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5 Reasons Churches Need Texting Donations

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Throughout the globe, technology has opened fresh avenues for connecting with your congregation. While it initially commenced with digital outreach, it has now transcended those boundaries. Text-to-give software is one such technological advancement that fosters greater support and involvement. Although many nonprofits have allowed text-based donations for a while, it’s time for ministries to also embrace this innovation.

Text-to-give caters perfectly to today’s diverse generation of parishioners. With a congregation spanning all age groups, text-to-give represents a giving method that resonates with almost every generation in your church. Naturally, numerous churches express reservations when considering the adoption of new technology. If you’re pondering whether implementing text-to-give software is worthwhile, here are five statistics that may sway your decision.

1. Nearly All Adults Are Texting

Text-to-give’s foremost advantages lie in its simplicity and familiarity. Since most, if not all, of your church members already engage in regular texting, there’s no doubt they’ll grasp the concept swiftly.

Over 97 percent of adults text at least once a week, making integrating a text-to-give campaign seamless, with no learning curve or obstacles. Participating merely requires a few clicks. Indeed, the ease of the donation process is a prime selling point to promote the campaign within the congregation.

No clunky forms or complex steps; texting donations is remarkably straightforward. This simplicity positions text-to-give as one of the most significant donation methods—particularly for distant and urgent causes. Churches, in particular, can reap the benefits of this approach due to its unmatched accessibility.

People crave simplicity, and text-to-give delivers precisely that.

2. People Are Responding… FAST

On average, around 90 percent of text messages get opened within three minutes. This results in an average response time of approximately 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for email. With 91 percent of Americans owning a smartphone, texting is undeniably highly accessible, and the inclusion of push notifications further ensures recipients won’t miss your messages. Surveys indicate that 7 out of 10 churchgoers actively utilize text messaging.

These factors contribute to exceptionally high open, click-through, and conversion rates. Compared to email, text messages are more likely to be opened promptly, making them more effective for straightforward and immediate action. Moreover, you have better control over the timing of your messages, as push notifications are delivered instantly upon receipt. This is in contrast to email inboxes, which can sit unattended for hours or even days before donors engage.

All these elements coalesce to bolster the high efficiency of text-to-donate campaigns. Implementing a responsive design can further enhance the process, potentially doubling giving by making texting donations even faster and more seamless.

3. Large Portion of Mobile Donations Come From Texting

Mobile pledges constitute a significant portion of overall giving, experiencing an impressive 80 percent increase since 2013. The popularity of mobile giving suggests that merely ensuring your website is mobile-responsive could lead to a staggering 126 percent surge in donations.

Leveraging direct text messages proves highly effective in further amplifying mobile pledges, with about 49 percent of such pledges originating from links sent via text. Call centers account for the remaining 51 percent, but the landscape of giving is undoubtedly tilting towards text-to-donate methods.

If your organization has not yet embraced mobile giving through a responsive website, you’re overlooking a tremendous opportunity. This step is crucial in enhancing engagement across all generations within your congregation, and it’s evident why.

With the majority of Americans frequently changing addresses, the efficacy of direct mail efforts dwindles, while cash and check usage continues to decline. In light of these trends, it becomes essential to offer your congregation a way to give using cards, as more than 80 percent of them prefer this payment method.

4. Mobile Donations Are Large

A text-to-donate campaign yields impressive results, with donations averaging $204 per person. Despite this, many organizations are underutilizing this powerful outreach tool. On average, nonprofits have only 63 mobile subscribers per 1,000 email subscribers, missing out on the excellent response rate and high accessibility of texts.

Investing in growing your SMS list is worth it, considering that 57 percent of people who view a nonprofit video end up making a donation. Utilize social media and other platforms to market your church creatively and encourage text donations.

Text messaging can create urgency for campaigns and foster a sense of community by updating donors on progress. Provide progress reports during fundraising efforts, highlighting the amount raised so far and the remaining goal.

Show gratitude to donors who contribute through text and emphasize how their support fuels progress. Encourage non-donors to participate by stressing the importance of meeting the funding goal and gaining their support.

5. The Potential to Target Your Messages

Building up your database with SMS donors is easy. A simple text-to-give form can collect valuable details like the donor’s full name, email address, donation amounts, frequency, and last donation date. Targeted messaging based on this data leads to better results.

Collecting demographic information is highly beneficial since most donations come directly from individuals. For instance, 15 percent of donors give once a month or more, contributing over half the total money received. A branded giving page boosts recurring giving by 42 percent, increasing the average household donation significantly.

Knowing your donors well allows you to convert one-time donors into recurring ones and connect better with current monthly givers. Personalized donation requests based on giving frequency and past behavior can also yield better results than generic approaches.

Text messages offer the convenience donors appreciate, with an open rate more than four times greater than email. Combining personalized data with the power of texting enhances your fundraising efforts and helps you build lasting connections with donors.

Texting Donations Keeps Members Together

In embracing new generations and their families, it becomes vital to maintain connections with all members of your congregation. Text-to-give software offers an effective solution for achieving this. By providing your members with a fresh way to connect and support your church’s programs, you simplify the donation process and enhance accessibility.

Our confidence in the efficacy of our text-to-give software leads us to offer a guarantee: an increase in your donations by 10 percent or more in the next six months. To get your organization started, all it takes is a 30-minute consultation.

Curious to know more? Contact DonorWerx today. Schedule a Free Discovery Call to learn how your ministry can see increased giving immediately.

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