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How to Talk About Divorce in Church

talking about divorce

Talking About Divorce in Your Church

Every Sunday, whether purposefully or not, you’re addressing a potential strain within your church. That’s right: you’re talking about divorce. How, you ask? By delving into the crux of one of the most prevalent divorce triggers: Money. This complex matter, often referred to as the primary source of marital discord, holds the power to unravel relationships more than any other.

The statistics are striking: an overwhelming number of couples engage in financial disputes. Sadly, quarrels revolving around money occur at least once a month for most. As Larry Burkett astutely noted, “Money is either the best or the worst area of communication in our marriages.” For a substantial portion of your congregation, it falls within the latter category.

The financial aspect of their relationships bears a weight that can lead to turmoil and dissatisfaction. It can even potentially fracture the very foundations of family units. Addressing this concern, and fostering open dialogue around money matters within your church, can serve as a potent means of strengthening relationships and reducing the risk of marital strains.

By providing guidance, support, and a platform for healthy conversations about finances, your church can play a pivotal role in alleviating this prevalent source of tension. In the process, you can truly contribute to the well-being of families, promoting healthier, more harmonious unions among your congregants.

Divorce is a Hard Topic to Preach

While pastors often choose to steer clear of the topic of divorce in their sermons, the underlying reality remains: you diligently emphasize the sanctity of marriage, the significance of effective communication, and the imperative to endure challenges while nurturing love. However, when individuals find themselves at a juncture where their efforts seem futile, these discussions might seem inconsequential.

Broaching conversations with those contemplating divorce, let alone addressing those entangled in it, can prove daunting. Yet there’s an undeniable truth: you cannot evade these complex subjects. Shying away from difficult discussions is a luxury you cannot afford. Your congregation looks to you to tackle these matters head-on. Parallel to your duty in addressing divorce, the conversation surrounding giving also demands your unwavering attention.

Remarkably, when the moment arrives to discuss giving during each Sunday service, you’re essentially delving into the most delicate aspect of marital relationships. This profoundly personal and intricate topic—finance—can incite tension even among the most steadfast couples. And so, every week, you deliver a 2-3 minute discourse on giving to individuals you interact with only once within that timeframe. It’s an exercise that teeters on the edge of awkwardness, perhaps even discomfort.

The underlying reason for this is the deeply personal and emotionally charged nature of both divorce and finances within marriage. Yet, despite the unease they might evoke, your congregation needs your guidance on these matters. Your ability to address these sensitive subjects with empathy, wisdom, and a touch of understanding can ultimately foster healing, growth, and unity within the community you serve.

It’s a Personal Topic

Addressing money and divorce within the context of church is inherently intimate—more so than many other subjects. The discussion of finances often remains a closely held matter, perceived as strictly personal. Income, debt, and budget discussions are typically regarded as private affairs, and your staff certainly doesn’t display their salaries on office doors.

However, as leaders entrusted with shepherding God’s people, it becomes imperative to confront this formidable challenge head-on. Confidence and courage are essential attributes as we endeavor to candidly and resolutely address financial matters each week. Money, after all, serves as a pivotal tool through which God shapes His kingdom.

Engaging in this dialogue need not be an ordeal. Armed with appropriate guidance, I firmly believe that you possess the capacity to navigate these discussions adeptly and with grace. By fostering an environment of openness, understanding, and shared growth, you can effectively navigate the sensitivities surrounding money and divorce within your congregation.

Talking Divorce is Just as Hard as Talking About Money

At DonorWerx, we’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive framework designed to elevate giving within your congregation. Our tailored approach equips not only pastors and worship leaders but also volunteers and various team members. It gives them the tools to effectively communicate and propagate a transformative message about cultivating a robust giving culture within your church community.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that the narrative around money extends beyond mere transactions. It delves into the profound WHY behind giving. Just as addressing divorce in a church setting presents challenges, broaching the topic of money is similarly intricate. However, the intricacies can be navigated effectively with the right guidance and strategy.

Empower your church to embrace a dynamic giving paradigm by connecting with us at DonorWerx. Through a free 30-minute conversation, you can delve into the unique strategies and resources we offer to facilitate your journey toward increased giving and a flourishing culture of generosity. Let us assist you in fostering a narrative that resonates deeply, prompts engagement, and empowers lasting impact within your congregation.

Schedule a Discovery Call with our giving experts today.

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