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How Does SecureGive Work, and Why Does It Matter?

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Digital giving is on the rise among people of all age groups, making it a highly valuable option to offer your church attendees. Embracing this trend can have significant benefits. One way to enable digital giving is through SecureGive, which allows for both mobile and online donations.

However, it’s essential to note that there are several other competitors in this space. To make a well-informed decision, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the features and offerings of SecureGive and its alternatives.

Is SecureGive Reliable for Digital Giving?

An effective giving strategy lies at the heart of a thriving church that can make a positive impact on the community. SecureGive offers a highly dependable and feature-rich solution for ministries seeking to embrace new ways of accepting donations.

DonorWerx specializes in reselling the SecureGive software, which has been adopted by over 2,300 churches in recent years. Moreover, more than 5,000 ministries have received consultations from our giving experts to help them enhance their overall donations.

By implementing SecureGive and the tailored strategies from DonorWerx, your church can alleviate the burden of fundraising. Instead, you can redirect your focus to fulfilling your mission. The user-friendly SecureGive software removes common barriers that may hinder people from contributing.

When SecureGive combines with the education and consulting services provided by DonorWerx, accepting donations will become almost effortless for your ministry once again. We confidently guarantee a 10% increase in donations within six months, providing your church with additional funds to accomplish even greater achievements.

Just imagine the possibilities that these extra resources could unlock for your church’s endeavors.

Making the Most of New Ways to Give

Ministries are experiencing interaction with various generations in novel ways. To enhance engagement, it is crucial to provide your communities with a diverse range of options for giving back. Here are four methods to start accepting donations using digital giving software like SecureGive.

Online Giving

Enabling online giving gives visitors 24/7 access to your donation portal through desktop or mobile devices, using their preferred web browser. This system offers the flexibility for donors to make either one-time contributions or set up recurring donations.

Online giving emerges as the most effective means to ignite consistent and recurring donations from your churchgoers. In today’s fast-paced world, fewer people have the time or inclination to write checks, find stamps, and mail them each month. Automatic withdrawal offers a convenient and seamless solution for everyone.

By implementing online giving, you can also potentially boost your recurring donations by an impressive 39%! With minimal transaction fees, donors no longer need to deal with the hassle of writing checks, wasting paper, or risking forgetting to send their contributions altogether.

Embracing automatic recurring donations not only increases convenience for donors but also enables your church to better predict cash flow while monitoring giving growth and trends more effectively. SecureGive provides this capability.

Giving Apps

Is your church equipped with its own app? The overwhelming majority of American adults are proficient in using apps because of their unmatched convenience and accessibility. Regardless of the generation, apps have become an integral part of daily life, providing a wealth of information at one’s fingertips.

A custom church app tailored to your organization’s vision will enhance engagement and offer a seamless giving experience. With a built-in giving feature, users can donate directly from the app without the need for external links or browsers, improving user experience and encouraging generosity.

DonorWerx specializes in creating personalized applications for churches, incorporating all these essential features and more. This includes the convenience of giving via Apple Pay, ensuring a smooth and modern donation process for your congregation.


Simplifying the donation process for mobile users can be achieved effortlessly through a text-to-give setup. By texting their desired dollar amount to a short, dedicated number specific to your church, donors receive an immediate and secure link to enter their payment details.

This approach is particularly advantageous for promoting ongoing campaigns, such as fundraising efforts for your youth group’s mission trip. Utilizing text-to-give campaigns has proven to be highly effective, especially in garnering one-off donations from a broad spectrum of donors.

The convenience and ease of this method facilitate greater engagement and participation in your ministry’s initiatives. And with SecureGive and DonorWerx in your pool of resources, this is easier now than ever.

Giving Kiosks

The popularity of giving kiosks is soaring when it comes to on-site donations. These kiosks offer a convenient way for individuals to contribute both large and small sums of money, catering to their preferences. With cash becoming less prevalent in our daily lives, kiosks bridge the gap, allowing people to donate in person through a more accessible format.

What’s even more advantageous is the portability of these kiosks. They can be taken to events and fundraisers beyond the church grounds, widening the scope for accepting donations and further supporting your programs.

If you need motivation to implement a giving kiosk, consider the numbers. On average, gifts made via a kiosk are 24% greater compared to those made through mobile devices. This hands-on approach to giving combines the convenience of an electronic and portable system, encouraging more substantial contributions from your supporters.

Get Started With SecureGive and DonorWerx

At DonorWerx, we understand that your church requires more than just software. You need a tailored solution that fits your unique needs. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure we provide you with the perfect program.

Our process begins with meeting your team, understanding your requirements, and then presenting the numbers to you. We’ll illustrate how our software can make a positive impact on your church and community.

We are committed to addressing all your inquiries and providing a comprehensive tour of our software and educational programs. This way, you can witness firsthand how DonorWerx will support your operational vision.

Don’t hesitate to Schedule a Discovery Call today to explore the possibilities further. We’re excited to work together and empower your church’s mission.

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