Out-of-the-Ordinary Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day

They feed and lead God’s people often at the expense of their own convenience. And even in the background, they are praying for you and you’re even unaware about it. So how do you say thank you to these generous souls who are serving the church every day without fail? We’ve rounded up unique ways to express your gratitude this coming Pastor Appreciation Day.

Support their Quirks

The man of God can be a man of many quirks too. This Pastor Appreciation Day, you can stoke some of their quirks. If your pastor is fond of a particular drink, you can ask the help of his family and stock up the fridge with that beverage. Fond of chocolate or any particular snack? Have a bouquet made of chocolates or other snacks delivered to his office.

Thank Him for An Entire Year

You can express your appreciation and say thank you in the form of an annual membership. For instance, if your pastor has always wanted to start a fitness regimen you can sign him up for a membership at the gym. Or if he is a movie buff, a Netflix subscription might be apt. If he is an avid reader but just lacks the time to binge read, an Audible subscription might be the best gift.

Double Honor, Double Rest Days

Sabbath is very important for everyone, not just your pastor. When God instituted a rest day out of a week of work, He knew our body needs it. Observing the Sabbath honors the Lord. This Pastor Appreciation Day is the perfect time to give your pastor additional days for rest. You can even go the extra mile and shoulder a vacation for him and his family as well. Not only will he enjoy that time, but the whole congregation will also be blessed with the pastor rested and refreshed.

Feed the Shepherd

Your pastor has stayed true to his mandate to feed God’s flock, it’s fitting to take one day out of a year to return the favor and feed him and his whole family. You could have a home-cooked meal delivered straight to their dinner table or you can treat him and his family to their favorite restaurant. Or better yet, invite your pastor’s family over for dinner at their convenience and prepare something special for them.

Get Creative with a Collage

Grateful for the life of your pastor? Say it creatively! Instead of the usual collage, you can have a collage with pictures of a herd of sheep and superimpose their faces with the faces of people from the congregation. You can even have a speech balloon on each “sheep” and ask the people to write something encouraging for your pastor.

Hide it in Plain Sight

Planning to give a bonus check or even a simple letter to your pastors this Pastor Appreciation Day? Make the gesture extra special by hiding the check or letter in their most read book⁠—the bible. This will entail the help of their family members if your pastors keep their trusted bible at home.

Give a Tech Gizmo

For the tech-savvy preacher, you can get him useful gadgets like noise-canceling headphones to keep him focused and zone out from the distraction when he’s preparing for his preaching. Other useful gizmos are phone or tablet accessories as well as external hard drives. Or better yet, you can give him a tech store gift card so he can have a field day there.

Follow the Word

Instead of giving your pastors the usual notes of encouragement from members of the congregation, why not make it even more thoughtful by placing them strategically in different places where they frequent. You can have a mix of notes from church members and encouraging bible verses. You can place some notes visibly while others are concealed. After all, you never know when your pastors need the extra boost of encouragement and finding those notes just when they need it can be very refreshing.

Be Marthas For this Month

Most times of the year, you’re Marys, sitting in the church, listening to pastors teach and preach the word of God. This Pastor Appreciation Day, it’ll be great to be Marthas for once. Yes, we’re talking to you guys too! You can make your pastors’ life easier and it doesn’t even have to cost a cent. You can volunteer to mow their lawn, clean their house, or babysit their children while they’re out on a date with their spouse. Taking the time to serve your pastors even outside the four corners of the church is an excellent way of saying thank you.

Host a Mini-Concert

Rally the members of the different ministries in your church to prepare a presentation for your pastors. You can have the kids, with the leadership of Sunday school teachers, prepare a dance presentation. The youth group, ushering ministry, and worship team can also come up with their own unique presentation. The staff and the pastors’ children can even join in on the fun to honor the men and women who stepped up to answer God’s call in their life.

Pray for Them

This one shouldn’t be an out-of-this-world idea, but it’s the most important so it shouldn’t be left out on this list. It’s no joke being given the mandate to lead God’s people while tending to their own household. That’s why they need the grace of God more than ever to fulfill their calling. And while the congregation’s at it, speak a blessing over their family as well. They’re one of the reasons your pastors do what they do even when the going gets tough.

There are just some of the ways to honor the people that God has appointed to pastor His church. And while you’re at it, you have to know that you’re not just honoring a person, you’re honoring the One who gave them the calling. Thus, Pastor Appreciation Day is not just for pastors, it’s for the congregation as well—the day presents an opportunity for the Church to honor God by appreciating the leaders He has installed over us.

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