Greatness in Giving


Welcome to the “Greatness in Giving” course!

We are thrilled to have you join us on this journey to inspire and empower your congregation to embrace the importance and impact of giving. In this course, we will equip you with the tools and strategies to create a culture of generosity within your ministry, where everyone is engaged in conversations about giving.

The “Why” Behind the Course

As ministry leaders, the why behind the “Greatness in Giving” course is rooted in our desire to see our congregations thrive and make a lasting impact in the world. We understand that giving is not just a financial transaction, but a spiritual act that reflects the heart of God and His generosity towards us. By equipping ministry leaders with the tools and strategies to create a culture of generosity, we can unleash the transformative power of giving within our congregations.

Handout 1: The Power of Personal Testimonies

Personal testimonies have a unique power to inspire and motivate others, especially when it comes to giving. When individuals share their personal stories of how tithing has made a difference in their lives and their community, it creates a powerful connection and encourages others to consider the impact of their own giving. Here are some key benefits and impacts of personal testimonies in giving

Handout 2: Identifying Potential Testimonies

As ministry leaders, it is important to identify individuals within your congregation who have powerful testimonies related to giving. These personal stories can inspire and motivate others to embrace the act of giving. Use this worksheet to brainstorm and identify potential individuals with impactful testimonies.

You’ll like it, we promise.

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