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7 Benefits of Church Giving Apps

benefits of church giving apps

7 Benefits of Church Giving Apps

There are many tech tools available that can help ministry leaders spread the Word of God. When looking at the benefits of church giving apps, though, it’s difficult to envision any resource that’s equally as effective. These simple tools can take a ministry’s giving levels to new heights and increase its ability to do God’s work. 

Of course, not all apps are created equally. To secure every possible advantage of these technological wonders, it’s important to choose the right provider from the start. After reading this article, you’ll recognize all the potential benefits of church giving apps and how to ensure you receive them. 

Choosing the Best Church Giving App

Choosing a giving app for your church shouldn’t be taken lightly. Around 98 percent of church revenue comes from parishioners’ tithes and donations, and with attendance decreasing, you need effective tools in your corner. This is why you should find a church giving app with the following features. 

  • Keeps track of giving metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). 
  • Combines various means of online giving (e.g. donor page, app giving, etc.). 
  • Offers Text-to-Give or seamlessly integrates with such a tool. 
  • Allows congregants to sign up for automatic recurring gifts. 
  • Can be integrated with kiosk giving to accommodate on-site donations. 

The benefits of church giving apps are many, but this is only if you choose the right provider. While there are several great options out there, only SecureGive works collaboratively within the DonorWerx Framewok to increase giving through improved engagement. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits of Church Giving Apps

Of all the best apps for pastors, those that fall under the “giving” umbrella could be the most useful. The following benefits explain why. 

1. Allows Giving Anywhere, Anytime

Perhaps the biggest advantage of utilizing church giving apps is that congregants can give whenever and wherever they want. This has always been a huge benefit, but 2020 showed us just how important the feature really is. 

Coronavirus did serious damage to churches and their ability to maintain revenue. Many houses of worship did not survive this economic downturn. Unfortunately, many ministries didn’t realize that this was completely avoidable. 

By giving congregants the ability to give digitally – even when they’re not in attendance – you’re ensuring a steady revenue stream regardless of the challenges being faced. 

2. Automatic Recurring Tithing and Donations

Around two-thirds of American consumers use automatic payment options to handle recurring bills. While there’s certainly a difference between mandatory bills and voluntary donations, this statistic goes to show that people appreciate having automatic recurring payment options available. 

Offering automatic tithing and donations is one of the biggest benefits of church giving apps because it ensures continued contributions. When parishioners are busy with life or simply not occupying a pew, they tend to forget their biblical duty of giving. 

Automatic recurring gifts made possible by giving apps minimize this potentiality. 

3. Helps Retain Donors

The benefits of church giving apps don’t just extend to the ministry itself. Congregants and other donors also enjoy several advantages. These apps make it much easier for them to give, so donor retention is greatly increased through the use of the technology. 

Even if a parishioner hasn’t signed up for automatic recurring giving, the app will ensure that giving remains at the top of their mind. Occasional reminders and a beautiful little app icon can go a long way when serving as a reminder. 

4. Increases Overall Giving

Increased revenue is likely the benefit of church giving apps that ministry leaders are most focused on. After all, what’s the point in making such an investment if it’s not going to increase revenue? Fortunately, study after study has shown that this is one of the more common outcomes of app integration. 

In fact, one research case found that recurring givers donated 42 percent more during a year than their one-time-gift counterparts. Since one of the benefits of church giving apps is an increase in the rate of recurring gifts, this means a ministry’s overall giving will grow. This equates to additional opportunities to do greatness in the name of God. 

5. Offers Powerful Analytics

powerful analytics

There are many nonprofit data metrics that charitable organizations track in order to improve their operations, marketing and other essential growth elements. This is similarly important for houses of worship, and it makes up one of the most important benefits of church giving apps. Tracking giving metrics and key performance indicators is your pathway to success. 

If you’re using SecureGive as part of the DonorWerx Framework, for instance, you’d see a variety of important metrics right on the app dashboard. These include average transaction amounts, total donors, one-time vs. recurring gifts, total donations and many other KPIs. Churches can use this information to track their progress and see what they’re doing right.  

6. Integration with Other Giving Tools

Even if the benefits of church giving apps only extended to increased giving and higher donor retention rates, their use in the ministry would still be completely justified. Thanks to ever-improving technology, though, they have even more to offer. This includes integration with other powerful giving tools. 

For instance, pastors often use metric information from SecureGive as part of their donor journey mapping. You can also use this software across a variety of platforms – ranging from onsite kiosks to digital giving pages. You’ll also find that many of these apps allow for easier impact reporting – a key communication tool for increasing giving levels. 

7. People Want Digital Giving Options

When it comes to the benefits of church giving apps that directly affect parishioners, the fact that they want digital options stands out among others. Church online giving statistics show that 60 percent of parishioners are willing to give via app, website and other digital means. Unfortunately, only 16 percent of them do so. 

This discrepancy comes directly from ministries that don’t recognize the benefits of church giving apps. Fewer than half of American houses of worship even offer an online option, so it’s no surprise that congregants aren’t giving more via digital methods. Fortunately, it is easy to correct this problem on the part of church leadership. 

Gain the Benefits of Church Giving Apps Today!

They say there’s an app for everything these days, and fortunately for ministry leaders, this truth applies directly to church giving. From increasing donor engagement to allowing automatic contributions, these apps serve as powerful tools that can improve every undertaking at your ministry. If you’re not utilizing such a resource, you’re doing your congregation a disservice.

The DonorWerx Framework offers all the important benefits of church giving apps through the SecureGive platform. Get started today to take your ministry to the next level!

Email: Technology cannot change the Word of God, but it certainly has an effect on how churches operate. Fortunately, change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Increasing technology makes it easier for ministry leaders to do their jobs, and this is overwhelmingly apparent when looking at church giving apps. If you’ve yet to integrate this technology into your ministry, you’re overlooking a powerful tool. Check out our article on the benefits of these apps to see what you’re missing out on.

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