Staff Giving In Your Church

Staff Giving Should Be Just As Important As Your Congregation Giving…

At least that’s what Dr. David McKinley of Warren Baptist Church says.

Last time we spoke with Dr. McKinley it was about a pivotal decision he made when his expectations about his church’s capital campaign didn’t quite pan out. We caught back up with him to learn another way he sets the tone for giving in his church.

His take on staff giving is made clear to them when they come on board at the church.
church giving

“We have to keep teaching it clearly and deliberately and we have to keep lifting the level of accountability,” said Dr. McKinley.  “Certainly in our church if anyone is going to be in leadership they have to have a credible giving pattern.”

He doesn’t know how much they give, but before they can serve in a capacity within the church, he says there has to be a level of verification as to whether or not they are giving to the church.  He says it’s not fair to have someone who’s never given a dime to the church sitting in a board meeting explaining how the finances should run at the church.

Listen to this 3-minute explanation of his expectations about giving for himself and his staff…

Another interview with David McKinley, Lead Pastor, Warren Baptist Church

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