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10 Great Christian Memes to Share

10 Great Christian Memes to Share

Part of being a pastor these days is taking advantage of new themes and trends – and there’s nothing trendier out there in the world than memes! You only have to take a quick glance at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to see just how important memes are. These simple images and text distill complex messages…

Pastors should Blog

5 Reasons Pastors and Ministry Leaders Should Blog

No matter what industry you work in, whether it is technology, retail, or spirituality, people will wonder what gives you the authority to speak on certain topics. By running a church blog, you can provide them with that information. Such a blog provides an opportunity to improve your outreach. In a global marketplace where it…

Church Health

A Guide to Measuring Church Health in the Modern World

Accurately measuring your church’s health is an essential aspect of continuing your ministry. When doing this, however, are numbers all that matter? Revenue is obviously an important consideration, but what about emotional connections and overall strength? The following information can help you measure your congregation’s health by determining growth, audience and other important factors. What…

Church Outreach and giving back to donors

How to Use Your Survey Results to Give Back to Your Donors

In March, we talked about how to boost revenue with donor surveys. Although it’s important to remain mindful of donor motivations and barriers to giving, you’ll want to take a more in-depth approach in terms of donor retention. According to the 2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Report, the average donor retention rate was 46 percent. Whether you are a…

Improve the young adult ministry

Pastor Teaching Tips: Don’t Do These 10 Things When You’re Teaching

Everything you do, say, and write about as a church leader has great significance. Your mission and calling is to lead the congregation and clergy, and this takes wisdom and prudence. For ministries that focus on training church leadership, these pastor teaching tips are invaluable. But instead of focusing on what might be obvious, here are some common…

Virtual Churches must get nonprofit accounting right.

Finding Inspiration for Your Virtual Church

It’s great if your church embraced the digital age a long time ago. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted even these forward-thinking ministries. That means, in light of stay-at-home orders and general precautions, many churches have gone entirely virtually. Of course, although your church may look quite different today, that doesn’t mean you have to struggle…

pastor blog

8 Tips for Helping Pastors Blog Better

Nothing brings people together like a crisis. In just a few short weeks, we are seeing this happening at the roots of our communities. Yes, people are fearful, they may have lost faith in humanity. They are anxious for the future, and looking for support. But this is where you as a pastor or church…

Church Informed

Church Health: 7 Secrets to Keeping Your Church Informed

The Scriptures remind us that “the tongue of the wise is health”. As pastors and church health leaders, your work as spiritual healers and guides is vital. With recent events leaving people feeling isolated, cut off, and lonely, you can be sure that their spiritual health is also suffering. How do we stay connected to…

Good stewardship is essential for every ministry.

What Is Stewardship and How Can You Excel at It?

Looking around at the world today, it sometimes seems that the question of ‘what is stewardship’ has more to do with its very existence than the basic definition. Even though stewardship is a quality that’s innate to Christianity, it seems some people are overlooking their spiritual duties. In many cases, though, people simply don’t understand…

Church welcome speeches are vital!

The Importance of the Church Welcome Speech

A church welcome speech is extremely important in leaving first impressions. First-time visitors need to be gradually warmed up to the routine of a congregation. Coming on too strongly might result in poor reception. The same thing applies to a lack of hospitality and attention. Thus, church leaders need to provide a middle ground, where…

Create an impact report the right way.

How To Create an Impact Report That Attracts Donations

An impact report gives your nonprofit credibility. It shows how you’re making a difference. There are many types of these reports. Nature Conservancy, for example, has an impact report specifically for its operations in Alaska. They publish another for their work in Hawaii and Palmyra. Why do they — and countless others — take time to…

Church Fundraising Letters: An Essential Guide

Church Fundraising Letters: An Essential Guide

he body of Christ might run on the Spirit, but the congregation and church building also runs on monetary resources. The part of your church that exists in this world wants to keep the lights on and pay the pastor and other staff members so they can afford homes and food, for example. And all…

Legacy giving

Differences in Legacy Giving vs. Planned Giving

If a member of your congregation passes away and names your church the beneficiary of the money in her IRA you could call that a planned gift and not be wrong. But if you used the more modern term of ‘legacy giving’ you’d be embracing a subtle shift that has happened in the past few decades…

Legacy giving

7 Ways to Encourage Legacy Gifts

Supporting a church or charity is a very meaningful part of life for many people. By making a legacy gift part of their estate plan, that care can continue on for years. If you have loyal and dedicated givers, they may want to donate something when they leave this earth. Here are 7 ways to…

It's time to convert Facebook likes into donations.

How to Convert Facebook Likes into Donations

Just about every organization has realized the importance of social media engagement. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that engagement on social media automatically means more donations. In reality, social media engagement in the form of likes and comments can certainly correlate with higher collection rates. This isn’t always causal, though, so it’s time you…

Diagnose the health of church giving in your ministry

Diagnosing the Health of Your Church Giving

The ministry has seen some tough times over the past few years. Giving has gone down, and this impedes our ability to do work. Diagnosing the health of your church giving can help you know where you stand. More importantly, though, it can help you know how to improve. Would You Trust a Doctor Like…

Nonprofits in 2019: What we learned

What Nonprofits Learned in 2019 and What to Expect for 2020

We’ve watched another year go by. For nonprofits, that means a wealth of knowledge likely found itself left behind. Reflection is important when aiming to create new, effective strategies. This is why you must ask yourself, over the past year, what was trending? What worked with nonprofits in 2019 and what didn’t? What does it…

Learn these bible verses on giving.

Top 10 Best Bible Verses on Giving For Tech-Savvy Churches

Giving to the church can be a touchy subject. While most of your flock may already be familiar with the concept of tithing, it’s common for pastors or leaders to find themselves reluctant to ask. There are already so many financial burdens their flock faces, and asking for help may feel like the last thing…

A prideful pastor can prove detrimental

Prideful: Habits that Reveal You’re a Prideful Leader

Everyone needs leaders. Leadership is important for a number of different things: Direction, motivation, knowledge, order, and other things necessary to manage a team and accomplish tasks. When groups of people have leaders, they have somebody to turn to for guidance. Unfortunately, a prideful leader can prove detrimental. Pride can turn great leadership into something…

Text in Church vs DonorWerx

Text In Church: Reviews and Pricing and More

Building a community within your church congregation starts with good communication. Many churches rely on weekly or monthly newsletters, bulletins, and announcements. Research shows that turning to text may be a better way to boost engagement. Gartner reported that 98% of text messages are opened compared to 20% of emails. Response rates for SMS are…


Church Announcements: The Complete Guide to Church Announcements

Announcements may not be the lifeblood of the church but if you want an informed and engaged congregation, someone has to give it much more thought than just another item on the to-do list. Here’s how to spruce up church announcements and get everyone listening. Set Priority Just because the service allots 10 minutes for…

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