Jesus Loves Arabs: Going Great Lengths for Mission Work

Mission work isn’t for the faint of heart.  And even then, it can be a daunting task if you do it alone.

Really, mission work can be a daunting task with a group as well.
casting church vision

Marion Clifton knows exactly what it takes to do mission work…as well as how grueling it can be.  His mission is not only to reach the unchurched, but to bring Christianity to Arabs.

The Arab World Outreach (AWO) organization seeks to help people build meaningful connections in Arab communities.  According to Clifton, AWO is a global movement of churches on a mission to build community through reconciliation, peacemaking, and collaboration.

With that comes opposition as well as some added dangers in the area of which these volunteers do their mission work.  So how do you overcome those challenges and obstacles, making sure that Arabs are reached beyond those living in the United States?

Clifton lives in Detroit, Michigan – the largest concentration of Arabs outside of the Arab world.  He talks with us about he is trying to overcome major obstacles and how you can too.

An interview with Marion Clifton, Founder of Arab World Outreach

Want to learn more about the Arab World Outreach?  Visit

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