Talking Divorce in Your Church

You’re talking divorce, whether you realize it or not, to your church every Sunday.

Well, kinda.

You talk about the #1 issue that causes divorce: Money.

No other subject causes more marriage problems than money. Most couples have at least one fight about money each month. As Larry Burkett once said, “Money is either the best or the worst area of communication in our marriages.”

And for many people in your congregation, it’s the worst.

Divorce is a Hard Topic to Preach

any pastors avoid preaching about divorce as a sermon topic under all circumstances. Sure, you talk about the sanctity of marriage, the importance of communication, and the need to push through arguments and challenges and to love one another.

But when people have gone through those things, and have come to a point where they don’t think it’s worth it anymore, none of that matters. And it’s hard to talk to those who might be considering divorce. It’s even harder to address those who are in the midst of a divorce.

But the truth is, Pastor…you have to do it. You can’t afford to avoid the difficult subjects. Your people need you to address them.

Just like they need you to address money.

Maybe your giving talk is also a challenge.

The reality is when it’s time for the giving talk every Sunday, you are talking about the most sensitive subject in marriage. A topic that’s so personal, so difficult, even the strongest of married couples struggle with it.

Yet you have to do it each week for 2-3 minutes with people you only speak to once per week. And it can get awkward, maybe even uncomfortable.


It’s Personal

Because talking about money and divorce during church is very personal. More so than other topics.

Many of us believe financial conversations are our own business. We don’t like to talk about our income, debt, or budget. Your staff doesn’t post their salaries on their office door.

As leaders called to shepherd God’s people, we must overcome this challenging issue.

We need confidence and courage to speak clearly and boldly about money each week because money is a tool God uses to build His kingdom.

This conversation doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with a little guidance, I know you can do it.

Talking Divorce is Just as Hard as Talking About Money

At NewFire Giving, we’ve developed our Ignite coaching program that helps pastors, worship leaders, volunteers, and other team members explain and deliver a positive message about creating a giving culture inside the congregation.

Always remember, there’s more to money than just giving. It’s about delivering the reason WHY they should give.

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