Church Fellowship Ideas: 7 Great Ideas For Church Social Fellowship Events

Need updated ideas for fun and fruitful fellowships? These 7 social events will make everyone present feel encouraged, uplifted and inspired. Plus, we have more great, practical suggestions for planning your church social gatherings, ensuring quality fellowship for all—every time!

1.   Around the World Themed Dinners

Are there members in your congregation that come from foreign countries? Or perhaps you are sending mission teams out to other continents? Get the whole church involved by planning a dinner or potluck that features dishes from those countries.

If none of you have prepared foreign dishes before, you can even make a contest out of it. These days, with YouTube videos, cooking shows, and Google, any home cook can put together an easy exotic dish! This is a nice way to get people involved in the foreign cultures leading up to—or just after—a mission trip.

2.   Karaoke Night

It’s not just the church musicians who can brig their inspirational talent! Why not have fun letting everyone get a chance to sing on the mic, too? If you have hymnals or worship songs that are well known, this could be a fun activity for anyone who loves music and a good time.

All you need to prepare for this is a sound setup. It could be as easy as using a PC with a microphone plugged in, or a fancier Karaoke built-in microphone that plays songs on demand.

3.   Bible Quiz Nights

The most competitive of you will enjoy showing off how well they know their Bible! Divide everyone into teams that include both kids and adults. Beforehand, prepare medium to challenging quiz questions that are all Bible-themed.

For example, “How many books are there in the New Testament?” Or, who wrote the Psalms, and how is he related to the author of Proverbs?”

Bible Quiz nights are easy to plan with online resources. You can either print out questions beforehand or ask people to come up with their own trivia.

4.   Bible Charades

Charades are a fun way to get everyone involved in social events. You can make it as theatrical as you want, complete with a stage where teams get to “perform” charades, or simple—gather seated, in a round circle. Team players must mime the story or character for their team to guess who it is. The first team to shout out the correct answer wins!

5.   Film Nights

Make use of your church’s audio/visual setup to hold movie nights for the whole family. If there is a particular theme that is relevant, find a good Christian movie or even uplifting contemporary film that drives home these lessons in an appealing way. Even the most skeptic youth will find it hard to turn down a movie.

If you have not done so yet, invest in a projector and screen, so you have the option to show big-screen films. But don’t limit these nights to movies only. Look for inspiring documentaries, kids Bible Animated Cartoons (for your young ones), or a selection of TED Talks that are inspirational for the adults. Follow up with discussions on the movie or film during your pastor’s speech next Sunday gathering.

6.   Fundraising Concert

Support local talent or encourage budding performers in your congregation by staging a live concert! Choose to make it a free event for all members, with refreshments on-site, or tie it into a fundraiser. Tickets can start selling a few weeks in advance to get everyone excited about the event.

If you want to cater to just your church’s congregation, you might choose all Christian songs for the concert. If you want to “cast your nets” a little wider, consider asking local bands to play, even if it is contemporary music. This gives people the chance to hear music they may not be familiar with, and a way to attract those who may not necessarily come for gospel music. Paying the talent can be as simple as taking offerings during the concert, or setting aside funds for this beforehand.

7.   Gratefulness Garden Picnic

If your church has adequate space or a lawn to hold functions, choose a weekend to hold a garden picnic or barbecue. This could be a potluck or catered event. Make it as casual and welcoming as possible—encourage families and everyone of all ages to attend.

Your members will benefit both from the spiritual fellowship, and a chance to network with others in the community.

Whatever church fellowship ideas you choose, make sure that the Lord is the center of your planning. You do this by praying about all the details, counseling with the right church deacons and members, and being open to suggestions and last-minute changes. Your church fellowship must be an event folks look forward to, get inspired by, and want to give support towards.

To raise funds before or during one of these fellowships, church donation software takes care of the technology and logistics for you. Check out our blog for more easy, fun fellowship ideas to start planning now!

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