The Sunday Giving Sermon That Changed Everything

If you’re like most pastors, your favorite sermon isn’t a giving sermon. Far from it.

Pastor Jason Mitchem is no different. In fact, he reserved giving sermons weekday events and the like, places where the most committed core of his congregants would be with little room for turning newcomers off to his church. He says it’s common because the church often gets associated with TV preachers who constantly ask for money and then live lavish lifestyles. It gives people uncertainty about where exactly their giving is ending up.

However, simply not talking about it isn’t the answer either, he says. It’s all about the approach.

So, Mitchem decided to do something different: teach on giving on a Sunday morning. As it turns out, the day of this giving sermon also happened to be their most attended service of the year. Ask him if he was nervous and the answer is, “yes”!  But it’s something he knew he was being set up for and it turns out that the response was overwhelming. Listen to this short podcast interview to hear the whole story.

As Pastor Mitchem found, your approach to casting vision for your congregation is often the most important part. But the biggest lesson was to not be afraid to take that step and talk about money.

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