Do You Struggle To Engage Givers At Your Church?

Most church leaders think giving is a one-time transaction during the weekly offering, they don’t think afterwards about how to engage givers. Maybe there’s a mention of something going on in the church, and then a short prayer. And that’s where it ends. No follow up. No engagement. No next steps.

engage givers

Your church probably has clear next steps for visitors, new members, and even new Christians. Your staff works hard to ensure these groups know the right next step. This clear path helps them grow and become fully committed followers of Jesus.

Are you doing these thing for your givers?

Is it fair, or wise, to assume people will automatically go from one-time givers to faithful, committed givers?

God has called you to shepherd His people.

You already do this each week in the teaching and preaching of Scripture. You carefully communicate the truths of God’s word so that people can take small steps to become more like Jesus.

Shepherding the congregation means you lead them in all facets of the faith, not just your weekend teaching.

In other words, you need to shepherd them in the process of becoming givers.

Most people are not financially generous by nature. Money is a precious thing to many people, even those who have been following Jesus for many years.

It’s hard for people to willingly give it to the church consistently.

So what if there was a way to intentionally lead people from being a one-time giver to being fully committed financially in the mission and vision of your church?

Good news: there is a way.

In fact, it’s the way used by thousands of other churches and the biggest brands on the planet.

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