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Best Church Management Software 2021

best church management software

Best Church Management Software 2021

As your church grows and your congregation changes, one of the smartest investments you can make is a powerful church management software. If you’re not yet familiar with these solutions, the right software will empower your church to align its goals, maximize its efforts, and put it on the path to increased donations, higher attendance, and a more engaged congregation as a whole.

Why Use A Church Management Software?

A church management software is a powerful tool, assuming that it incorporates all the right features that will empower your church to grow. The best church management software will give you a way to manage all of the following from one single dashboard:

  • Your attendees and volunteers.
  • Your groups and child check-in process.
  • Your events and engagement rates.
  • Your contributions and financial reports.
  • Your outreach and email marketing campaigns.

Modern church management software will also evolve to incorporate other important church tools, like the ability to send out texts to your supporters and the ability to collect text-based donations.

So, if you’re looking for the right church management software for your ministry, this list has you covered. Here’s a look at the top software solutions to fit the needs of any church.

#1 Servant Keeper

  • Pricing starts at $99/month
  • Run it locally or in the cloud
  • Manage contributions, groups, and more

With Servant Keeper, your church can enjoy the power of robust software fronted by an easy-to-use interface. This management solution is intended to help your church handle attendance, groups, contributions, pledging, donor statements, and more. You can also send out mass emails and texts to your supporters and check-in children for bible study.

One of the main perks Servant Keeper promotes is its detailed custom reports and dashboards, which allow you to gain real insight into what you’re managing. Over 35,000 churches trust Servant Keeper to run their ministry.

#2 TouchPoint

  • Pricing starts at $3 per active record, charged annually
  • Hosted on Azure servers
  • Unlimited records and custom mobile app

This cloud-based church management platform is built to scale. It’s designed for medium and large churches that have growth on the horizon, and it’s priced accordingly. You’ll pay $3 per active record on an annual basis, meaning 600 active records will cost you $1,800/year.

TouchPoint is highly customizable but ready to use right out of the box. With a fully integrated mobile app, you can easily manage memberships, volunteers, child check-in, and more — all while handling events, contributions, and engagement rates with an innovative, intuitive interface.

#3 NeonCRM

  • Pricing starts at $49/month
  • Consultation packages available, starting at $600 for four hours
  • Email marketing and volunteer management

Recently rebranded, NeonCRM is a cloud-based tool that’s built explicitly for faith-based organizations. They market themselves as scalable yet accessible to churches of all sizes. With this CRM solution, you can engage your donors, plan events, manage memberships, and track volunteer rates over time.

One of the best things about NeonCRM is the easy integration, which is excellent if you use tools like Constant Contact, MailChimp, or QuickBooks. The monthly pricing is also very affordable, though a growing church may need to upgrade to a higher tier to unlock all the features they want, like membership management (starting at $149/month in the Impact plan).

#4 Gyve

  • No monthly fees and only one flat rate
  • Pricing is 2.5% and $0.30 per transaction
  • Coaching available

While Gyve isn’t made exclusively for churches, it’s a fully-featured system that helps you nurture supporters and encourage recurring donations through online, mobile, text-based giving, and round-up donations. You can also segment your donors and send targeted messages to each segment, allowing for near-automated donor development.

One of the best things about Gyve is that they charge no monthly fees, and they charge a flat per-transaction fee, no matter the payment method. For every donation, you’ll pay 2.5% and $0.30, be it a one-time or recurring gift and no matter if it’s sent through text, mobile, or online. This simplified pricing model is ideal for churches who want to know exactly how much they’ll pay in fees.

#5 Churchteams

  • Pricing starts at $37/month for up to 200 people
  • A 30-day free trial is available
  • Extra fees can add up fast

While Churchteams certainly has the feature set most churches are after, the extra fees can add up fast. Churchteams is great if you need a solution for memberships, check-in, groups, volunteers, events, and contributions. It can even provide online and text giving, for extra fees. The platform also enables texting, email marketing, workflow management, and reporting right there in a single dashboard.

The primary downside to Churchteams is the pricing. While the monthly rate starts at $37 for up to 200 people, you’ll end up paying a lot more if you want all the features that make Churchteam a complete solution. For instance, the text-to-church tool costs an extra $10/month while online giving, which is included in most other software pricing, costs $19/month in addition to processing fees.

Ultimately, while Churchteams has the features, the expensive pricing model does make it out-of-reach for most churches.

#6 Blackbaud Church Management

  • Pricing information is not published.
  • Cloud-based software.
  • Manage people, communications, gifts, events, and more.

If you are a church with a larger budget and Churchteams piqued your interest, Blackbaud may be an even better fit. This modern software provides a holistic view, with insights and management for your people, contributions, communications, volunteers, events, and staff. When you use Blackbaud, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about who your congregants are and how they’re engaging with your church.

The best part is that Blackbaud connects multiple tools into one platform, including Tuition Management, Financial Management, and Payments. This feature-rich service is one of the few truly “all-in-one” management tools, but it is designed for large churches and priced accordingly.

#7 Donorwerx

  • All-in-one church management software.
  • Online coaching available.
  • Online, app, text-based, and kiosk giving.

For most churches, it can be challenging to find management software that strikes a balance between features and price point. No church wants to end up with software that’s affordable but so simple they need additional management tools. Likewise, no church wants to end up locked in a contract that financially straps them, even if it offers all the features they could ever want.

Here at Donorwerx, we believe we provide the perfect balance. Able to scale with your church, starting from its early days of development all the way through to its largest capacity, Donorwerx is a platform like no other. Like Blackbaud and other top solutions, Donorwerx offers a fully-integrated church management software so that you don’t have to buy into any other tools to split your data across services. Plus, Donorwerx remains affordable thanks to our pricing model that understands the budgetary restraints of nonprofits.

When you work with Donorwerx, you gain access to a management platform that’s built upon a donor-centric framework. With that foundation, you’ll find that everything your church does is suddenly better informed, allowing you to make changes and decisions that best serve your congregants, resulting in better engagement, more volunteers, and increased donations.

Interested in learning more? Give us just 30 minutes of your time and we’ll present three personalized strategies your church can use to increase donations by 10% in the next six months. Schedule your discovery call today. 

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