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Halloween Outreach for Churches: Making the Most of Creepy Days


Halloween often presents a dilemma for Christians. After all, its pagan origins are well-known. The uninspiring costumes further complicate the matter. However, this creepy holiday provides a valuable opportunity for ministry outreach. If you have children or members of your congregation with children, Halloween outreach offers the opportunity to share the message of God.

Here are some practical and uplifting ideas to transform your Halloween festivities into meaningful outreach endeavors.

1. Host Bible-based Halloween Parties

Embrace a wide range of costume options for your Halloween event, drawing inspiration from Biblical stories, saints, animals, and even creatures mentioned in the Good Book. Break away from conventional contemporary outfits and encourage attendees to dress as characters or creatures found in the Bible.

Make it a requirement for your Halloween party, where each person must come dressed as a Biblical character or creature. Consider imaginative choices such as dinosaurs, Leviathan, or one of the four horsemen of Revelation. Let creativity and Biblical themes shape the costumes and bring a unique twist to the celebration.

2. Work to Inspire Spirits for Halloween Outreach

Encourage children to embrace a different kind of Halloween dress-up, moving beyond the typical scary ghosts and ghouls. For your Halloween outreach, inspire them to imitate uplifting spirits such as saints from the past, the Holy Spirit, or famous historical figures.

Consider dressing up as inventors, scientists, or ancestors whose legacies bring hope and peace. By expanding the costume options, you can foster a spirit of creativity and highlight the positive influences that have shaped our world.

3. Create “Fruits of the Spirit” Games

Inject a unique twist into your Halloween party activities like “Bobbing for Apples” or bake-offs by incorporating a theme. For example, transform “Bobbing for Apples” into “Bobbing for Fruits of the Spirit.”

Get creative and come up with original names that align with your chosen theme. By infusing these traditional games with a spiritual touch, you can add depth and meaning to your Halloween festivities while keeping the fun and excitement alive.

4. Engage in Halloween Outreach With a Harvest Theme

Take advantage of the autumn season by hosting an Autumn Fall Festival as part of your community outreach during Halloween. Extend invitations to both members and non-members to join in the festivities. Embrace the spirit of harvest by incorporating traditional decorations such as scarecrows, pumpkins, and seasonal fruits.

Instead of emphasizing Halloween, shift the focus to gratitude and blessings. Consider organizing a potluck where everyone can contribute, fostering a sense of sharing and appreciation. Alternatively, provide a platform for uplifting testimonies, highlighting the spiritual harvest your church has experienced throughout the year.

Let this event be a meaningful celebration of gratitude and fellowship within your congregation.

5. Throw a Trunk-or-Treat for Halloween Outreach

Move away from the traditional candy hunt or door-to-door trick-or-treating and consider organizing a Trunk or Treat event in your church parking lot. Transform the parked cars into creatively themed displays, creating a festive atmosphere.

Children can go from one decorated trunk to another, collecting not only sweets but also other meaningful goodies. Each car can offer a variety of items such as Bible verses, inspiring quotes to encourage them in school, or even free hugs from friendly church members.

This alternative approach allows children to participate in a candy hunt while prioritizing their security and safety in a controlled environment.

6. Do a Little Leaf Raking for Outreach

Designate a specific weekend day for families to come together and offer their assistance in raking the lawns or tending to the gardens of elderly neighbors in the community. Leading by example is one of the most effective ways to instill a desire in children to help and serve others.

As the autumn leaves are being cleared, families can also bring baked goods to share with the homeowners. By emphasizing unity and collective effort, children will feel that they are not merely performing a mundane chore but truly being a blessing to others.

7. Host a Halloween Movie Night

To add a unique twist to your usual activities, consider organizing a movie night specifically catered to the young people in your congregation. Select spiritually-themed movies that offer valuable lessons and insights. Films exploring the afterlife can spark meaningful conversations about Heaven, while others centered around themes such as Angels and Time Travel can also be appropriate choices.

Don’t overlook classic movies from past decades that still resonate with the heart and soul. Here are a few examples to kickstart your Halloween Movie List:

  • Ghost (Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, 1990)
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven (Animated Movie, 1996)
  • What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams, 1998)
  • Always (Richard Dreyfuss, 1989)
  • Heaven Can Wait (Warren Beatty, 1978)
  • It’s a Wonderful Life (James Stewart, 1946)
  • Dragonfly (Kevin Costner, 2002)

Please note that the aforementioned movies are merely suggestions. We highly recommend previewing them beforehand to determine their suitability for younger audiences and assessing whether they align with your church’s values. It’s essential to make informed decisions regarding the content you choose to share with your congregation.

8. Make Halloween a Celebration of Life

Transform Halloween into a celebration of life and miracles for your church and community. Organize an outreach event where people can come together to share stories of miracles, big or small, that have impacted their lives.

These testimonies serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration for all. Inform some members in advance about your plans for a “Night of Miracles” Halloween fellowship, allowing them to prepare and share their testimonies. Remember, with proper preparation, even the simplest activities can become fun and inspiring.

Additionally, utilize Halloween outreach events as an opportunity to promote giving. Consider setting up a fundraiser before or during the event, utilizing digital resources that can help ensure its success.

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