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Are Pastors the Next EntreLeadership?

are pastors the next entreleadership

Are Pastors the Next EntreLeadership?

God calls pastors to be the leaders of their ministries, but in the modern world, they must do more than just guide their flock. Congregations around the country are shutting their doors, and church leaders must add a sense of entrepreneurship to their current role. This process has become known as EntreLeadership, and for pastors, it’s now an essential aspect of their job.

After reading the following guide, you’ll have a better grasp on what EntreLeadership means for your current duties, your ministry, and how your church moves forward. Fortunately, the tools you need to succeed in this area are all part of the DonorWerx Framework. With this combination of knowledge and resources, you can help your ministry succeed into the future.

What Does EntreLeadership Have to do with the Church?

To recognize how EntreLeadership relates to the church – and whether pastors are the next iteration of the concept – you must first understand the terminology. The idea comes from a book written by evangelical finance advisor Dave Ramsey. He’s provided financial advice for over 30 years, so he has a firm grasp on how to secure economic stability.

There are over 300 pages in Ramsey’s book, but it’s possible to boil EntreLeadership down to a single sentence:

“The process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper.” 

You can look at many things in this life and see a distinct separation between leadership and entrepreneurship. Leaders focus on ensuring their employees, partners, and teams can meet their goals. It’s typically entrepreneurs, though, that set these goals. It’s their job to identify what they and others must do for prosperous growth.

Pastors are the obvious leaders of a ministry, but in the modern world, they must take on an entrepreneurial role. This is the only way to ensure a church’s success. While this may seem like a tall order, it doesn’t have to result in pastor burnout. Understanding why pastor EntreLeadership is necessary, along with proven ways of accomplishing it, will simplify things.

Why Do We Need Pastoral EntreLeadership?

The big question many church leaders have regarding entrepreneurial roles is “why?”. Many pastors already lament the bygone era of the church community. Some older preachers have watched their old-school country ministries become modernized and surrounded by cities. It’s the very changes occurring in the world, though, that make EntreLeadership necessary for pastors.

What are these changes? You’ve likely seen some of them in your ministry already. Maybe you believe these are just temporary trends or difficulties. Unfortunately, the following truths about church giving prove otherwise:

  • Less than 5 percent of churchgoers tithe the 10 percent mandated in the Bible.
  • One-third of American churches have no savings for emergencies.
  • Church attendance has been on the decline since the 1970s.
  • Less than 40 percent of Americans trust organized religion.
  • Most church revenue (i.e., 98 percent) comes from congregant giving.

These are all disheartening statistics, but it’s the last point that hits home the hardest. Nearly all of a church’s revenue comes directly from its members, but statistics show that membership has been decreasing for decades. The ministry is certainly not a business, but it’s important to view certain aspects of it in that manner. This is why pastors must be the next EntreLeadership.

If church leaders do not take proactive measures to increase revenue, it may become more difficult to lead their ministry. EntreLeadership focuses on making a venture grow and prosper. This is the way to ensure houses of worship can continue doing God’s work.

Why Churches Need to Invest in Their Church Leadership

How Pastors Can Take on EntreLeadership Roles

The premise of this article is whether pastors are the next EntreLeadership. Contrary to our highest hopes, though, the answer isn’t necessarily “yes.” The actual answer is “hopefully.” This role isn’t granted to a person based solely on their position. Being a pastor entitles no one to hold an EntreLeadership role in the ministry. In reality, church leaders have to earn this role.

Fortunately, there is plenty of help available for those who hope to succeed in this area. Keep the following tips and strategies in mind, and you’ll gain the ability to help your church grow and prosper in the years to come.

Your Guide to Hiring an Executive Pastor

Learn to Delegate

EntreLeadership doesn’t mean a pastor has to do everything on their own. Hiring an executive pastor with the right experience will help in the process of integrating entrepreneurship into how things get done. Even if your ministry can’t afford one, church leaders must delegate certain responsibilities.

Increase Donor Engagement

Many factors led to decreased tithing among churchgoers, but stinginess or frugality do not fall into this category. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 75 percent of Americans were still donating to charity. People want to give, but it’s up to you to engage them. The DonorWerx Framework can teach you how to do this.

Bring Back Outreach

Some people say that church outreach is dead, but this is far from the truth. While door-to-door witnessing may have fallen out of favor, there are still many ways to reach out to the community. Donation drives, soup kitchens, hosting family nights, offering holiday alternatives, and sponsoring charity events are just a few of the ways to bring in more of your neighbors.

Keep Up With Technology

Those who are successful at EntreLeadership understand that technology is their friend. Church leaders who don’t recognize this are hindering their ministry’s growth. Offer digital giving options to make tithing easier. Stream church services online to attract new congregants and keep current members engaged. If technology can help your church grow, its use should excite you.

Take Your Pastoral EntreLeadership Role Seriously

Pastors are undoubtedly the next EntreLeadership, but it’s not because people will naturally put them into this position. The reason this idea will grow and become part of the ministry is that it’s a necessity. Houses of worship have faced difficult times in recent years, and if their leaders can’t step up and make essential changes, we’ll continue to see sanctuary doors shutter.

Fortunately, the tools and knowledge necessary to grow and prosper through leadership are readily available. The DonorWerx Framework offers a donor engagement process that integrates seamlessly with giving software. By implementing this system in your church, you’ll show that the pastoral EntreLeadership role is something you take seriously.

Schedule a Discovery Call with one of our giving experts to learn how we can help grow your ministry today.

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