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5 Churches with Awesome Online Giving Pages

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5 Churches with Awesome Online Giving Pages

As a church, you need to realize that simply adding online giving as an option won’t increase donations on its own. The giving page has to have a special quality to it. Here are five churches with awesome online giving pages that can inspire you to attract donors in whole new ways.

1. Rock Church

Clean, modern, and stylish, the giving page from Rock Church is easily at the top of any list. This is a church known for having a fantastic approach to their digital presence, and their giving page is where things really shine.

What Rock Church does well:

  • Consistent. The giving page is strongly branded and consistent with the rest of the website. No redirects to a third-party payment processor.
  • Motivational. They include a powerful message in the header, which also features a visual background to grab your attention.
  • Interactive. Scroll down the page and you’ll see there’s a video to watch. Scroll further and you can learn about all the ways you can give at-a-glance.

The page also includes testimonials, FAQs, and other content that is insightful yet stays on-point, informing potential donors and encouraging them to give. The page ends with another call to action to “Give Now” and then a secondary call to action to check out the online campus.

2. Freedom Church

Much like the above example, Freedom Church has stylized the giving page to be consistent and strongly branded.

What Freedom Church does well:

  • Visual. They’ve incorporated a visual element into the header, while using a fade to include highly contrasting text to the right. This helps the message and call to action stand out even more.
  • Simple. There’s no infinite scroll on this page. In fact, everything you see on your screen is all there is to the page. This helps drive people directly to taking action.
  • Straightforward. They tell you right on the page that you either click the “Give” button or you can text “GIVE” to 843-410-6369. It doesn’t get easier than that.

If you want a donation page that avoids potential distractions but still presents a visually pleasing appearance, consider Freedom Church to be your inspiration.

3. Overflowing Church

You might use software that lets you place your form right on the page. If so, look to Overflowing Church as an example of how to do it effectively.

What Overflowing Church does well:

  • Frames the form. Too many churches make the mistake of creating a giving page with only a form and no content around it. Overflowing Church includes a written message and a video that you can view before scrolling down to see the form itself.
  • Multiple options. Use the form or look to its sidebar where you can give via Venmo or other donation services. The church gives donors options so they can choose what’s comfortable for them.
  • Impact-oriented. Right below the giving form, you’ll see the church’s goals listed and quantified, helping to reinforce the impact donors can have for the church and its community.

Overflowing Church does a good job of keeping people online after they donate by including recent posts at the bottom of the page. This requires careful layout, of course, as you don’t want to distract from the action and drive people away from the giving form.

4. Third Coast Church

Alternately, you might use a giving software that lets you turn the giving form into a pop-up. Third Coast Church is an outstanding example of how to do that in a well-branded, actionable manner.

What Third Coast Church does well:

  • Branded style. Staying true to the church’s brand colors, fonts, and overall style, the giving page is consistent with the rest of the website.
  • Thoughtful messaging. The straightforward message helps to reinforce what’s important to donors, letting them know that giving is secure and easy.
  • Direct call to action. Just click “Give Online Now” and a pop-up form will appear, or look to the footer for information on downloading the mobile giving app.

To summarize Third Coast Church’s work in one word: clean. They do a superb job of minimalistic, modern page design.

5. Higher Vision Church

Last but not least, Higher Vision Church puts a lot of thought and creativity into every aspect of the website, including how text and images frame one another. Their giving page header is a good example of that design.

What Higher Vision Church does well:

  • Off-page giving. The button in the header takes you to a third-party website to collect a donation. Higher Vision Church does their best job at keeping the experience as branded as possible until a donor clicks that button and prepares to give.
  • Impact statement. Stay on the giving page and scroll down. The button “View Impact” will take you to the Missions page where you can learn more about the work of the church if you’re not ready to give.
  • Multiple options. Another “Give Now” button takes you to the same off-page form further down the page, while other buttons take you to the gift management portal, all keeping the page focused.

The page ends with “other ways to give,” offering everyone the opportunity to contribute.

Collect More Donations for Your Church

Maybe you’re thinking about adding online giving for the first time. Maybe you already accept donations online but realize you can offer donors a better experience. Here at DonorWerx, we help churches like yours get the best results by offering the best possible online giving experience to their congregants. Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll help you come up with unique strategies to increase donor engagement and your donations. Schedule a Discovery Call.

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