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The Secret About Church Tithers You Must Know

secret about the tithers

The Secret About the Tithers in Your Church

The stance your church holds on tithing—committing 10% of income—may vary. Irrespective of your teachings on the matter, the stark reality is that most church attendees do not engage in tithing, not even remotely. According to most statistics, the average weekly per-person contribution hovers between $25 and $40. It’s disheartening; the majority of the ministry’s funds often stem from a handful of committed tithers within your congregation.

Genuine tithing is scarcely practiced. I’m sure you’re well-acquainted with this fact. However, there’s an aspect you might not be fully aware of:

Individuals in your church who consistently practice church-focused tithing—those who have made a commitment to contribute 10% to the church—tend to require little assistance recalling or tracking their donations.

They have established systems integrated into their budgets. These conscientious stewards diligently oversee their finances and comprehend their allocation. They are commendably vigilant. It’s safe to assume your church has a portion of such committed individuals.

Nevertheless, as you’re well aware, they make up a minority.

What About Those Who Don’t Tithe in Church?

The overwhelming majority of churchgoers who do not engage in tithing require considerable support to manage their contributions effectively. It’s imperative for the process to be streamlined, readily accessible, and, most crucially, swift.

In essence, if these individuals cannot contribute at the exact moment the thought crosses their mind, there’s a substantial likelihood that the intention will slip from their memory later on. Human behavior often dictates that non-prioritized tasks become prone to forgetfulness.

This circumstance underscores the necessity for churches, like yours, to simplify the giving process for these “non-tithers.” But how can you achieve this effectively? How can you ensure that the act of giving becomes seamless and uncomplicated for them?

This is a pivotal question that requires careful consideration and strategic implementation. By employing user-friendly digital tools, embracing mobile payment options, and integrating reminder features, you can empower these individuals to contribute effortlessly and promptly.

This approach not only enhances your church’s financial stability but also cultivates a culture of giving that benefits the entire congregation. Remember, by making giving an accessible priority, you can encourage and empower the “non-tithers” to actively participate in the life of your church and contribute to its vibrant growth.

Make Giving Simple, Easy, and Accessible

Facilitating a seamless giving experience is paramount. Embrace diverse channels such as checks, cash, and debit cards to accommodate various preferences. Explore the realm of online giving, extending accessibility through smartphones, and contemplate incorporating giving kiosks akin to ATMs within your church premises.

The crux lies in maximizing simplicity. Remarkably, committed tithers uphold their contributions despite complexities! Yet, simplification holds the potential to sway certain contributors, transitioning them from occasional tippers to steadfast tithers. By minimizing barriers and ensuring user-friendly mechanisms, you cultivate an environment that encourages active participation and regular giving.

The ease of giving can transform the way individuals perceive their role within the church, potentially fostering a broader culture of consistent, meaningful contributions. Ultimately, this strategic simplification doesn’t just augment your church’s financial stability but also fosters a deeper sense of engagement and unity among your congregation.

So, What Can You Do?

In today’s dynamic landscape, enhancing church giving has become an imperative pursuit. At DonorWerx, we specialize in simplifying the process and seamlessly transitioning occasional contributors into dedicated supporters. We understand the significance of making giving an effortless and gratifying experience, fostering lasting connections between donors and your church’s mission.

When the time comes to escalate giving in your congregation, DonorWerx can guide you through the process. Our expertise lies in devising systems that are effective and user-friendly, ensuring optimal donor engagement. Contact us now to explore how you can seamlessly integrate this strategy, potentially increasing your giving by an impressive 10% to 30% within the next 12 months.

Your church’s financial vitality and impact are within reach—let us empower you to achieve them. Schedule a Discovery Call today, and we’ll show you how to create more tithers in your church.

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