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How Text Messaging Can Strengthen Your Church Community


Cell phones have become the central hub for modern communication. In the United States, smartphones are owned by 97% of all adults. With various app configurations, this platform connects virtually everyone in the new millennium. People of all ages actively send and receive text messages.

Unlike physical mail accumulating on kitchen counters, text messages are not merely received; they are read by recipients within three minutes in 90% of cases. Considering this attentive audience, imagine the potential of utilizing church text messaging for effective communication and outreach.

Why Is It Time to Evolve?

Digital technology is ever-evolving; yesterday’s flip phones are a prime example. Keeping up with the latest and most effective ways to communicate with your congregation can feel like a daunting task. Churches worldwide share similar communication goals: sharing information, supporting members, and encouraging donations for smooth operations. However, keeping your congregation informed and engaged doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

While the most effective communication methods may change over time, the human element remains constant. Whether it’s through printed newsletters or text messages, congregants desire a connection to their faith and spiritual community. In this discussion, we will explore how technology can reach new groups, foster active participation, and encourage church giving.

The Opportunities Offered by Church Text Messaging

While email open rates average 25%, text messages have an impressive read rate of 98%, making it a highly engaging medium. Text messaging has become a prevalent form of communication across all age groups. Since the early 2000s, texting has grown into a central mode of interaction, with the average adult spending around 23 hours per week texting. Although younger individuals tend to text more, older adults also actively participate, with those aged 55 and above averaging 16 daily texts.

Text messaging can address a common challenge faced by churches: declining attendance among younger generations. Only 27% of adults under 30 report attending religious services at least once a week, which is nearly half the rate of adults over 65. By utilizing text messaging to keep in touch through a preferred medium, your church programs aimed at young adults are more likely to garner attention and interest.

Another group that greatly benefits from regular church text messaging is new members. When individuals or families visit a new church, they may not be aware of all the activities and offerings available. Regular text messages serve as a means to inform them about upcoming events and encourage their return, facilitating connections with other members of their new spiritual community. If your church provides welcome packets, ensure they include information about subscribing to text message updates.

However, it’s crucial to remember that any group text campaign requires recipients’ permission. Even if you have their phone number from the church registry, you must obtain explicit consent before adding them to the text message list. Sending repeated messages from an unwanted number, even with good intentions, can come across as annoying spam and may even be illegal.

What Message Should You Send?

The possibilities of text messages are only limited by your imagination. They can incorporate multimedia, images, and emojis for added impact. Alternatively, keeping the message simple with just a line of text can direct readers to a Bible verse of the week. Leveraging links allows you to guide recipients to additional resources, such as donation suggestions, videos, articles, or other websites.

Maintaining a general church text messaging list provides an effective means of sharing logistical details. These gentle reminders help your congregation plan ahead, whether it’s notifying them about an upcoming event, a time change, or an unexpected cancellation, ultimately leading to increased involvement.

Digital polls can also streamline the process of gathering information. They enable you to seek community input without consuming valuable in-person time. For instance, you can use polls to gauge opinions on matters like adjusting the service time from 10 am to 11 am. Polls can also spark thought and conversation by asking recipients to share their favorite uplifting Bible verse. The responses obtained can serve as meaningful content for future text messages or initiate discussions at a later time.

Text Messages to Specialized Groups

Specialized lists can effectively organize smaller groups within the larger community, catering to specific needs and interests. Consider creating the following specialized groups:

  1. Volunteer Opportunities: Reach out to civic-minded individuals through a dedicated list that notifies them about various volunteer opportunities within the church or local community
  2. Youth Group Activities: Keep youth group members and their parents informed about upcoming activities, ensuring they don’t miss out on any important events or updates.
  3. Study Group: Share relevant details and passages that the study group has agreed to review, providing a convenient way for participants to stay engaged and prepared for their discussions.
  4. Prayer Requests: Establish a list specifically for sharing prayer requests as they come in, allowing members to support one another through prayer and fostering a sense of community.

Text messages can serve as a valuable supplement or alternative to printed materials. By offering a weekly text that includes a link to sermon notes, you can reduce printing costs and paper waste. Additionally, those who were unable to attend the service will receive a convenient reminder, encouraging them to study the sermon at home or consider returning the following Sunday.

Sending a brief mid-week text could also include a related video featuring an inspiring speaker or provide further thoughts on the week’s focal topic. These texts enhance and support the in-person experience, nurturing an ongoing relationship between individuals and their faith that extends beyond Sunday mornings.

Using Text Messaging to Encourage Giving

Text-to-give campaigns offer a simple and efficient way for individuals to contribute. By entering their phone number and sending a specific word, they are directed to a webpage where they can easily complete the donation process. There’s no need for complicated learning curves, making it accessible to the average phone owner.

Texts allow for both one-time and ongoing donations. Many churches facilitate monthly tithing through text, ensuring members don’t forget their intended giving. While the process may be quick, it doesn’t mean the gifts will be small. On average, individuals donate $107 through text-to-give campaigns.

Fitting Your Campaigns Together

Text campaigns can seamlessly incorporate donor campaigns into various text lists. For example, alongside a charity event reminder, you can suggest making a donation to the cause. Following a Sunday service, you can suggest setting up recurring tithing for those who prefer digital giving over cash. Some churches even encourage donations during services to capture the inspired moments.

Text messaging is especially effective in engaging younger generations in fundraising efforts. Millennials, in particular, actively participate in charitable giving. A study revealed that 84% of individuals born in the 1980s and 1990s donate to charities. With fewer younger adults carrying cash, digital support has become their preferred method. Additionally, their social media activity may mention their donation, influencing peers to follow suit.

What DonorWerx Can Offer

DonorWerx provides specialized text-to-give software tailored for faith communities. It seamlessly integrates with our other digital donation tools, allowing you to easily track gifts and manage records in a unified platform.

With DonorWerx, you can also keep your congregation informed and engaged. Public viewing pages enable members to follow the real-time progress of community-driven initiatives, such as fundraising for mission trips or church renovations.

Moving Forward With Text Messaging

Text messages have the power to enhance a church community, fostering increased engagement and donations. DonorWerx understands that every congregation is unique, and we offer a tailored approach to help you develop an effective text messaging strategy.

If you’re interested in taking your text messaging efforts to the next level, we’re here to assist. DonorWerx provides free 30-minute consultation calls with our expert team, combining software expertise with strategic guidance. Schedule a Discovery Call today!

You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Let DonorWerx support your church in creating a more engaged community. By investing time now, you can experience lasting benefits that positively impact your congregation. We even guarantee a minimum 10% increase in giving within the subsequent six months for groups working with DonorWerx.

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