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7 Exciting Church Fundraiser Ideas That Work

church fundraiser

Are you considering organizing a church fundraiser but lacking inspiration? Look no further! I’m here to provide you with affordable and straightforward ideas that you can implement to bring joy to others while raising funds for a worthy cause. Continue reading for the most exceptional church fundraising concepts you’ve ever come across.

Sports Games Are Perfect for Church Fundraisers

This idea is perfect for the warmer months when the weather is pleasant. Organizing sports games brings people together for socializing, exercise, and friendly competition. To make it happen, reach out to friends, neighbors, and fellow church members to gather the necessary equipment. You can even invite them to join in the fun!

For the church fundraising aspect, suggest a participation donation of approximately $5 for the day. Depending on the number of participants, set up multiple game areas. To enhance the experience, consider offering complimentary snacks or food items that won’t significantly impact the entrance fee.

A barbecue serving delicious hot dogs and hamburgers would be a great addition. You could also bake some cookies to sweeten the event.

Speaking of Cookies…

Why not spread joy in bite-sized portions at your local church group or youth center with a delightful bake sale? It’s a fun, easy, and rewarding fundraising idea. The best part is that the ingredients needed are readily available and budget-friendly, allowing you to maximize your fundraising efforts. Plus, baking these scrumptious treats is enjoyable, simple, and won’t consume much of your time.

One of my favorite hacks for creating these treats is substituting sugar and butter with Nutella. Its natural sweetness and richness serve both purposes, while infusing a delicious chocolatey flavor into the cookies themselves.

Simply add eggs and flour as usual, and when the texture resembles cookie dough, scoop it into 2-tablespoon balls and bake them in a preheated oven. These treats are guaranteed to delight! You can find specific quantities by following this link. For an extra touch of creativity, consider adding chopped pieces of your favorite chocolate for delightful chunks in your cookies.

Host a Homecooked Meal!

Hosting a church fundraising dinner can be a delightful experience for everyone involved. It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase your cooking style and make a lasting impression on your guests. To ensure success, plan the dinner a few weeks in advance, preferably on a weekend, allowing ample time to prepare and accurately estimate the number of attendees.

I suggest implementing a “give what you like!” policy for this fundraiser. This way, each person can contribute an amount they feel comfortable giving. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding donation amounts, ensuring that no one feels compelled to compare their generosity. After all, the goal is to do something good without making anyone feel bad.

Not only will you raise funds for the church, but you’ll also strengthen existing friendships, forge new connections, and who knows, you might even receive future dinner invitations in return!

Church Fundraisers During Movie Nights

Transforming your common area or living room into a mini-theater can be an incredibly comforting and entertaining experience, especially during the colder seasons. Gather your friends and enjoy the magic of a good movie together!

While people are often willing to buy tickets to watch movies in theaters, you can create your own movie night at a significantly lower cost, making the tickets more enticingly affordable. To select the movie, you can hold a group vote on your congregation’s Facebook page or any other equivalent platform.

Consider making this a regular event, like “Friday Night Movies,” or even arrange an afternoon viewing for the younger members of your congregation. And why not enhance the experience by offering snacks? Homemade cookies would be a great option to indulge in.

Hold a 50/50 Raffle

Curious about a simple yet exciting fundraising idea? Let me explain! Prepare a surplus of raffle tickets, charging a dollar per ticket for entry into the prize pool. Collect all the purchased ticket numbers in a pot or sack. At the end of the day, draw a winning ticket and announce the lucky winner!

Half of the total funds collected will go to the winner, while the other half will benefit the church. This activity can be combined with other events, such as a sports game day. If you don’t have a raffle ticket booklet, you can easily print a template from this link.

Go Old School With a Lemonaid Stand

This enduring church fundraiser has stood the test of time for good reason! Cool lemonade on a summer’s day is refreshing, sweet, delicate, light, and bursting with flavor – a true mood enhancer for any child of God. If you need guidance on how to prepare this delightful drink, you can find a clear guide here.

For optimal visibility, set up your stand in a popularly frequented area, such as the town center, beach, or outside your church. Consider providing paper cups for those who prefer a grab-and-go option, but also have some glass cups available for those who want to pause and enjoy a refreshing sip.

These moments can be great opportunities to engage with customers and share more about your church.

Set Up Your Church Fundriaser Now!

There you have it! I’ve shared seven highly affordable and popular church fundraisers that can bring in lucrative results for your local house of God. While organizing the events mentioned above is excellent for raising funds for a good cause, it’s worth mentioning that you can also set up online church fundraisers.

This allows devotees to contribute as much as they want, whenever they want. This might be the most valuable insight you gain from this list because, even in inconvenient situations (e.g., inclement weather or other obstacles), you can rely on raising funds through the simple act of generosity that resides in the hearts of each and every child of God.

And if you need assistance getting the ball rolling, the experts at DonorWerx are here to help. Schedule a Discovery Call today. During this free call, you’ll learn three ways to increase giving in your ministry by at least 10% in just six months.

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