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Church Parking Lot Party — Creating a Warm Welcome

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Parking lots may seem mundane, but they can harbor hidden dangers. However, there’s a compelling reason to host a Church Parking Lot Party. It provides safety through gatekeepers, traffic assistance, and friendly smiles that warmly welcome new guests.

Yet, its significance goes beyond these aspects. Let’s begin by emphasizing the warmth that newcomers feel as they encounter the genuine love and acceptance of the Body of Christ.

Warmth and Outreach

A genuine hello can break down the walls of isolation and foster openness for new members. This welcoming environment encourages involvement and the formation of trusted friendships, leading to the growth of the church family. However, there are instances when the opposite occurs.

Sometimes, a hurting stranger enters, possibly under the influence. In an ideal situation, the welcoming atmosphere would offer an opportunity for healing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and there are times when a violent individual enters unchecked, resulting in dangerous situations.

While healing is our goal, we must be prepared for all scenarios. To ensure safety, certain measures are necessary. For one, you need to create a church security plan. Of course, violence isn’t the only potential danger for church parking lot parties. That’s why further preparation is needed.

What You Must Have for Church Parking Lot Parties

Let’s start by focusing on the positive aspects of church preparation. Volunteers play a crucial role in maintaining a warm atmosphere. They open doors, offer smiles, provide information, and engage in pleasant conversations. These dedicated individuals are essential for creating a welcoming environment.

Prior communication and briefing sessions for volunteers are necessary to ensure they know what to expect. Some volunteers can assist newcomers, others can direct parking, and there should be those available to offer refreshments. Refreshments, particularly coffee, contribute to the overall experience.

It’s important to have someone responsible for refilling the coffee to keep the social flow and warmth alive. Displaying informational materials on a nearby table and having someone available to answer questions about doctrine, membership, and small groups is also beneficial. Outside the front doors, the presence of individuals helping with parking demonstrates preparedness and enhances safety.

This sets the stage for conversations and the opportunity for ministry to occur. However, there is one more crucial factor to consider, something that has the potential to save lives…


The church parking lot party not only helps ensure car safety but also addresses another important concern I mentioned earlier – dealing with violent individuals. Hill City Community Church in Virginia provides a solid example of how to handle such situations. As part of their leadership team retreat, they include a seminar led by an ex-police officer who educates the team on recognizing and managing potential dangers to keep the congregation safe.

One effective measure they have implemented is locking the doors shortly after the service begins. While it may seem unusual to lock a church, it has proven effective in maintaining safety, particularly in a downtown area with reported gang violence. Newcomers are still welcomed, either arriving before the doors are locked or when they reopen.

Additionally, the gatekeepers remain vigilant, identifying and addressing unsafe situations. Even if it means a couple of gatekeepers miss the service to assist someone in need, the focus on safety is paramount. This approach not only ensures a safer environment but also presents an opportunity for meaningful outreach.

By taking proactive steps and maintaining a watchful eye, churches can create a secure and welcoming space for worship and fellowship.

Excelling at Church Parking Lot Parties

In an ideal world, parking and entering a church would always be smooth and safe. However, the reality is that sometimes it can be dangerous. It is crucial to offer help and protection in such situations. Additionally, walking into an unfamiliar building alone can be isolating, which goes against the welcoming nature of a church.

By hosting a warm church parking lot party, starting from outside where people park and extending inside with delicious coffee, we ensure safety, immediate human connection, clear guidance, and unity. The outreach potential of such an event is too valuable to ignore, and it truly makes a difference.

If those warmly greeted individuals wish to contribute, exploring DonorWerx as a user-friendly tool would be a wise choice. Schedule a Discovery Call with our experts today to discover how we make the process of giving easy and exciting.

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