi-campus support. With robust pledge tracking and management, your donors will get an extra level of accountability to help them feel the impact they’re making.

Moreover, custom giving pages, reporting, reconciliation, and other features, FellowshipOne is a promising solution for churches of all sizes. They have multiple tiers ranging from free to a customized high volume subscription (for organizations collecting $25,000 per month or more) and none of their tiers have a startup fee.

Many users rave about its feature-rich dashboard, with one stating: “The app allows you to have the church directory at your fingertips which is helpful. They also, allow you to customize much of the system so you can tailor it to your liking.” Unfortunately, there’s a broad mix of experiences with some pastors complaining about the user experience of the software.

Others said adding group members was painful, the check-in software doesn’t always connect to the printer, and running a report requires you to answer countless questions before you can generate one, with bugs often leading to missing or incomplete reports.

#2 PushPay – All-in-One Online Giving

  • Text, app, and online giving
  • Donor engagement and church management software
  • Pricing information isn’t public, you’ll need to get a quote

Perhaps one of the most popular software solutions for churches, PushPay offers donor development, church management, and digital giving solutions that they are comprehensive, engaging, and efficient. With a church app, online giving, and text giving capabilities, PushPay strives to be an all-in-one solution.

Their donor engagement tools will help you push donors along the journey. All the while, custom thank-yous and other follow-up tools will help you retain donors and encourage recurring gifts. Unfortunately, pricing information is not public. Reviewers have noted, though, that it’s pricier than other solutions.

Some mentioned that integrations can also be a challenge. Others said they had to work with their representative in order to get things set up in an intuitive manner. In fact, having a dedicated person at PushPay was one thing multiple reviewers noted. They really liked this about the software, compared to having a generic support channel they had to go through.

All in all, its praised for its support and setup process, though some expressed displeasure about not having all their software under one umbrella, which led to them finding a way to stop using integrations or leaving PushPay altogether.

#1 DonorWerx – Integrated Online Giving

  • Online, text, app, and kiosk giving
  • Donor engagement and church management software
  • One-on-one coaching to ensure success

Looking to avoid integrations that clutter your administrative backend and waste your time? Look no further. DonorWerx is a truly all-inclusive solution for churches big and small. SecureGive is touted for its customization features, engagement system, recurring gifts, and other functionalities. And with its integration with DonorWerx, you’ll have everything you need to one place.

We’re so confident you’ll see great results with our solution, we’re ready to offer up something free. Schedule a Discovery Call today, and we’ll share several strategies you can implement to increase donations. In fact, you’ll see a 10% increase in just six months. It’s a free call with no commitment, so what do you have to lose?

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